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Motor Policy Coverage

Loss or Damage to the insured vehicle

Commercial vehicle insurance policy covers the insured vehicle from a range of natural disasters like earthquake, flood and man-made perils like burglary, theft.

Liability to third parties

Commercial vehicle insurance policy protects insured vehicle against legal liabilities due to accidents causing property or injury or death to third party

Towing disabled vehicles

Commercial vehicle insurance policy keeps the insured vehicle protected when used for towing mechanically disabled vehicle.

Personal accident cover for Owner-Driver

The policy provides a compulsory personal accident coverage for paid driver and owner driver which covers Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disability.

Sum insured

The coverage for the commercial vehicle depends on the IDV. The IDV is the maximum payable amount in time of a claim for theft or total loss.

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Zone of Registration

The zone of commercial vehicle registration influences the premium. There are three zones and the premium is highest for vehicles registered in zone A .

Type of the vehicle

The premium is less for 3 wheeler vehicles. For commercial vehicle with 4 wheeler
or more the premium of the commercial vehicle insurance policy increases.

NCB of the vehicle

The premium can be reduced by accumulating NCB. Premium discount is also available for Membership of Automobile Association and installation of anti theft devices.

Top Features
GVW of the vehicle

The premium of commercial vehicle policy also depends on the GVW or Gross Vehicle Weight. The premium increases for vehicles with higher GVW.

LCC of the vehicle

The LCC or Licensed Carrying Capacity also plays an instrumental role in determining the premium of a commercial vehicle insurance policy.

Cubic Capacity of the vehicle

The premium of a commercial vehicle insurance policy rises when cubic capacity of the vehicle also increases.

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