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Our Travel Policy Types

Corporate Travel Insurance policy

Corporate travel insurance plans keep employees of a specific organization protected from a myriad of unforeseen circumstances during an international trip.

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Student Travel
Insurance policy

This policy provides financial protection to those students who go abroad for higher studies.

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Senior Citizen
Travel Insurance policy

Senior citizen travel insurance plans are designed to safeguard people in the age group of 61-70 from medical and other emergencies during an overseas trip.

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Family Travel
Insurance policy

Family travel insurance plans shield an entire family from unexpected expenses due to various exigencies during an international trip.

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Individual Travel Insurance policy

Individual travel insurance policies offer cushion to individual travelers from financial losses due to a range of untoward events while traveling abroad.

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Emergency Medical Treatment

Did you know that you can cover the emergency treatment expenses during your domestic or international tour within your policy limits and up to 85 years of age?

Emergency Evacuation

Did you know that any medical emergency requiring evacuation could be reimbursed under this policy?

Loss Of Baggage

Did you know that loss of accompanying checked-in baggage is covered under the policy? Hand baggage could be covered in special cases.

Loss of Passport

Did you know that loss of important documents such as passport is covered under the policy?

Trip Delay/Cancellation

Did you know financial loss caused due to trip delay/cancellation is reimbursed up to policy limits?

Personal Accident

Did you know accidental death and permanent total disability(PTD) is covered up to policy limits?

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Travel Insurance – Feel At Home When you are Abroad!

Meticulously crafting plans for days or even months, accumulating the needful and packing it with care, keeping a track of the weather and other forecasts; all these are typical symptoms of embarking on a trip. The sheer excitement associated with traveling is inexplicable and travelers cherish every bit of it. Business or vacation; whatever be the purpose of the travel, it is well worth visiting a new country not only to broaden the outlook but also to have that slightest idea about the vastness of the world.

We all are travelers by heart; it’s just that our daily routine that lets us find our true self only once or twice a year. And, when we do break free we do our best to make the most of the unbound days we get. Sometimes though, we come across situations during the trip that never crossed our minds during our extensive planning. Those unwanted moments force us to deal with unpleasant situations and to realize how important it is to stay safe and secured while traveling in a foreign country.

A comprehensive travel insurance policy is the key to all protections that travelers seek when they are abroad. All the risks, probabilities that trigger stress and anxiety during traveling can be reduced if travelers choose to avail travelers insurance policy online.

Of late, the number of Indian travelers traveling to foreign countries has increased significantly thanks to liberalized economy that led to higher disposable income among Indians. Enhanced affordability coupled with easy availability of information about foreign countries has triggered the rise of overseas trips with every passing year. The growing popularity for trips to overseas countries has also contributed to the demand of travel insurance policy online in India at present.

A comprehensive online travel insurance policy in India provide travelers with the much-needed coverage against a myriad of eventualities such as medical emergencies in the form of ailments and accidents, loss of passports and baggage, trip delay or cancellations. Travelers, on the other hand, pay a nominal amount to avail the coverage on offer. Travel insurance premium depends on an array of factors that include number of days, the destination country, age of the travelers and the likes. Aside from the ready-made travel insurance policies, customized travelers insurance covers are also available if travelers are willing to shell out an additional amount for travel insurance premium. While abroad, overseas travel insurance plans are the best ways to cope up with untoward incidents, to manage exigencies and to keep damages under control. Here is everything about travel insurance online that travelers in India need to know. If you happen to be an ardent traveler or a businessperson who takes frequent flights to overseas or a family man who takes his family out for vacation abroad at least once a year, a good international travel insurance policy is quintessential for your peaceful and comfortable stay.

To find the best travel insurance online in India travelers need to compare travel insurance plans. At GIBL.IN, you can make comparison of best travel covers at ease and locate the cheap yet good travel insurance policy online in no time.

Types of travel insurance online in India

The purpose of traveling is not the same for two travelers. Travelers insurance plans are also designed to meet the varied needs of the travelers in India. Here is brief look at several different type of online travel insurance policy available in India. Travelers can pick any one type of travel insurance policy as per their requirements.

Domestic Travel Insurance policy

Domestic travel insurance plans are crafted for those travelers who are traveling within India. This travelers insurance provide coverage against unexpected events like death or disability due to accident, missed departure, trip delay, loss of tickets and the likes.

Overseas Travel Insurance policy

This travel insurance plan is designed specifically for those travelers who are traveling to overseas countries. The international travel insurance online policy offers cover against a wide range of eventualities. Coverage for repatriation expenses, medical evacuation to India, loss of personal items and passport are some of the safeguards offered by a good overseas travel insurance policy.

Corporate Travel Insurance policy

Corporate or group travel insurance in India is meant for a group of employees of a particular organization and it is also known as group travel insurance cover. Depending on the terms and conditions, group travel insurance plans can cover both domestic and overseas trips.

Student Travel Insurance policy

This travel insurance plan offers coverage to those students that are traveling abroad for higher studies. A comprehensive student travel insurance plan in India covers students' expenses due to medical treatment, loss of student visa, passport. The beauty of a student travel insurance cover is it involves nominal paperwork.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance policy

Senior citizen travel insurance plans are aimed to meet the needs of elderly travelers in India during their trips to overseas countries. People in the age group 61-70 are eligible for this travel cover. Senior citizen travel insurance plans provide coverage against dental treatments and it also facilitates elderly people with the facility of cashless hospitalization.

Family Travel Insurance policy

Family travel insurance plan is ideal for those travelers who prefer to be traveling with their whole family. A family travel Insurance in India cover keep an entire family financially protected from various exigencies that may occur during the trip. Good family travel insurance policies provide coverage against emergency cashless hospitalization, loss of passport and baggage and many other unexpected expenses while traveling.

Individual Travel Insurance policy

Individual travel insurance policies cover individual travelers from various unexpected scenarios such as trip delay, curtailment or total cancellation or trip. A good individual travelers insurance policy in India provide policyholders with peace of mind during their trips as there is coverage against home burglary.

Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy

A multi-trip travel insurance plan in India aims to cover multiple trips in a particular year. Typically, business people in India who make frequent visits to overseas countries opt for this type of overseas travel insurance plans. The benefit of availing a good multi-trip travel insurance plan is travelers don't have to buy travel insurance online each time they fly and it is also lot cheaper than the costs of many single-trip insurance policies.

Single Trip Insurance policy

This type of travel insurance policy keeps travelers covered for just a single trip. All the regular coverage on offer at travel insurance online policies like medical and non-medical emergencies are available with a good single trip insurance plan in India.

Duration of travel insurance

The duration of an international travel insurance policy varies from one insurer to another. The minimum duration for a travelers insurance policy is 2 days and the maximum duration depends on type of travel insurance plan travelers choose. Here is a rundown of duration of different types of international travel insurance policies.

Travelers insurance plans for non-schengen countries - minimum limit is 2 days and maximum limit is 182 days. This maximum duration of the travelers insurance can also be extended up to 356 days.

Travelers insurance plans for schengen countries – minimum duration is 2 days and maximum duration is 182 days.

Multi trip travel insurance plan – Multiple trips within a year are covered under a multi-trip travel insurance plan. However, there is a specified limit of 30 or 45 or 60 days for each trip within a year.

Coverage of international travel insurance plans

Best overseas travel insurance policies cover travelers' different types of emergencies. Here is a list of inclusions in an international travel insurance plan.

  • Emergency medical costs including dental treatments during the overseas trip
  • Checked-in baggage loss or delay
  • Loss of important documents of travelers including passport
  • Personal accident that cause death or total disability while traveling
  • Legal liability to third party accidental injury or property damage
  • Urgent requirement of cash as a result of theft or robbery while traveling overseas
  • Coverage available in the event of hijack during the overseas trip
  • Coverage for overseas trip delay, curtailment or cancellation
  • Maternity/newborn expenses (conditions applicable)
  • Coverage for burglary at home in India when the travelers are traveling in overseas countries
If you want to widen the coverage of your existing health insurance policy, you can opt for add-on covers or top-up health insurance plans. You need to pay additional premium to enhance the existing coverage of the health policy provided by your health insurer. These add on covers offer benefits like newborn vaccination cover or critical illness cover etc. Top-up health insurance plans also come handy when the coverage of the base health insurance policy gets exhausted.

Benefits of an international travel insurance online?

h3> Protection from exorbitant costs of medical treatment

Costs of medical treatment in overseas countries are too high for many travelers in India. In case of an emergency the exorbitant costs can make a dent in travelers pocket during an overseas trip. Comprehensive travelers insurance covers the costs of treatment against a nominal travel insurance premium paid by the travelers.

Coverage for other emergencies

Apart from medical emergencies, travelers come across many exigencies such as missing connecting flight, trip cancellation and loss of personal items during their overseas trips. Comprehensive international travel insurance plans cover all such unexpected situations.

It helps visa application process

Many overseas countries like USA and Canada have mandated medical insurance for all travelers applying for visa. With an overseas travel insurance policy, the process of applying for visa will be simplified for those who are traveling to those counties.

Cost-effective Coverage

Travelers in India pay travel insurance premium for their international travel insurance plans in Indian rupees and get coverage in US$. There is coverage on offer up to $1,00,000 against a nominal premium of Rs. 1000 – 2000. Hence, overseas travel insurance policies are cost-effective in terms of the coverage they provide.

Key Features of Travel Insurance

A good international travel insurance plan comes with the following salient features.

  • Travelers get coverage in case their personal baggage and important documents pertaining to traveling such as passport gets lost during the trip.
  • Travelers' trip delay incurs additional costs and international travel insurance plans cover such expenses.
  • International travel insurance policies offer accommodation costs in case the overseas trip is canceled or shortened.
  • Travelers' liability towards third party death, disability and property damage are under the coverage of the best international travel insurance plans.
  • Costs related to repatriation and evacuation in case of an emergency are covered in a good international travel insurance plan

Exclusions of travelers insurance plans

All international travel insurance policies come with a set of exclusions. Here is a list of the typical events or costs that regular online travel insurance plans don't cover.

  • Missed train or flights because of civil war or any other local unrest
  • Travel costs due to civil war or any other local unrest
  • Costs of hospitalization due to pre-existing conditions
  • Loss or damage of keys
Exclusions differ from one international travel insurance online to another. Travelers need to compare travel insurance online and pick the best travel insurance online that comes with the shortest list of exclusions.

Compare travel insurance online policies

The key to find the best international travel insurance policy is comparison. Travelers need to compare travel insurance online in terms of the most significant aspects of online travel insurance plans.


Travelers need to assess the coverage on offer against the travel insurance premium so that they can trace out a good travel insurance cover with extensive coverage for a moderate travel insurance premium.

Claim Settlement Ratio

The reputation of the travel insurance providers in India in settling claims requires comparison as well. Travelers need to compare travel insurance online providers in terms of their claim settlement record and also how quickly they settle claims. This comparison will help travelers choose the best travel insurance plan as per claim settlement record.

Customer Service

Travelers would seek quick service of their insurer when they face any trouble while traveling in overseas countries. This is why prompt customer service is utmost importance and the insurer who offers that gets an edge over the others. Travelers should compare travel insurance online to find out the insurer with best customer service.


All international travel insurance policies are not equal on the basis of inclusions and exclusions of the coverage offered. Travelers should also compare travel insurance online on the basis of what's included in the coverage and what's not.

Best travelers insurance in India is not too hard to locate. If travelers compare travel insurance online well they can trace out cheap yet good online travel insurance plans. In essence, comparison is a must prior to buying travel insurance online.

How online travel insurance in India is more beneficial?

Travelers that choose to buy travel insurance online can reap a lot of benefits. Let's take a look at the benefits of buying online travel insurance plans.

Fast and effortless process to buy travel insurance online

The process of buying online travel insurance in India is lot quicker than the conventional method of buying international travel insurance cover which takes a lot of time and the process is quite hazardous as well. On the other hand, it takes a few clicks of the mouse to buy travel insurance online. Moreover, online travel insurance in India can be bought from any place and whenever travelers want to.

Last minute purchase is possible

Online travel insurance plans can be bought even on the day of traveling to overseas country. If travelers in India forget to buy travel insurance online in advance or the trip is scheduled at the eleventh hour, still they can make it at the last moment. Since the policy copy is being sent via email, travelers can always keep the copy in their smart phones, laptops or in any other devices. In the moment of need they just have to get a printed copy of the policy out or even the soft copy is enough to get the desired coverage.

Myriad of online travel insurance in India

With the increasing popularity of internet, many travelers have now drawn to buy travel insurance online. To cater to this increasing number of internet savvy tourists, most providers of travelers insurance in India have gone online as well. So there is no dearth of online travel insurance in India for travelers that are looking for an overseas trip.

How travel insurance premium is determined?

Online travel insurance in India is a must-have for all travelers. Those who are planning an overseas trip need to pay a fixed amount known as travel insurance premium to avail a good online travel insurance cover. This travel insurance premium is determined by a lot many factors. Travelers should be aware of the aspects that factor in the calculation of online travel insurance premium. While some factors help reduce the travel insurance premium, some other trigger it higher.

Age of the travelers

The risk of falling sick is higher with older travelers, travel insurance premium is usually higher for them. Senior citizen travel insurance plans are specifically designed for elderly people and the travel insurance premium for this type of online travel insurance in India is quite reasonable.

Destination country overseas

Providers of online travel insurance in India impose higher travel insurance premium for trip to some specific overseas countries like United States or Australia chiefly because the costs of medical treatment is very high in these countries.

Duration of the overseas trip

Understandably, if travelers opt for longer trips for traveling in overseas countries they have to pay more for their travel insurance premium. Longer trips trigger higher risks of eventualities and that's why providers of online travel insurance in India charge higher travel insurance premium.

Coverage of the online travel insurance in India

The coverage of the chosen policy also determines the travel insurance premium. If travelers opt for a Single trip travel insurance online they would have to pay less compared to the multi-trip travel insurance premium.

Sum insured of the online travel insurance in India

Travel insurance premium varies depending on the sum insured chosen by the travelers. If travelers choose higher sum insured in the range of US$ 2,50,000 to US$ 5,00,000 they would have to pay for higher travel insurance premium than those who opt for a sum insured of a mere US$ 25,000.

The best bet for travelers is compare travel insurance online in terms of coverage and the premium and picks the best international travel insurance plan for their overseas trip.

How can you minimize your travel insurance costs?

Now that travelers are aware of the factors that determine travel insurance premium, they should look to reduce it as much as they can without hurting the coverage they truly require. Here are some ways to bring the premium of travelers insurance policy down. Needless to say, travelers have to compare travel insurance online plans in terms of various aspects to lower the premium without having to lose the benefits they want to have included in their travel insurance policy.

Compare travel insurance plans in terms of exclusions

If travelers compare travel insurance in India on the basis of exclusions, they can easily trace out a policy with least number of exclusions. This will help travelers avail a cost-effective travelers insurance policy and they can save money in the process as well.

Be aware of the needs and choose a policy accordingly

Travelers insurance policy needs to be chosen on the basis of requirements. If travelers are looking for a relaxed holiday, there is no need for a costly policy with coverage for adventure sports. After ensuring the required features one can compare travel insurance plans and select the one that meets one's needs at the lowest price.

Grab a multi-trip policy if you travel frequently

The price of a multi-trip travelers insurance policy is less than 3-4 single-trip travel insurance plans. So, if travelers know that they have to fly to overseas countries multiple times within a year, they should go for a multi-trip travel policy. Since, this type of travel policy is available in plenty travelers should compare travel insurance and find the best policy in terms of costs and benefits.

Check if the health policy offers coverage in overseas countries

Some health insurance plans provide medical coverage worldwide; if travelers are armed with such a policy they can go for a low-priced travel policy to cover exigencies other than health hazards. Get a separate policy for older folks

If travelers are traveling in a group that consists of elderly people, the premium would invariably be higher. To keep the costs down, it is better to get a separate policy for elderly people. Travelers should compare travel insurance plans meant for senior citizens and buy a cheap yet good travel policy for the senior member of the group.

Opt for a family travel policy if going in a group

There is no reason to buy travel insurance online individually for each member of the group as it costs lot more than a family travel insurance policy. Travelers, therefore, should compare travel insurance plans that are designed for couples and families.

Steer clears of high-end overseas travel insurance policy

It is a misconception that an expensive policy is better than a cheap policy. However, this is not true as a costly travel policy comes up with extravagant features that most travelers hardly need during their overseas trips. They should compare travel insurance on the basis of benefits, exclusions and coverage and get hold of the best travel policy regardless of its price.

Never buy overseas travel insurance policy from an agent

Travelers should always compare travel insurance on comparison sites like GIBL.IN and also buy travel insurance online to save a significant amount of money. Agents tend to rip off unassuming travelers so they should be avoided at the time of securing a good travel policy.

What is online travel insurance cancellation cover?

Even though travelers make extensive plans for their trips overseas, an exigency can ruin the entire plan and force travelers to call off their trips even before reaching their overseas destination. In such a situation, a lot of travelers' money gets wasted. However, if travelers are armed with online travel insurance in India, their expenses due to booking and the likes can be covered against certain conditions. This is called travel insurance cancellation cover. This coverage is effective under the following conditions.

  • If the travelers are declared unfit to embark on overseas trips
  • If there is medical emergency or death in the family of the travelers
  • If there is a major disaster in the likes of burglary or fire on the residence of the travelers

How to cancel online travel insurance in India?

Travelers are entitled to cancel their travel insurance online policy, however, within the stipulated date mentioned in the policy document. If travelers come across any term or condition that they are not fine with they can cancel their travel cover right away. But, they have to come up with the reason why they want to quit their travel cover. If they can justify their cancellation, they would get a part of the travel insurance premium back as refund and rest will be deducted by the provider of the online travel insurance in India as cancellation charge.

What to do for successful travel insurance claims?

Many travelers get disappointed when their travel insurance claims get turned down. This is why it is very crucial for travelers to avail online travel insurance in India that is most likely to cover their exigencies during overseas trips. They should go through the features of their chosen online travel insurance closely before making the final call to buy travel insurance online. Once they locate such a travel cover and buy travel insurance online they have to follow the steps mentioned below for a successful travel insurance claim.

  • Travelers should carry along the main policy document throughout their trips overseas. They should also keep copies of the original document in case the main copy gets lost. Aside from keeping hard copies handy, travelers should also keep soft pdf copies of their online travel insurance plan in their smart phone, laptops or in a pen drive.
  • Travelers should also keep some important documents handy such as personal identity proof like passport, original bills and receipts, claims form, police report (if required),
  • In time of an emergency during the overseas trips, travelers need to contact with their respective providers of online travel insurance in India either by calling or by sending a mail or fax and intimate them about the nature of exigency. Travelers then have to understand the entire claims process and gain information on the documents they have to produce to their insurers back in India.
  • Consequently, travelers have to send required documents and proofs to their online travel insurance provider by fax or email and make the travel insurance claim.
  • A surveyor appointed by their online travel insurance provider in India will evaluate the claim and make subsequent steps accordingly.

Typically, online travel insurance in India facilitates travelers with cashless claims for emergency hospitalization only. Rest of the travel insurance claims are usually reimbursed once travelers get back to India and furnish all relevant documents and proof of the costs incurred.

How to get assistance on travel Insurance in an overseas country?

All providers of online travel insurance in India boast a robust network of international partners that offer assistance when travelers come across emergency situations during their overseas trips. The policy document of the travel cover usually consists of the contact numbers of these international assistants. These companies provide a valid international travel insurance policyholder with the following facilities;

  • Availability of round-the-clock assistance
  • Assistance in registering a claim
  • Arrangements for cashless medical treatments
  • Coordination with local providers in overseas countries
  • Arrangements for for medical evacuation and repatriation services

How to choose the best online travel Insurance in India?

Selection of the best travelers insurance in India is not too difficult if you know the right ways. Here are the right ways of finding out a god yet cheap online travel insurance policy that meets both the budget and requirement of the travelers.

Reputation and record of the provider

Travelers need to compare travel insurance online in terms of the providers' reputation in settling claim and how quickly they settle claims for overseas travel insurance plans.

Emergency assistance<

The best travel insurance plan online is the one that offers emergency assistance when travelers are in a spot of bother in an overseas countries so they should make detailed comparison on the basis of features and pick the travelers insurance plan online that comes with emergency assistance.

24/7 toll-free customer services

When travelers are traveling in an overseas country they will be in a completely different time zone. So, when an untoward event occurs which needs to be intimated to the insurer back in India, it might be an ungodly hour. Hence, the chosen online travel insurance provider must be armed with a prompt and 24X7 customer service team.

Wide payment options

All travelers are not fine with all payment options and this is why they should look for a provider with wide range of payment options. Good travelers insurance plans facilitate travelers with not only a myriad of payment modes but also secured payment gateways so that travelers can rest assured that their money is in safe hands.

Simple claims process

Travelers tend to steer clear of insurers that impose complicated claim process. Their best bet is the provider of online travel insurance plans with simple and fast claim settlement process.

How can GIBL.IN help you get the best online travel insurance policy?

Comparing online health insurance quotes to buy the best health insurance online has become the norm in India. GIBL.IN helps travelers compare travel insurance online at ease. The facility of comparison of an array of travelers insurance plans on a single platform helps travelers find the best travel insurance online and reap the benefits. To compare travel insurance online travelers just have to put some basic details regarding the trips overseas and GIBL.IN takes care of the rest. The following are the benefits of resorting to GIBL.IN to buy travel insurance online policies in India that are both cheap and good.

How is it beneficial to buy travel insurance online from GIBL.IN?

  • Scope to compare travel insurance online side by side in terms of features and benefits
  • Effortless comparison of the best international travel insurance in India
  • Wealth of information regarding all facets of international travel insurance policies
  • Plethora of reviews written by travelers on various online travel insurance plans and also on the service carried out by providers of online travel insurance in India
  • Bespoke and dedicated customer service during claim settlement
  • Efficient and informed guidance to secure the best travel insurance online
  • Secured payment gateways to ensure no fraudulent activities
  • Instant issuance of online travel insurance covers