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You Can Buy Policies From The Following Insurers

Motor Policy Coverage

Zero depreciation cover

This add-on cover protects you against financial loss due to depreciation. You can claim the entire sum insured to take care of damaged car parts.

NCB protection cover

This add-on cover helps you protect your accumulated NCB in case you make a claim, allow you retain discount on following year's car insurance premium

Road side assistance

This add-on cover provides fuel assistance, towing, mechanic's service, accommodation benefits if you get stranded in a remote destination while driving.

Return to Invoice Cover

By availing this add-on cover you can get the full reimbursement of the entire value of your car without the depreciation if it gets totally damaged.

24 x 7 Break Down Services

Did you know in case of your car breaks down, you are entitled to get a pickup service while your car get a towed service under certain policies?

Third Party Property Damage

Did you know that you can extend third party property damage liability up to 7,50,000 under this policy with some additional premium?

Nil Depreciation

Did you know that by paying additional premium, depreciation during replacement of car parts can be waived?

Top Features
Cashless Repair

Did you know that repair to your accidentally damaged vehicle can be arranged cashless through the selected garages across the country?

Windscreen Glass Coverage

Did you know that you can cover any damage of your windscreen glass by paying some additional premium without your no claim bonus getting affected?

Engine Projection

Did you know that Engine Protection cover shields engine damages not related to accidents and and keeps engine-related repair expenses financially protected?

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Car insurance renewal - You cannot escape but you can certainly save!

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Third party motor insurance is compulsory in India. The practice of renewing car insurance policy is pretty commonplace among thousands of car-owners in India. Although, many people in India

Even your zero depreciation cover doesn’t ensure zero expense!

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"Money may not buy happiness, but I'd rather cry in a Jaguar than on a bus." ― Françoise Sagan

Cars in their early days well and truly had captured the imagination of rich and famous. However, gone are the days when cars were synonymous with status, affluence, taste and class. We have come a long way since those days when car-owners were looked at with a sense of awe. In present times, these four-wheeled vehicles have become a sheer necessity and very much in the grasp of common men. Of course, we don't buy cars just to serve some purposes; the very sight of a brand new shining car in the lawn or just outside your residence gives you enormous pleasure and an undeniable sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. However, the joy of owning a car can be shattered by just one mishap. Natural calamities may have your car damaged or lost or your car might cause an accident that lead to death of people in another car or in the street or destruction of third party's property. All these unfortunate situations can put you in a lot of trouble unless you remain protected beforehand.

Car insurance is the required protection that you cannot say no to in India. Yes, it is a legal requirement in India to safeguard you from the liabilities of third parties. Although, it is up to you to keep your own car under cover but most car-owners avail a comprehensive car insurance plan to keep their own cars covered from unforeseen circumstances to avoid financial losses. Car insurance plans are available in plenty and with the arrival of online car insurance policies now it is also effortless to make a purchase and to renew. Most car insurance companies now have a portal to facilitate selling of car insurance policy and renewal online.

There are chiefly two types of car insurance policies available in India. These two categories of car insurance policy come up with different coverage to be applicable in different situations. The following are the types of car insurance plans;

Comprehensive car insurance policy

This type of Vehicle policy provides all-inclusive coverage to ensure that your vehicle is well protected from all possible hazards. This policy protects car-owners from financial loss due to both partial damage and complete loss. Moreover, this type of car insurance policies shields car-owners, other passengers’ vehicle, hired drivers from financial loss in the event of death and injuries and also from various liabilities to any third party on the road.

Third party car insurance policy

The major difference between comprehensive and third party motor insurance policies is car-owners who avail third party car insurance stay financially unprotected if the vehicle of the policyholders gets completely or partially damaged. The loss due to death and injuries of policyholders is not covered in this type of car insurance plan. This type of car insurance plan is designed only to keep policyholders protected from their liabilities to third party. In India, third party motor insurance is mandatory for all Indians under 1988's Motor Vehicle Act. So, you have to opt for it even if you don't want to avail the comprehensive one.

The comprehensive car insurance policy provides policyholders with the following coverage on their insured vehicles.

Protection against third-party liabilities

In case your vehicle cause any accident in the road that leads to death or disability or injury to any third party or damage to any third party property you will remain free from all liabilities through this aspect of coverage offered by comprehensive car insurance plan.

Coverage against personal accident

All insured vehicles gets cover from damages or loss caused by various natural or man-made reasons. Fire, earthquake, explosion, flood, self-ignition, typhoon, lightning, storm, hurricane, inundation, tempest, cyclone, frost, hailstorm, rockslide, landslide are among the natural reasons. And the car insurers cover the following man-made factors such as burglary, riot, theft, strike and accident by external means, malicious act and terrorist activity, damages in transit by rail, road, lift, elevator, inland waterway or air.

Coverage against damage or loss

In case your vehicle cause any accident in the road that leads to death or disability or injury to any third party or damage to any third party property you will remain free from all liabilities through this aspect of coverage offered by comprehensive car insurance plan.

Additional coverage

Most of the car insurance policies in India offer extended cover to other components of the vehicle such as electrical and non-electrical accessories and fuels.

You should look to gather as much information as you can regarding car insurance add on covers. These car insurance add on covers will enhance the existing coverage of your car insurance policy online for a nominal cost. Although, these covers are not mandatory but very effective in terms of providing coverage to those components of vehicles that are usually not covered. If your vehicle is already insured, some crucial add on covers will provide you with complete peace of mind. Let's take a look at some of the most important add-on covers that you should avail along with your regular comprehensive car insurance plans.

Zero depreciation cover

Depreciation means gradual reduction in price of some specific components of the vehicle due to normal wear and tear over the years. This is one of the most highly sought after add-on covers as it protects you from losing money due to depreciation and allows you claim the entire sum insured amount for replacement and repair of your damaged car parts.

NCB retention cover

Car insurers in India usually reward those car insurance policyholders that don't make any claim in a policy year by offering them a No claim bonus. You can get up to 50% discount by accumulating NCB over the period of 5 years. However, a single claim can ruin the entire NCB and this is where this add-on cover becomes handy. It will protect your NCB in case you make a claim.

Coverage against damage or loss

In case your vehicle cause any accident in the road that leads to death or disability or injury to any third party or damage to any third party property you will remain free from all liabilities through this aspect of coverage offered by comprehensive car insurance plan.

Road side assistance

This is one of the most popular add-on covers that policyholders grab along with their comprehensive car insurance policy. This cover will come to your rescue when your vehicle gets stranded in the middle of nowhere. This cover provides policyholders with various utility services such as towing, jump start of a battery, fuel re-fill , service by mechanics in case their insured car faces an accident or unable to move due to mechanical or electrical issues.

Daily cash allowance

In case you are forced to keep your insured vehicle in garage for an extended period of time for repair you will get cash through this add-on cover for transportation and commuting.

Voluntary Deductible

This add-on cover helps Vehicle insurance policyholders pay less premium as it increases the total amount of deductible at the time of a claim. If you avail this cover you need to pay the voluntary deductible amount at the time of a claim.

Bharti AXA Car Insurance

Bharti AXA car insurance policies are designed to protect not only your car, but also you and other passengers. The essential features of this car insurance policy are very much in the favor of car-owners like you. The facility of cashless servicing in over 2000 garages in the network of the insurer across India, claim assistance 24x7 with one of the shortest turnaround time for claim settlements, and a bunch of helpful add-on covers online are some of the most attractive features of Bharti AXA Vehicle insurance policy package.

Tata AIG Car Insurance

Tata AIG is undoubtedly one of the best car insurance providers in India. The company is noted for offering quality car insurance plans with affordable premium that provide unique benefits to its car insurance policyholders such as free emergency pick up, protection against no claim bonus, claim settlement within 7 days and coverage for accessories like plastic and glass parts, If you are looking for a reliable car insurance option for your car, the package of car insurance policy offered at Tata AIG is one of the best in India.

ICICI Lombard Car Insurance

ICICI Lombard Vehicle insurance policy boasts positive reviews as it are very much customer oriented. These car insurance plans are armed with beneficial features such as roadside assistance, cashless facility in more than 3100 garages in company's network and a bunch of add on covers including ‘Zero Depreciation Cover’. You can also purchase and renew the car insurance policy online. Overall, ICICI Lombard is an eminent name in India's car Insurance market.

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance

The car insurance packages on offer at Bajaj Allianz are very popular among Indians. Not only the features of these car insurance policies are customer centric but this is also one of the car insurance companies with fast policy issuance and renewal online. Some of the most lucrative features of Bajaj Allianz car Insurance policy include cashless facility at over 1500 garages across India, 24x7 customer services, bespoke claim assistance. The calculator helps you measure how much you invest for your car insurance policy in India.

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

Royal Sundaram is an experienced campaigner when it comes to India's car insurance market. Car insurance policies on offer at Royal Sunadaram are armed with an array of customer centric features. You would definitely love features like cashless facility in more than 1800 garages in India, unlimited claims for zero-depreciation cover, round the clock claim assistance and free of cost emergency roadside assistance makes the car insurance policy package from Royal Sundaram a lucrative one among Indian car-owners.

HDFC ERGO Car Insurance

HDFC ERGO Car Insurance is armed with features that look after customers' benefits. Some of the best features are you can make cashless claims at over 1600 garages in India, instant policy issuance and renewal online, fast claims settlement and an expert customer support team. Overall, HDFC ERGO car insurance package is highly sought after by Indians.

Internet is all the rage at the moment. All that used to be time-consuming in the past can now be done online within a blink of an eye. Renewing car insurance policies is no exception as all top motor insurance companies in India now facilitate their customers with online car insurance renewal schemes. All these car insurance companies in India are now available in one platform thanks to GIBL.IN, India's premiere online insurance marketplace. Buying motor insurance online is a yearly affair. You need to go for motor insurance renewal every year before the existing motor insurance policy lapses. All vehicle owners like you should choose online renewal option to save on time and money on motor insurance premium and to avail additional benefits as well. However, you need to be cautious at the time of renewing your car insurance policy. Here are some insider tips that you can consider to save fortune on your motor insurance renewal online.

Be aware of your needs

The very first step of a successful car insurance renewal online is the proper understanding of your requirements. You need to ascertain the features and benefits you want in your comprehensive car insurance policy. You should also assess the amount of coverage you need and you need to work that out while keeping in the mind the car insurance renewal premium amount that you have to pay. Ideally, your chosen coverage amount should not make the premium amount too high.

Compare all available car insurance policies

As mentioned earlier, GIBL.IN brings all the leading car insurance companies in India together so that you can compare an array of motor insurance policy online from a single platform. A detailed comparison is always the best way of tracing out the best car insurance policies that suits your requirements and budget to perfection. You can compare motor insurance policy online in terms of features, limitations, premium and other value added services such as garage network, claim settlement ratio and speed, customer care service and the likes. You can eliminate car insurance policies that don't meet your needs and can focus on quality car insurance policies matching your needs for a successful online policy renewal.

Have a proper understanding of your vehicle insurance policy documents

You need to give a thorough read to the policy document of your chosen motor insurance policy. You should try and understand all terms and conditions of your Vehicle insurance policy document. This will help you find out hidden costs and clauses.

Know the value of your car

It is imperative for all vehicle owners in India to know the value of their vehicles to bring down the car insurance costs on online policy renewal. You have to measure the current value of your vehicle while renewing your motor insurance policy. This will help you calculate the depreciated value of your car so that you can be able to negotiate on premium amount with your selected car insurance company.

Grab No Claim Bonus

You should not make minor claims and avail to get a discounted premium on the online policy renewal. You need to claim your earned NCB before the policy expires and on renewal you will have to pay a reduced car insurance premium. Over the years, the premium amount will keep on reducing so you should make use of this ploy to good effect.

Opt for high voluntary deductibles

You can further reduce your car insurance premium by going for high voluntary deductibles at the time of motor insurance renewal online. The more your chosen deductible amount is, the less will be your motor insurance premium. However, you need to pay this chosen amount at the time of a claim so your deductible amount should be affordable for you. These tips can help you save at the time of your car insurance policy renewal online. Being a proud owner of your car you would always look to keep your vehicle out of harm's way and protected. To ensure continuous protection you need to renew the vehicle insurance policy always on time.

Now that you are aware that India's car insurance market is crowded by a plethora of car insurance companies you should compare car insurance online. At GIBL.IN you will experience supreme ease in comparing all available car insurance policies from all insurers and you will be able to pick the best car insurance policy effortlessly for your vehicle. Comparing policies online will not only save a lot of time but also will help you gather the most updated information on various policies. Since you will invest your hard-earned money in securing a car insurance plan, the selection of the best car insurance plan should be an informed decision. And, you will make the most informed choice online by choosing that car insurance policy that meets your budget and requirement perfectly.

In essence, if you buy car insurance online you can save time, effort and money. Here are the benefits of opting for best car insurance policies online.

Say goodbye to lengthy traditional process

If you choose to go online to apply for a car insurance policy you will find the process is lot faster than the traditional way of visiting the office of a car insurance company and making application. Secondly, you need not to submit documents or go through painstakingly lengthy verification process. By choosing to go online you just have to take a few easy steps to own a comprehensive car insurance policy. And you can do it all from your home or office and at anytime of the day.

Stay covered round the clock

The beauty of an online car insurance plan is it ensures that you stay covered all the time. When you purchase car insurance online, your policy will be issued and soft copy of the policy will be sent to you over email. You can access the policy copy anytime and get the printed hard copy out as well.

Huge profusion of online car insurance companies

Most car insurance companies allows for online policy purchase and online policy renewal. So, you don't have to worry about the availability of top car insurance policies online.

Renew your motor insurance in time

In case you fail to renew your motor insurance plan within the stipulated date you will have to face a lot of consequences. Failure in motor insurance renewal in time might trigger premium increase in the following year. Moreover, when you try to renew the policy after the deadline you might have to face inconveniences like vehicle inspection.

Don't make claims for minor issues

Your car insurance plan is designed to save you financially in time of a major issue such as accidents, theft or damage to car due to natural perils. In the event of a major mishap you are entitled to make claims. But if you make claims for minor issues like small scratches you will lose NCB and have to pay increased premium in the subsequent year.

Avail discount on car insurance premium by incorporating security features

If you install various security features in your car like immobilizers and anti-theft alarms you will be eligible for 2.5% discounts on your car insurance premium. However, these security devices have to be approved by Automotive Research Association of India.

Assess Voluntary Deductions

Voluntary deduction is the sum of the total claim amount that you have to pay when your claim is settled after mishaps like theft or accident. If you don't choose any voluntary deduction amount, you are eligible for the total claim amount. But, in case you choose an amount as voluntary deduction, you need to pay that particular amount at the time of a claim and your car insurer will pay rest of the sum insured. Another advantage of opting for a voluntary deduction is it helps reduce car insurance premium. The higher is your chosen amount; the lower will be your car insurance premium amount.

Costly gadgets trigger higher premium

If you love gadgets and install some expensive ones in your vehicle, chances are high that you have to pay higher car insurance premium in the following year. Apart from the gadgets if you modify your vehicle, you need to brace yourself for an increased car insurance premium as well. Because, your car insurer will re-assess our driving habit on the basis of the modifications you made and gadgets you incorporated. The evaluation will reflect in hiked car insurance premium.

Join Road Safety Organizations

You can become member of various organizations that promote safety on road like Automobile Association of India. Aside from availing different benefits you can also be able to get concession on your auto insurance premiums.

Compare car insurance premiums

Instead of making a deal with a particular car insurer in India in a hurry, you should take time. You should compare motor insurance premiums online determined by various motor vehicles insurance companies. Car insurance premiums vary from one type of motor insurance online policies to another. The premiums further depend on the cover extent. The features of the motor insurance policy also raise the premium amount. When you compare car insurance policies, it is crucial that you go through the motor insurance policy fine print minutely to trace out hidden car insurance costs.

Save money by buying car insurance online

If you choose to buy motor insurance online you will be able to save good amount of money. Traditional method of buying a car insurance policy will make you pay more than you should as car insurance costs come with distribution and processing charges in case you deal with a brick and mortar car insurance outlet.

Make & Model of your car

One of the most crucial factors that determine car insurance premiums is the make and model of your car. The risk factors depend on makes and models as in time of an accident injury to occupants and damage to the car would be less severe in cars with specific makes and models.

Coverage of car insurance policy

If you opt for additional insurance covers for accessories and CNG/LPG kits, premiums will increase automatically.

Percentage of No Claim Bonus

The premium amount will be less if you haven't made any claims before. The no-claim bonus also plays an important role in determining car insurance premiums. If you don't make any claim premiums will decrease gradually. So you should refrain yourself from making minor claims.

City of registration

The city where the Vehicle is registered is also one of the factors for determining premiums. If your car is registered in metro cities your car insurance premium will be higher as the frequency of vehicle accidents and thefts is higher in metro cities.

It is not wise to keep on renewing car insurance policy with the same car insurance provider in India every year without looking for different policy providers and gain information on their offerings. It is strongly recommended that you change your car insurance provider after some years as it can not only help you save but also provide you with some new beneficial features.

How to make a successful switch of car insurance provider?

Prior to changing your existing car insurer you have to ensure that your newly chosen car insurance provider will endow with maximum possible benefits. It takes some definitive steps to carry out the process of changing your car insurance provider. In the very first step, you have to have a word with your present car insurance company. Here are the remaining steps that will follow your first leap forward towards switching your vehicle insurance provider.

See if your present insurer has some special deal in store for you

When your current car insurance provider will come to know about your decision of making a change it will leave no stone unturned to retain you as a customer. In a bid to continue business with you the car insurance company might offer you some exclusive deals. This is why it is prudent to get in touch with your existing car insurance provider and let them know about your decision to make a change.

Compare car insurance policies before making the final selection

When you make up your mind to change your present car insurer you should compare all the available car insurance policies online on offer at various car insurance companies operating in India. Instead of visiting all car insurance companies' portal you should turn to GIBL.IN. This premiere online insurance marketplace will provide you with one single platform that allows for faster and easier comparison of all available car insurance policies in terms of features and premiums. By comparing car insurance policies online you might come across a new car cover with benefits that your previous policy didn't offer. When you compare various car insurance covers, your aim should be at finding out the best car insurance policy. By keeping a close eye on all vital criteria such as coverage, deductibles, limitations you can be able to unearth the best car insurance policy.

Be aware of your requirements

All car insurance policies are far from being the same. Every car insurance company comes up with its own set of car insurance policies that boasts unique features, benefits. So, you should know what you want in your new car insurance policy and do research to find such a cover. This way you can actually benefit from changing your car insurance provider.

Choose the new car insurance provider with patience and care

You should be careful while choosing your new car insurance provider. A thorough research on your chosen car insurance company is what you require to do before finalizing the deal. The research should include performance of the provider, its financial stability and you should also go through the customer reviews. You can further seek advice from your friends and relatives to find the right car insurance company.

Look for value added services in the new car insurance cover

You should also check the value added services on offer at your newly chosen providers. Services like round the clock customer service, policy renewal reminder should be in the list of services. Once you are certain that the new car cover will look after your needs you can make the final decision.

Buy covers from the new car insurance company

Once you are done with all the research and make the final selection, the only remaining step is to buy a different car insurance policy from a new insurer. You shouldn't cancel your current car insurance cover before buying the new one to steer clear of coverage gap. You have to ensure that the coverage of your new car insurance policy starts when the previous car policy ends. You shouldn't forget to cancel the previous car cover officially from your former car insurance provider.

The reason why you avail car insurance online is to stay financially protected in case of an accident that leads to damages to yourself, third party property and also to your insured car. God forbid, if you do fall in such a tricky situation your car insurance will help you meet your financial liabilities as consequences of the accident. However, your car insurance will only come to your rescue if you make a successful claim. Hence, knowing the right way of going about the claim process is of utmost importance. The claim filing process differs in different types of claims. Let's start with the process of registering claim in case your own car gets damaged.

Own Damage Car Insurance claim procedure

In case your car gets massively damaged due to a major accident. You need to do the following;

  • You need to inform your car insurance provider as soon as possible
  • Have your claim registered and you also have to report the entire incident to the local police station
  • In case of a major mishap, you shouldn't shift the vehicle from the spot as long as your car insurer asks you to do so

In case of a minor accident that doesn't cause huge damage;

  • You can shift your vehicle to a safer spot and have your car insurer intimated about the accident
  • You can assess the damage yourself and lodge a car insurance claim accordingly
  • A surveyor will be represented by your car insurer
  • The claim settlement process will begin once the surveyor authorizes
  • In case of reimbursement you can pay up front for repair and replacement of car parts and then make a claim
  • In case you enjoy cashless facility you need not to pay a penny as your car insurer will settle the claim with the garage in the network. However, you have to take your damaged vehicle to a garage that is enlisted in the network of your car insurer.

Third Party claim process

There is a plethora of health insurance providers with online presence nowadays to facilitate you with online health insurance renewal and purchase. At GIBL.IN you can make detailed comparison of health policies at ease and buy the best health insurance policy online.

  • You have to inform the police and register an FIR
  • Then you have to intimate your car insurer about the car theft
  • You will have to submit a written complaint be it an e mail or a letter
  • You can go through your original car insurance policy document to know more about the steps to be taken

GIBL.IN is India's premiere online insurance marketplace for comparing and selling car insurance policies online. The portal endows prospective policyholders with a myriad of online car insurance quotes online once policy seekers divulge some basic information about themselves and their vehicles.

Car Insurance Renewal

When the time of your motor insurance renewal comes, it is best to reconsider your existing auto insurance company. You should assess if the plan was able to deliver all the promised benefits or not. If you are unsatisfied you can choose not to renew your current auto insurance policy; instead you can search and find better car insurance in India and opt for the one that is worth spending your hard-earned money. You have to renew your car policy as per the expiry date of your policy. GIBL offers unique renewal facility online to facilitate policyholders' quick renewal just by submitting policy details and making payment. It takes just a few mouse clicks you to renew your motor policy from the comfort of your home. When it comes to car insurance in India, GIBL is your one-stop solution.

Benefits of choosing Car Insurance policy from GIBL.IN

  • Get best quotes of top car insurance in India
  • Insurers can avail information about newly added benefits
  • Latest information on offers and discounts to assist you save money on annual premium
  • Get the best car insurance comparison within few minutes
  • Purchase motor insurance policy online instantly
  • Free consultation with auto insurance experts at GIBL.IN to get most comprehensive car insurance policies
  • Get the best comparison rates directly from the insurer
  • Availability of support and reminder service for renewal of vehicle insurance