Personal Accident Cover

Accidental Death/Disability/

PA Policy covers Accidental Death, Permanent Total Disablement(PTD), Permanent Partial Disablement(PPD) and Temporary Total Disablement(TTD) benefits

Multi-year Policy

Now you can easily have a multi-year policy and enjoy the discount

Cost of Mortal Remains

In case of accidental death total cost of bringing mortal remains to home and the cost of last rites is covered under this policy

Loss of Employment Benefits

In case you lose your job or go to a non-paid leave period this policy provide you 1% of your sum insured or maximum 5000 per week

Child Education

In case of accidental death cost of education of your children is covered under this policy

House or Vehicle Modification

Even the cost of modification made in your house and vehicle for combating any Permanent Total Disability(PTD) or dismemberment caused due to accident is paid under this policy

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  • Policy Start Date When would you like to start
    your policy? It can't be a date
    in the past. Please select
    a date from today onwards
  • Date of Birth People up to 80 years of age
    are eligible for taking insurance.
    Select the day, month and year you were born


  • Coverage Type Select your coverage type.
    Death due to accident, the
    policy would pay 100% Sum
    Assured to the nominee.
    Permanent Total Disability(PTD)
    means Loss of both hands/both feet,
    1 hand & 1 feet, 1 (hand/foot) & 1 eye
    etc. where the sum assured is paid
    to the person.
    Permanent Partial Disablement(PPD)
    means Loss of Index finger/thumb,
    Loss of hearing in 1 ear, Loss of
    1 eye sight, Loss of 1 hand where
    a small percentage of sum Assured is paid.
    Temporary Total Disablement(TTD)
    means, bed rest of next 3 months,
    fracture in hands or legs where
    the policy pays a part of sum assured.
  • Risk Type The premium differs in case of
    different risk types determined
    by your occupation
  • Occupation Select the type of work
    you in general in your work place
  • Monthly Income Monthly Income of the
    Proponent from Gainful Employment
  • Sum Insured It is the total amount that
    you can claim against your
    PA policy in a year.
    Please select a value from
    the drop down list. Premium
    would be higher for higher
    sum insured value
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    Personal Accident Insurance

    Stay safe and healthy
    Personal accident insurance covers injuries or death that has been caused due to an accident. This is one of the most affordable and limited form of life & health insurance policy that is mostly availed by people who are travelling frequently by road, water or air ways. You can compare online on GIBL for personal accident insurance and can buy the one that can provide you and your family best and comprehensive accidental coverage in lowest premium rates.

    How personal accident insurance policy works?

    One has to pay a monthly, quarterly or yearly premium that remains the same till the entire policy coverage period. A cash benefit can be availed as reimbursement or direct cash benefit when the policy holder has got a major accidental injury. Compensation is provided if the insured person dies due to accident. The coverage is generally valid even when you are out of the country. No medical check-ups are required prior availing the personal accident insurance policy. It is important to pay the premium in time so that you can enjoy the benefits of this policy. You can also add your family members under this policy.

    Personal accident insurance: what is covered?

    • Accidental temporary disability- It means the policy holder has got severe injuries which have made him/her temporarily disable. In this case, s/he is entitled to get a lump sum compensation for the number of days where s/he is not able to work.
    • Accidental permanent disability- It means the policy holder has lost one or more limbs due to an accident or one or more parts of his/her body has been dismembered. The insured person is liable to get a certain amount or reimbursement of treatment cost.
    • Accidental death- On the event of death due to accident, the policy holder's family gets accidental death compensation.
    • Medical reimbursement for health complications that has risen from the accident- Many personal accident policies also provide reimbursement for medical complications that has been raised due to an accident, like treatment of mental trauma, and so on.

    "Insurance is based on principle of Utmost Good Faith. Please provide correct and full information in your own interest"