Tata AIG Commercial Vehicle Insurance Overview

TATA AIG General Insurance Company is one of the most reputed insurance providers. TATA AIG provides with a number of insurance policies like health insurance, motor insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, personal accident insurance, marine insurance, Workers Compensation, and various other miscellaneous products. TATA AIG Commercial vehicle insurance policy has been specifically designed to provide coverage to all types of commercial vehicles that are used for business purposes.

Why to Go for TATA AIG Commercial Vehicle Insurance Policy?

Commercial vehicles are heavy duty vehicles. We all know that commercial vehicles are mainly used as an important part of business. Such vehicles are used as a mode of transportation of goods from one place to another. Commercial vehicles are also used for inter-city tour or travel by passengers. These vehicles are designed to perform vigorous tasks on a regular basis.

Not to mention that each and every type of commercial vehicles play a significant role to businesses. They help in quick and bulk transportation. Along with that, it is to be noted that when such heavy duty vehicles get on to the road on a regular basis, they are highly prone to various types of accidents owing to many natural and man-made calamities. Package policy from TATA AIG commercial insurance covers all such risks.

TATA AIG commercial vehicle insurance policy will cover all sort of public commercial vehicles as well as any special type of vehicle against any financial or physical damage. The policy will also provide you with a cover against any third-party liability where the damage is done by the insured vehicle to someone else’s property, vehicle, or the co-passengers of another vehicle other than the insured vehicle.

Bearing the expenses out of such out of the blue loss or damages can make a hole in your pocket, and put you financially in a difficult situation. TATA AIG commercial auto insurance package policy, in this aspect, provides with an extensive coverage that caters to all the insurance needs of your commercial vehicle. Commercial vehicle insurance policy from TATA AIG offers protection to you as well as your business against any unforeseen damage and loss caused to your vehicle owing to an accident or theft.

Special Features of TATA AIG Commercial Vehicle Insurance

TATA AIG commercial vehicle insurance offers financial protection to you and your vehicle against the following:

  • Damages due to man-made calamities
  • Damages due to natural disasters
  • Third-party liability cover
  • Personal accident cover to the owner/driver

TATA AIG Commercial Vehicle Insurance Coverage

  • Covers any sort of damage or destruction caused to the insured vehicle due to any unforeseen circumstances. Such mishaps can be as result of any accident, theft, burglary, explosion, natural catastrophes such as earthquake, flood, man-made calamities like riot, vandalism, terrorist activities and similar.
  • Offers third party liability cover. Third party policy is important since it protects you against legal and personal problems that may arise if meet with an accident with and hit the vehicle of an uninsured person or someone whose policy has been lapsed. In the event of such circumstances, your policy will be your saviour. It will safeguard you from trouble and save both your time and money. Third party policy also offers legal and financial protection in the event of injury, demise and property damage to a third party person.
  • It offers personal accident Cover up to Rs. 15 lakhs for the owner-driver of the commercial vehicle in the event of permanent total disability and death due to an accident.
  • Under TATA AIG commercial vehicle insurance, you can claim up to Rs. 2500/- as a compensation for towing charges. However, this amount varies from vehicle to vehicle.
  • Ambulance services are also covered under this plan.

TATA AIG Commercial Vehicle Insurance offers coverage against multiple unforeseen circumstances such as:

  • Self-ignition, fire and explosion
  • Burglary, housebreaking and theft
  • Riots and strikes
  • Natural calamities such as flood, earthquake, storm, cyclone, hurricane, rockslide, frost, landslide, tempest, inundation, etc.
  • Malicious acts
  • Terrorist activity
  • Accidental damage (by external means)
  • Loss or damage during transportation by rail, road, air, water, and elevators or lift.
  • Personal Accident Cover for the Owner-driver

Scale of Compensation for Personal Accident Cover

  • 100% compensation in the event of death
  • 100% compensation in case of loss of one limb and sight of one eye and two limbs or sight of two eyes
  • 100% compensation in the event of permanent total disabilities from injuries other than the named above.
  • 50% compensation in case of loss of one eye-sight or limb

Add-on Covers Available with TATA AIG Commercial Vehicle Insurance

With TATA AIG commercial vehicle insurance, you choose to extend the coverage by opting for additional add-on covers. You will have to pay an extra amount of premium or avail the benefits of add-on covers. Have a look at some of the important add-on covers available with TATA AIG Commercial Vehicle Insurance:

  • Loss of accessories cover
  • Personal accident cover to the owner/driver and any named person (apart from an employee)
  • Legal liability cover to non-fare paying passengers
  • Personal accident cover benefit to the vehicle cleaner/ paid driver/ conductor
  • Legal liability cover to the conductor/ paid driver

TATA AIG Commercial Vehicle Insurance Exclusions

Any claim arising out of the below-mentioned reasons will not be entertained by the insurer:

  • Any loss or damage to the vehicle arising out of driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicants since this is a punishable offence under law.
  • Any destruction or damage to the vehicle in war, act or war, rebellion, nuclear threats or any loss/damage happening outside the country
  • Any mechanical or electrical breakdown of your vehicle
  • The claim will be not be entertained if the driver is found driving without a valid driving license at the time of the accident
  • Damage to the tyre and tube is not covered unless the same has happened as a result of an accident
  • The plan doesn't cover consequential loss
  • Depreciation, normal wear and tear is not covered

Note: This is not the complete list of exclusions. Please refer to the policy wordings for a detailed list of exclusions.

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Aggregate Rating Value on TATA AIG General Insurance is 4.8 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 32)

Aggregate Rating Value on TATA AIG General Insurance is 4.8 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 32)