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Group Mediclaim Insurance Policy: Things You Must Know
As an enterprise owner, you must be looking for a comprehensive insurance plan that can cover your employee's health and help them stay fit & fine. Then why not check for a comprehensive health insurance plan that can provide comprehensive coverage to all your employees and their family members? Choosing a comprehensive group mediclaim policy can be quite difficult for you, especially when you have different requirements from the policy. For that, most of the group health care insurance policies can be designed accordingly to fit the budget and requirements of the employers. GIBL provides comprehensive comparison among various health care insurance policies and lets you know about various coverages provided by them.

Benefits of Group Medical Insurance Policies Over Other Health Care Polices
There are several benefits of availing group medical insurance policies for employees as well as for employers. Few of the benefits are as given below-

No locking period for pre-existing diseases-
Normally, most of the health insurance policies do not cover pre-existing diseases or have a locking period for four years. However, one of the biggest benefits of group medical insurances is- there is no locking period applicable for pre-existing diseases. Medical benefits are provided to all the employees despite having any pre-existing disease. This can help both employee and employer, where if the employee needs to hospitalize, financial support can be provided by the policy itself.

Employees can claim medical benefit immediately after being included in group insurance policy-
Generally, there is a locking period of 30 days for any kind of health care policy where the insured can take the benefit of the policy only after a span of 30 days. However, in case of accidents within that span of time, one can avail the benefits of the medical policy. Group medical policy has no such locking period. Employees can immediately avail benefits after being included in the policy. This can help an employee who needs immediate hospitalization and can also save the employer from any kind of financial hassle when the employee gets unwell within a month of joining.

Maternity benefit provided right from the beginning-
In many mediclaim policies, maternity benefit is not provided, or even if it is provided, has many limitations. In group mediclaim policies, maternity benefit is provided as and when the employee is included in the group medical policy.

Flexible or no capping limitations for bed and miscellaneous charges on hospitalization
In most of the medical policies, capping is applicable on bed charges, medications, ICU charges and so on. But in group medical policies, capping limitation can be applied by the employer, which can also affect the premium amount. The employer can decide the amount of capping as per his budget. Employer can also put no capping limitation on the sum assured.

Flexible coverage provided
Individual mediclaim policies provide individual coverage and family health care policies provide coverage for dependent parents, children and spouse. But with group mediclaim policies, employers have every right for the employees to decide whom to include.

Family floater policy
Most of the group health care policies that cover family members are floater policies. In a floater policy, a single amount of sum assured provides coverage to the entire family and any of the family member can avail the entire amount of sum assured during his/her hospitalization.

One can include family members from the age group of 3 months to 80 years
In group medical insurance policies one can include family members right from the age of 3 months to up to a maximum of 80 years. While many insurance policies do not allow a fresh applicant beyond 60 years of age, the employee here can get a benefit to include his/her dependent parents who might not be having insurance.

In-laws too can be included
One of the unique benefits of availing group mediclaim policy is that one can include his/her dependent in-laws into the policy coverage. Employee’s in-laws can enjoy the same benefit as other family members of the employee. However, it solely depends on the decision of the employer and limitations in benefits provided by him.

No medical check-up is needed for insured up to an age of 80 years
policies need check-up after 45 years of age. However, availing group mediclaim policy has one big benefit- no medical check-up is needed for insured people up to an age of 80 years.

Why Get a Group Mediclaim Policy From GIBL?
As a busy entrepreneur, you might not be having enough time to choose and buy a comprehensive group mediclaim policy for your employees. Thanks to GIBL’s insurance comparison site, one can now easily check group mediclaim policies offered by various insurance providers. At GIBL, you can get each and every detail about various policies your agent would seldom tell. Certain unique features that make GIBL unique and different from its contemporaries are as given below-

Get most competitive quotes in the industry-
One of the biggest advantages of using GIBL’s comparison tool is that you can get industry’s best competitive quotes from various service providers. This can help you save a lot on premium.

Tailor-made policies just for you
At GIBL, you get the facility to add or remove features as per your requirements, budget and convenience. You can get tailor-made policies easily without paying anything extra.

Coverage provided for all your family members
You may have family obligations to fulfill and we at GIB understand that. So we have designed the policies in such a way that they can cover all your family members. Group medical insurance policies have provisions to cover children, spouse, parents and even in-laws.

Quick claim settlements and cashless facilities
Those insurance service providers who are registered with GIBL are known for their quick claim settlements. For that, more and more people prefer GIBL over other sites. You can also get customer service support whenever you need.

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