Featured November 09, 2017

How To Transform Indian Insurance Buying

GIBL.IN was founded by Mr. Subir mukherjee with an aim to cut lengthy insurance documentation process in India. GIBL is India’s largest online & offline insurance distribution network which provides more than 3000 insurance policies through an association with more than 25 insurance providers satisfying more than 25000 customers. more...

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May 16, 2017

Seven Indian insurtech start-ups to watch in 2017 and beyond

At the time I was contacted by several firms based in India, and settled on the idea that there was so much going on - the country was worthy its own article.
There are already some notable insurtech successes such as Mumbai-based more...

December 28, 2016

GIBL embraces more intuitive insurance tech & brings the revolution

In India, it is difficult to get neutral advice about insurance. Traditionally, Indian insurance industry is ruled by agents who push consumers to buy insurance products of their choice. more...