1.How long does it take to get approved for health insurance?

It usually takes around two weeks to get approved for health insurance after you have submitted your application to your health insurance company. Sometimes it may take more than two weeks for some health insurance companies to approve your health insurance.

2. What are the documents required for health insurance claim?

In general, documents such as identity proof of the members covered, the health card, the hospital bills, etc are required by the health insurance companies for health insurance claim.

3. What does health insurance mean?

Health insurance means a type of insurance coverage that pays for the medical and surgical costs incurred by the health insurance policyholder. Health insurance can either reimburse the insured person for expenses incurred from any sort of injury or illness, or pay for the expenses to the care directly; both depend on the type of health insurance coverage one chooses.

4. What is health insurance and what does it cover?

Health insurance is an insurance policy agreement between you and the health insurance company. The health insurance policy provides coverage against various illness or injuries to insured person.

5. How does a health insurance work?

You have to pay a yearly premium, depending upon the type of health insurance coverage you select, and the health insurance policy will pay for the costs incurred due to any illness or injuries up to the limit of your Sum Insured.

6. What is the difference between health insurance and mediclaim?

Both the terms, health insurance and mediclaim are used interchangeably. Mediclaim is limited only to the hospital expenses whereas health insurance is a much more comprehensive coverage that goes beyond the hospital expenses.

7. What are the different types of health insurance plans?

Health insurance companies may offer one or more of these four basic types of health insurance plans: Health maintenance organizations (HMOs), Preferred provider organizations (PPOs), Point-of-service (POS) plans and High- deductible health plans (HDHPs), which may be linked to health savings accounts (HSAs).

8. What are the benefits of health insurance?

The benefits of health insurance may include saving out-of-pocket expenses on injuries or illness, free health check up, dental treatment, domiciliary treatment, coverage against pre-existing diseases, cashless treatment facilities etc.

9. Why do we need a health insurance?

The reason we need health insurance is to help us pay for care. Since accidents and injuries happen unexpectedly and you can’t predict what your hospital bills will be like, health insurance protects you and your family financially in one of such events.

10. How important is it to have health insurance?

It is important to have health insurance for more than one reason. Health insurance backs you up financially in evens of an unexpected injury or serious illness. A person who has no health insurance receive less medical care, less timely care and they have worse health outcome.

11. Which health policy is best in India?

Some of the best health policies in India are, Star Health Senior Citizen Red Carpet, Star Health Cardiac Care, Apollo Munich Optima Restore, Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance for Individual, Max Bupa Heartbeat etc.

12. What is the difference between a deductible and copay?

A deductible is a fixed amount that a patient must pay within a given time period, generally a year, before his/her health insurance cover the costs. A copay is a fixed amount that must be paid by the patient for availing particular health insurance benefits, with the remaining balance which will be covered by the health insurance company.

13.What is the mediclaim?

Mediclaim is a hospitalization benefit that is offered by many health insurance companies in India, both private and public. The medical insurance policy takes care of the hospitalization expenses.

14. What is a private health insurance?

Private health insurance is a type of health insurance policy that is often offered by employers or other organizations. The type of private health insurance plans depends on different employers or other organizations.

15. What are the advantages of having private health insurance?

Some of the advantages of having private health insurance include, the option of being treated by the doctor of your choice, offer you extensive control over where or when you want to be treated, shorter waiting period for elective surgery, offer you services that are not covered by Medicare such as dental, optical, physiotherapy etc.

16. What is the cost of health insurance for an individual?

The cost of average health insurance for an individual is $393 per month, according to the data collected by eHealth. This report is on year 2017.

17. What are the two types of private health insurance?

The two types of private health insurance are hospital policy and general treatment policy. Hospital policy covers you when you go to a hospital and general treatment policy gives you coverage for ancillary treatments such as dental, physiotherapy, optical etc.

18. How much is private health insurance?

The cost of private health insurance may vary. One has to pay £1,349 per year as in premium for private health insurance in UK.

19. What is a private health care system?

In countries like Japan, Canada, UK the term private health care system is used for medical services that are not covered government such as cosmetic surgeries, ambulance rides etc.

20. What is an individual health insurance plan?

Basically, the health insurance plan that you purchase on your own and which is not purchased through an association or employer is called individual health insurance plan.