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Travel Insurance Policy

Emergency Medical Treatment

Did you know that you can cover the emergency treatment expenses during your domestic or international tour within your policy limits and up to 85 years of age?

Emergency Evacuation

Did you know that any medical emergency requiring evacuation could be reimbursed under this policy?

Loss Of Baggage

Did you know that loss of accompanying checked-in baggage is covered under the policy? Hand baggage could be covered in special cases.

Loss of Passport

Did you know that a reasonable cost of obtaining duplicate passport is reimbursed under this policy?

Trip Delay/Cancellation

Did you know financial loss caused due to trip delay/cancellation is reimbursed up to policy limits?

Personal Accident

Did you know accidental death and permanent total disability(PTD) is covered up to policy limits?

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    People up to 80 years of age
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Single Trip Travel Insurance

The coverage in a single trip travel Insurance starts when insured people board their flights for their trips abroad and the coverage ends either when they return to India or when the insurance Period ends. Single round trip insurance plans are originally valid for 180 days and can be extended for another 180 days.

Those who travel once or twice in a year, travel insurance single trip plans are cost effective solutions. Single trip business travel insurance is an ideal cover for corporate travelers to stay protected for a wide range of eventualities. A single round trip insurance cover offers protection for one specific trip.

Major benefits of availing the Best Single Trip Travel Insurance

  • Coverage for medical expenses: Single trip travel insurance covers medical expenses of insured travelers due to accidental injury or illness. Medical evacuation expenses are also under the coverage of single round trip insurance.
  • Coverage for loss of documents and baggage: Travel insurance single trip provides coverage for loss of vital documents like passport and personal belongings of insured travelers.
  • Coverage for cancellation of flight and trips: If you need to cancel or curtail your trip the single trip travel insurance plan will reimburse the money that you spend on hotel and transportation. If the flight gets delayed or cancelled the single trip travel insurance policy will cover the expenses.
  • Coverage for personal liability: Single trip business travel insurance offers coverage to insured people if they are legally liable to a third party by causing financial damage during their trip in abroad.

How GIBL can help you avail the cheapest single trip travel insurance plans?

At GIBL, you can easily find out the cheapest single trip travel insurance policy by making a detailed single trip travel insurance comparison. By providing basic details you can compare travel covers easily on the basis of features, benefits, exclusions and premium to pick the best single trip travel insurance plan available in India.

3 Reasons why GIBL offers the Single Round Trip Insurance Policy

  • You can compare single trip travel insurance plans within a few minutes from a myriad of travel insurance single trip policies in India
  • Critical illnesses treatment cost
  • You can study all the features of both the most expensive and the cheapest single trip travel insurance plans and select the travel cover that meets your needs and budget.
  • At GIBL, you can rest assured that the comparison of the best single trip travel insurance policies is entirely impartial.

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