24 x 7 Instant Policy Issue

We understand that you are a busy professional and often toil all day to meet your business needs. Imagine if you get the convenience of comparing and buying a policy at any hour of the day. GIBL, one of the largest insurance premium comparison destinations in India, not only offers you 24X7 customer supports but also lets you buy a policy 24*7. The policy would be issued to you instantly and you would receive a soft copy of the policy via email at that very instant. Our efficient and experienced Tech Support team is there to help you get rid of any difficulties you face regarding submitting any of your insurance claims, premiums etc.

Premium Comparison

GIBL offers end-to-end online insurance services right from Free Loans & Insurance Quotes to Disbursal of Loans. The purchasers can easily compare insurance rates and see the policies online simply by using a range of payment options like the credit card, cash and bank transfer and so on. By visiting the GIBL website, the purchasers get a complete chart, consisting of insurance analysis and rates from all leading insurance companies in India.

Lowest Premium in India

GIBL helps you to find lowest premium insurances to make sure you are saving some money while buying insurance online from GIBL.IN Whenever you enter your insurance requirement in GIBL.IN, we send a request to the list of various insurance companies that are in collaboration with us. As per the criteria submitted by you, premium data is sent back to GIBL.IN from insurers. In a fraction of seconds, the data is processed and it is visible to you on the premium listing page. Whether it’s a car insurance, health or home insurance, GIBL lets you choose the insurance plan as per your most affordable budget. One you select the policy you can click and buy the insurance policy online within just couple of minutes.

Policy Renewal Reminder

We understand that amidst all the personal and professional commitments it may become intricate to keep a track of your insurance renewals. GIBL offers a reminder service , thereby helping the customers set a unique Policy Renewal Reminder that lets them know when to give the premium. We have a scheduler in our database that is intended to remind the user about the policy renewal date at a predefine time. This facility takes away the entire mental headache often associated with other insurance providers.

Claim Status Tracking

Exclusive GIBL Claim Status Tracking lets the customers keep a complete track of all their insurance claims and premiums to be submitted. It helps you know the exact amount to be paid or what is the current status of a particular insurance policy that you have bought from us.

Technical Support

GIBL, one of the largest insurance and loan destination in India, not only offers you 24X7 customer support but our efficient and experienced Tech Support team is there to help you get rid of any difficulties you face regarding submitting any of your insurance claims, premiums etc.

Live Chat Support

GIBL live chat support enables our customers to interact with our customer care team at any given time regarding their insurance/premium related questions. All your queries are answered almost immediately. Our customer care team try their best to give you a prompt and satisfactory solution within their capacity. Whenever you will visit www.gibl.in a “live chat” option will pop up at the right side of the screen. You just have to provide your name and email address and initiate a series of queries as per your convenience with our customer care executive.

Access Our Network

GIBL lets our customers get free access to the maximum number of network partners within India. For instance, if you are opting for any medical insurance policy then we ensure that you get the complete list of all cashless hospitals within India.

Insurance Glossary

Gone are the days when getting acquainted with tricky insurance terms were not a cup of tea for everyone. We’ve compiled an insurance glossary to help you know about these insurance terms on our website. GIBL glossary of insurance terms defines an array of commonly used terms so you can better understand the insurance industry and how it relates to you. In case of any doubt, just open the glossary and figure out what the term is up to. You need not take the help of a dictionary or search engine websites at that moment.