Car Insurance: Compare Car Insurance Plan and Renew Online

What Does Car Insurance Cover?


24 x 7 Break Down Services

Did you know in case of your car breaks down, you are entitled to get a pickup service while your car get a towed service under certain policies?


Cashless Repair

Did you know that repair to your accidentally damaged vehicle can be arranged cashless through the selected garages across the country?


Third Party Property Damage

Did you know that you can extend third party property damage liability up to 7,50,000 under this policy with some additional premium?


Windscreen Glass Coverage

Did you know that you can cover any damage of your windscreen glass by paying some additional premium without your no claim bonus getting affected?


Nil Depreciation

Did you know that by paying additional premium, depreciation during replacement of car parts can be waived?


Engine Projection

Did you know that by paying additional premium, depreciation during replacement of car parts can be waived?

Car insurance quotes online in India depend on some parameters. To calculate online car insurance quotes you need to look at the following criteria:

  • Find out the correct age of the vehicle that helps to evaluate online car insurance quote. Online car insurance quote increases as the vehicle gets older. There are three age-slabs to determine motor insurance quotes online like 5, 10 and 15 years. If you compare car insurance quotes online as per the age, you can see that older cars trigger higher online car insurance quotes.
  • Cubic capacity of the vehicles is the prime feature to calculate online car insurance quotes. Similar to age, the cars with higher cubic capacity also attract higher car insurance quotes online. There are three slabs such as less than 1000 cc, between 1000 cc and 1500 cc and more than 1500 cc to assess online car insurance quotes according to cubic capacity.
  • IDV of the car helps to figure out the quote. As the Insured Declared Value (IDV) increases, online motor insurance quotes get elevated as well. If you make car insurance quotes comparison of two cars with same IDV or Insured Declared value, car insurance quotes online will differ on the basis of other factors
  • Vehicle registration location also helps to assess online car insurance quote. It plays an instrumental role in working out online car insurance quotes. There are two zones in terms of car insurance quotes. Zone A consists of 8 major cities in India where auto insurance quotes are higher. The rest of India comes under zone B and car insurance quotes are lower in zone B. If you make car insurance quote comparison in terms of these two zones, cars registered in zone A will attract higher online car insurance quotes because the risk of accident and theft is higher in zone A. Your four wheeler type also influences car insurance quotes online
  • Type of the fuel of car determines online motor insurance quotes

Apart from these, if you make online car insurance quotes comparison of two vehicles of the same age, car insurance quotes online will vary in terms of cubic capacity and location.

If you buy or renew vehicle insurance policy online, it doesn’t mean that car insurance company will cover every damages in all circumstances. Car insurance exclusion stands for a provision within an auto insurance policy that eliminates coverage for certain acts or damages and they include the following.

Your motor insurance will not cover any damages if you get caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Any sort of accidental damages done to your vehicle while using it for illegal activities.

Damages or losses incurred while driving without a valid license.

Losses or damages done to your car due to war and nuclear risk.

If you use your car for commercial purpose with the license of private car, your insurer will not compensate in case of damages.

In case of consistent wear and tear, your auto insurance provider will not pay for regular mechanical expenses.

Motor insurance renewal has the same amount of significance as buying car insurance online in India. Not only can you buy auto insurance online but you can renew can insurance online also. Do keep in mind to renew car insurance before it expires. Car insurance renewal can be done anytime online. You can effortlessly get car insurance quotes even at the time of online car insurance renewal. You can renew car insurance for an old car as well if you consider car insurance policy renewal online. Online car insurance policy renewal is time saving and convenient.

The process of motor insurance renewal is easy, fast and convenient. To renew your auto insurance, all you have to do is log into an insurance broking portal. Thereafter enter the required details related to your vehicle and previous auto insurance policy. After that, you’ll receive free car insurance quotes on your four wheeler insurance renewal. Compare those quotes and choose the suitable coverage for your car insurance renewal online. It’s wise to look for some additional features or plans offered by other insurers and compare them when you go for motor insurance renewal online. In just a click of your mouse you can instantly perform your car insurance renewal process.

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