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  • " I met with an accident last month with my i20, contacted GIBL and they helped me through towing and cashless repairment. I was quite impressed by the professional approach and speedy service. "

    - Apurba Barman, Impulse, Kolkata

  • " I did my vehicle insurance through GIBL earlier, so when the insurance of vehicle fleet expired I contacted them. They did a great a service to renewing them immediately without much hassle. "

    - Chandan Sharma, Aum Express, Delhi

  • " I was panicking when I realised travel agent didn’t provide the insurance for the trip just before the travel day . I found GIBL.IN was quite helpful and got sorted instantly over a phone call. Great Service. "

    - Sumanta Paul, IT Professional, San Francisco

  • " Excellent service GIBL, compared and purchased health insurance for my parents in about 5 minutes. Nice layout and very simple. Cheers! "

    - Prashant Sultania, IT Professional, Bangalore

  • " I consider myself lucky to come through GIBL.in, really easy to buy an insurance policy on it. I bought Health insurance for me and my wife in just few minutes time. Very easy to use. "

    - Neeraj, Marketing, Haryana

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You can now download GIBL's mobile app from Google Play Store & Apple App Store. Use the App to compare insurance quotes even while you are on the road. You can now buy insurance policies instantly from the mobile app without any hassle. Moreover, the app is free from unwanted advertisements and updated on regular basis to give you accurate information all the time.


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Entire GIBL's site is encrypted through SSL technology, which means your personal details and your activities on GIBL are completely safe. Your transactions are completely secured. We use the most secured payment gateways that don't store any of your credit or debit card information.

GIBL Tips to Compare & Buy Online Insurance Policies

    In India, almost everyone claims to be an insurance expert. But when it comes to buying an insurance policy online it is really hard to find a site which can help you buy the best insurance policy according to your own requirement. Given below are a few tips that can help you choose the right insurance comparison website easily and the right policy for you -

  • Check if you can purchase e-policy instantly from the site itself
    Check if you can pay online and get the soft copy of insurance policy instantly 24 x 7 or it is a lead generating site so you end up getting annoying phone calls.
  • Check whether the portal is tied up with major insurance companies:
    For general insurance the portal is tied up with major general insurance companies or not. Also, it is advisable to check how many general insurance policies the portal is allowed to sell from each of the insurance company.
  • Check Offline Capabilities:
    In India still the best policies and the lowest premiums are not available online as policies from all the insurance companies are still not online compatible. Premium of all the Public sector insurance companies are in general lower and mostly available offline. Ensure that the portal you are checking has the capability to give you these offline options to save your money.
  • Check whether the site is showing unbiased insurance comparison:
    An ideal comparison site shows unbiased reviews and comparisons online and doesn’t prefer any insurance company. But you will see many insurance comparison sites that endorse a particular insurance company or few prominent insurance providers or their policies on their sites. This indicates their preferred supplier.
  • Buy Policy From an Insurance Broker:
    Insurance brokers are created by IRDA to represent a customer while they are buying policy and to protect their interest. While choosing for an insurance comparison or online insurance site it is important to know whether it is IRDA certified insurance broker or not. Only an insurance broker who is IRDA certified is legally eligible to assist you in claim settlements.
  • How quickly you can get instant competitive insurance quotes:
    Check how quickly you can get quotes without filling up too many screens and forms. Moreover, it should provide the facility to buy insurance policy 24x7.
  • Minimal Information:
    You should be able to hide your identity while comparing quotes. It is not required to disclose your name and other personal details unless you are ready to fill up the proposal form. With increasing internet based crime you need to be careful about the security of the insurance site.
  • Security:
    Does the site have SSL certification? Does it contain the highest security sign seal of green address bar? You will be providing lot of personal information so please ensure that the security of the site is of military standard.
  • Check whether online instant chat facility is available-
    A quick online chat is always helpful to clarify your insurance queries.
  • A Good insurance comparison site must be able to provide lowest premium quotes-
    An ideal insurance comparison site must be able to provide lowest premium quotes both from online and offline policy so that it can save your money.
  • Get A Bargain:
    Some insurance brokers are allowed to negotiate for you and give you a bargain on the initial price. So call them and ask for a bargain. You never know how much you could save.