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Free 24 x 7 Road Side Assistance (Worth Rs. 1500) With Every Motor Policy

About New India Package Motor Policy

new india insurance New India Package motor policy is the one stop solution for each and every vehicle including both two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicle. The most comprehensive motor policy will safeguard your vehicle from on road hazards. Commercial vehicles as well as motor trade vehicles would also get the total protection coverage through this motor policy.

Motor Policy Coverage

Zero depreciation cover

The damaged car parts of yours due to any accident get the total coverage through your ensured sum without deducting any depreciation cost.

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NCB protection cover

If you in case claim any coverage the discount amount on no claim bonus would remain same for you. It will protect your accrue NCB.

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Road side assistance

Your car insurance policy will provide all types of roadside assistance like fuel service, mechanic assistance and also accommodate staying facility while driving in remote places.

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Return to Invoice Cover

The total reimbursement of your car would be paid through your insured vale in car insurance policy. Without any deduction you will get the total value for replacement.

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New India Assurance - Package Motor Policy

The package motor policy shields the policyholder from Third-Party Liability and protects the vehicle of the insured from a range of natural and man-made disasters as well.

New India Assurance Two Wheeler Policy

New India Assurance Two Wheeler Policy shields the policyholder from Third-Party Liability and protects the vehicle of the insured from a range of natural and man-made disasters as well.

New India Assurance Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy

New India Assurance Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy is designed for elderly people between 60 and 80 years of age and provides a maximum coverage of Rs 1.5 lakh.

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New India Assurance Asha Kiran Policy

The New India Asha Kiran Policy covers the expenses of treatment of entire family of the policyholders within India and offers personal accident coverage to parents.

New India Assurance Janta Mediclaim Policy

New India Janata Mediclaim policy covers self, spouse. Parents can also include maximum two dependent children between the ages of 3 months and 18 years.

New India Assurance Road Safety Insurance

New India Assurance Road Safety Insurance offers coverage against physical injury due to accidents.

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New India Motor policy is a comprehensive plan that covers each and every type of vehicle that runs on public roads. It includes vehicles like private cars, motor cycles, bikes, scooters, commercial vehicles, motor trade vehicles, and so on.

Under this policy, all types of vehicles that are running on the public roads are covered. In India, it is mandatory for a vehicle owner to get his/her vehicle insured. This policy covers loss or damage of the vehicle due to perils or any kind of accidents. Additionally, this policy also covers the amount incurred for third party damage or loss of vehicle and the person. However, to avail for a reimbursement, one has to carry the insurance along with him/her all the time.

According to the motor vehicles act of 1988, it is mandatory for each and every vehicle that runs on public roads to have motor insurance. There are two major coverage types available under motor policy. They are-

Liability only policy-

According to this coverage type, the insurer gets coverage for third party death or bodily injury liability. This coverage type also includes personal accidental coverage for the owner of the vehicle as for the driver. Here, the policy covers the legal responsibility to pay –

  • New India Package Motor Policy provides compensation is available for third party property loss
  • New India Package Motor Policy provides compensation is available for third party bodily injury

Package policy-

In this type of policy, coverage is provided to the owner’s as well as driver’s injury. It also covers third party liability and death. Additionally, this policy covers damage or loss of the vehicle too. Under this policy type, compensation can be claimed for the loss/damage of vehicle and its parts due to-

  • New India Package Motor Policy covers damages due to rockslide or landslide
  • New India Package Motor Policy covers damages due to Fire, lightning, explosion, self-ignition
  • New India Package Motor Policy covers damages due to burglary, theft, housebreaking
  • New India Package Motor Policy covers damages due to Strike, Riot
  • New India Package Motor Policy covers damages due to malicious and terrorist Act
  • New India Package Motor Policy covers damages due to earthquake
  • New India Package Motor Policy covers damages due to Flood, Hurricane, Typhoon, Tempest, Storm, Inundation, Hailstorm, Cyclone
  • New India Package Motor Policy covers damages due to accidental external means
  • New India Package Motor Policy covers damages at the time of road, lift, elevator, inland waterway or air
  • This insurance is valid for all public and private transport vehicles that are running on public roads.
  • The proposer can opt for any of the two types of policies-liability coverage policy and package policy.
  • In liability coverage type, the owner of car can get a reimbursement for third party losses and damages of the vehicle, person and the accessories of the vehicle.
  • Package motor policy includes coverage for the motor, the owner and the driver due to perils and accidents. Added to that, third party liability coverage is also provided.
  • An unlimited amount of liability coverage is provided for third party commercial/private vehicle’s loss or damage if the lost/damaged property is worth or more 7.5 lakhs.
  • For two wheelers, the third party damage coverage is limited to one lakh.
  • Under the policy, the owner or the third party is liable to claim for a maximum of Rs. 300 for two wheelers’ towing expenses.
  • The owner of the vehicle or the injured third party can claim up to 1500 for towing expenses of commercial and private vehicles.
  • Liability only policy is a compulsory policy, but you can add various risk coverages to it as per your requirements.
  • The insurer can also avail motor policy for a restricted coverage for theft and fire.
  • The insurer can also increase the coverage for the damage or loss of accessories attached in the vehicle like air-conditioners, stereos, fans and so on.
  • The cover for personal accident coverage can be extended for the paid driver of the vehicle and rest of the passengers.
  • The insurer can also get an extended coverage benefit for employees’ liabilities.
  • Third party legal benefit can be extended and coverage provided for non-fare paying travelers in commercial vehicles.
  • For any commercial or private vehicle, the insured amount is known as Insured’s declared value or IDV.
  • DV or the sum assured for the vehicle is the maximum limit of amount that can be reimbursed. It your insured vehicle has been damaged and is not repairable, you can claim an amount deciding upon the maximum IDV.
  • The IDV or the sum assured for the vehicle depends on the selling price of the vehicle by the manufacturer. This selling price depends on the make year, brand and model of the vehicle.
  • Depending on the selling price, the amount of insurance is fixed for that particular brand and model of the car and can be adjusted accordingly when the rates get depreciated.
  • IDV or the sum assured on vehicles that are older than 5 years old or on non-existing models depends on the insurer’s repute as well as on insured’s relationship maintenance.
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Sudden breakdowns
  • Loss when the driver or the owner was driving with an invalid license or without any
  • Loss during the time of invasion or war
  • Claims due to contractual liability
  • Use of the vehicle over and above ‘limitations of usage.

In case of accidental damage, liability claim or theft of the vehicle:

In the event of claim, you can follow some simple steps to get necessary reimbursements

Accidental damage

  • Intimate the nearest office immediately and get the claim form
  • Fill the claim form duly
  • Submit the claim form with copies of registration certificate, driving license and Submit an estimate of repairs
  • Insurance company will appoint a surveyor to inspect the vehicle
  • Surveyor will submit reprt to the insurance company
  • In case of major dmage, insurance company will arrange for a spot survey
  • Insured need to submit final cashmemos and bills after signing duly
  • After the claim approval, salvage of the dmaged car parts need to be deposited with the insurance company

Theft of the vehicle

  • Register an FIR immediately
  • Intimate the office where policy was issued about the theft with a copy of FIR
  • Submit Final Police Report without any delay
  • Co-operate fully with the investigator or surveyor appointed by the insurance company
  • After the claim approval, transferthe Registration Certificate in the name of the insurance company
  • Hand-over the keys of the stolen vehicle
  • Submit a duly notarized letter of indemnity and subrogation on stamp paper

Liability claim

  • Intimate the insurer immediately about the incident that might trigger liability claim
  • Send the cout summon to the insurer after receiving the same
  • Submit the duly signed claim form with copies FIR, driving license and Registration Certificate
  • Self or the vehicle owner
  • Driver
  • Co-passengers
  • Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Policy
  • Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance
  • Future Generali Private Car Insurance
  • Future Generali Two Wheeler Insurance
  • HDFC ERGO Private Car Insurance
  • HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance
  • HDFC ERGO Commercial Vehicles

According to the Indian motors act of 1988, it is mandatory to get an insurance done for your vehicle. Moreover, vehicle insurance protects you and your vehicle from any kind of damage. You can also consider availing third party liability coverage where the injured third party people and the vehicle get a reimbursement from your side if you or your driver is driving the vehicle and you (maybe both) are responsible for the accident.

Anyone who is an Indian citizen and has his vehicle registered under the regional transport authority of India can avail the benefits of this insurance

The vehicle owner along with the driver can be covered in the policy. In order to get extra cover for the co-passengers, one has to increase the sum assured amount.

No, the sum assured can be decided by the insurance policy on the basis of the make year of the vehicle, its model and its brand. If the vehicle is more than 5 years and has been obsolete, the insurance amount depends on the insured company and the terms of the insurer with the company.