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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

1. How to ensure safety with my Credit/Debit Card Payment on a website?

It is always safe to make payment through Credit/Debit Cards when your preferred website is empowered with SSL Technology. In this case, the payment gateway receives information of your card with 128 Bit Encryption. This is considered the most trustworthy way to carry out online transactions. In addition, in these kinds of sites there is no scope of Hacking since they do not store any extra information with them.

2. How safe is it shop online using my Credit/Debit Card?

Whenever you are engaging in online purchases, it is better to look for small 'Lock' icon on the bottom of the browser as it signifies that your private information will be kept confidential by secure encryption. Alternatively, you can also verify this by checking the web address. If the address starts with "https" then web server is safe for online purchases. The 's' in the “https” represents a secure server.

3. How to Keep Password Confidential?

For any online purchase, the shopper has to 'log-in' before making an order. The log-in information mostly contains your username and a password. It is advised not to share your password with anyone. Also, private details like maiden name, birth date, spouse name or phone number should be avoided while keeping a password for your account. Try to use different passwords for different online shopping websites. Ideally, it is recommended to keep a password that is alpha-numeric with minimum 8 letters in it.

4. Is it required to Print or Save details of my Orders?

After every online purchase, you would be directed to a confirmation page that comprises details like the product information, costs of the order, confirmation number and the customer information. It is recommended to save a hard copy/soft copy of the Web Page that reflects the company name, legal terms, phone number, postal address, and return policy.

5. I often receive emails that ask for confidential information in return of exciting offers or complimentary gifts. What to do?

Never respond to emails that ask for your confidential account information and entice you with offers or prizes. It is advised not to click on links available on referral websites to visit your preferred shopping site. Always type the URL in the address bar and visit the website.