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You Can Buy Policies From The Following Insurers

Our Travel Policy Types

Corporate Travel Insurance policy

Corporate travel insurance plans keep employees of a specific organization protected from a myriad of unforeseen circumstances during an international trip.

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Student Travel
Insurance policy

This policy provides financial protection to those students who go abroad for higher studies.

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Senior Citizen
Travel Insurance policy

Senior citizen travel insurance plans are designed to safeguard people in the age group of 61-70 from medical and other emergencies during an overseas trip.

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Family Travel
Insurance policy

Family travel insurance plans shield an entire family from unexpected expenses due to various exigencies during an international trip.

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Individual Travel Insurance policy

Individual travel insurance policies offer cushion to individual travelers from financial losses due to a range of untoward events while traveling abroad.

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Emergency Medical Treatment

Did you know that you can cover the emergency treatment expenses during your domestic or international tour within your policy limits and up to 85 years of age?

Loss Of Baggage

Did you know that loss of accompanying checked-in baggage is covered under the policy? Hand baggage could be covered in special cases.

Trip Delay/Cancellation

Did you know financial loss caused due to trip delay/cancellation is reimbursed up to policy limits?

Top Features
Emergency Evacuation

Did you know that any medical emergency requiring evacuation could be reimbursed under this policy?

Loss of Passport

Did you know that loss of important documents such as passport is covered under the policy?

Personal Accident

Did you know accidental death and permanent total disability(PTD) is covered up to policy limits?

Travel Insurance Overview

Travel insurance is basically a policy purchased for the safety as you travel a domestic or foreign destination. Travel insurance policy can sometimes play the role of a health insurance policy too. Since you can’t predict any mishap while travelling in a foreign land, it’s important to secure your journey by purchasing the best travel policy. Travel insurance policy can certainly be a savior in times of various emergencies while you travel overseas. A number of travel insurance plans come with packaged features that comprise various types of coverage like the trip interruption, trip delay, trip cancellation, medical coverage, medical evacuation etc. and many more. It’s important to compare various travel insurance quotes to acquire a travel plan at the best price that is affordable. A number of travel insurance companies are to buy travel insurance online form. Comparison of travel policy quotes is mandatory to avail the best travel insurance online at the lowest price.

Different Types of Travel Insurance Plans Available in India

There are various types of travel insurance plans online that you can easily choose from. You can go with the type of travel insurance coverage on the basis of specific requirements that you are seeking for. Travel policies are designed to provide coverage against all possible emergencies that could take place during your journey. Find out various travel insurance policies available in India below.

International Travel Insurance Plan

    International travel insurance policies provide protection against a number of contingencies for overseas travelers during an international travel. International travel insurance plans are specifically designed to provides a comprehensive coverage for hijack, medical expenses overseas, travel and baggage delays, evacuation/repatriations to India, and loss of travel passport/ documents in addition to the customary coverage.

    Domestic Travel Insurance Plan

    This travel insurance is basically meant for customers who are planning to travel within the country. Domestic travel insurance policies provide extensive coverage for permanent disability, medical emergencies and death, checked-in stolen/lost baggage, personal liability and travel delay.

    Student Travel Insurance Plan

    Student Travel Insurance plan is basically a travel policy particularly designed for students travelling abroad to pursue higher studies on student visa. Such travel insurance policies cover students who are going colleges, institutes or universities in a foreign country for professional or academic courses. This travel plan requires minimum paperwork. Student travel insurance plan provides a coverage that is comprehensive and also provides reimbursement for the expenses incurred on passport loss, medical treatment, and study interruptions.

    Group Travel Insurance Plan

    As the name suggests, group travel insurance plan is a kind of travel insurance policy that has been designed to cover a number of people who are not blood related to each other and are traveling to a remote place together. Such group of people may be the members of any club, going on an international trip to partake in an activity or something. You can save thousands on premium in case of such group travel insurance policy online.

    Corporate Travel Insurance Plan

    Employees of an organization can get travel insurance coverage for both domestic and international trips under corporate travel insurance online in India.

    Medical Travel Insurance Plan

    This particular travel policy is designed on short-term travel insurance plan basis specifically formulated to cover the medical and health care expenses incurred such as evacuation and medical emergency etc. when an individual travel abroad. The exact inclusions and exclusions under medical travel insurance plan basically depend upon the travel insurance company from whom you are purchasing the plan.

    Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan

    Senior citizen travel insurance is designed specifically for people falling under the age group of 61-70 years. It is a travel medical insurance policy specifically formulated for senior citizens to make and give them a pleasant travelling experience. The policy comes with coverage for cashless hospitalization and dental treatments above and beyond the usual benefits associated with travel insurance online.

    Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plan

    The multi-trip travel insurance is a specific kind of travel insurance online that provide extended coverage typically for a year. This travel policy is particularly designed for frequent fliers for multiple trips overseas so they no longer have to apply for insurance every time they travel.

    Single Trip Travel Insurance Plan

    As the name suggests, this travel insurance policy is formulated to provide coverage for the duration of a single trip. It takes care of the non-medical and medical (travel health insurance) emergencies in the course of a trip including loss of checked-in baggage/luggage coverage.

    Family Travel Insurance Plan

    You can buy family travel insurance policy in India to make sure the entire family of yours is protected against various travel related emergencies. This travel insurance plan provides coverage for baggage loss, hospitalization (travel medical insurance) and other incidental expenses. The claim registering method of this policy is easy and it requires minimal paperwork.

Benefits of Travel Insurance Policies

If you buy travel insurance online, you can certainly enjoy a number of benefits for sure. But before you buy travel insurance, it is advisable to compare various travel insurance plans online from different top travel insurance companies to get the best travel policy online. Find out some of the best benefits of travel insurance policies online.

  • Covers Overseas Emergency Medical and Hospital Costs:In case you need to go to the hospital suddenly because of an injury or illness in the course of your trip, your travel insurance will provide coverage for hospital stays, emergency dental treatment and surgery.

  • Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance:Travel insurance policies provide 24 hour cover for medical evacuations, funeral arrangements, ambulances and more.

  • Family Emergency:You will be covered for your unforeseen travel expenses in such cases where a close relative or the person you’re on the trip with dies unpredictably, or is injured or disabled and needs to be hospitalized.

  • Cover for Your Travelling Companion:If due to illness or injury your travelling companion can no longer continue with their holiday, any unforeseen travel expenses or accommodation would be reimbursed by travel insurance company.

  • Covers Accommodation and Travel Expenses:If you witness such circumstances where you incur an injury or get sick and cannot reach home, your travel insurance will cover the unforeseen additional travel costs and accommodation charges.

  • Resumption of Journey:If a situation develops where you need to go back home due to a death in the family, or severe sickness that requires an emergency hospitalization or hospital stay and they are a close family member, your flights will be covered by the travel insurance policy so you can return home without any complication.

  • Accidental Death:God forbid, but in case you die within the 12 months of your trip because of an injury sustained in the course of your trip, a death payment is offered by the travel insurance companies given that you bought travel policy prior to the commencement of your journey.

  • Hospital Cash Allowance:You will be given an amount per day if you’re hospitalized for more than 2 days during your holidays overseas.

  • Loss of Income:If you get injured in the course of your trip and can no longer work, your travel insurance plan will offer you a loss of income benefit for a specific period of time.

  • Credit Card Fraud and Replacement:Your online travel insurance policy will reimburse any costs to replace your credit cards in case of any fraudulent use, if they are stolen or lost during your trip.

  • Permanent Disability:A disability payment will be paid to you for at least 12 months after your homecoming if you lose your sight or any of your limbs during your holiday.

  • Luggage, Personal Effects and Delays:You will be covered under your travel insurance online plan if your things are stolen or lost during your trip. In such circumstances where your luggage or baggage gets delayed for more than 12 hours and you need to buy some clothes or other important things, your travel insurance online policy will reimburse these costs too (in moderation).

  • Rental Vehicle Excess:If you hire a car while you are on a trip and it gets stolen, or you meet an unfortunate accident, your travel insurance online will pay for the rental vehicle excess which could go anywhere up to $5,000!

  • Travelers Cheques, Theft of Cash & Travel Documents Cover:Your travel policy will reimbursed any costs to replace your travel documents, passport, travelers cheques etc if they gets stole or lost in the course of your trip. You will be covered in case your cash gets stolen as well.

  • Cancellation Fees and Lost Deposits:Your travel insurance online policy will cover against any lost deposits and cancellation fees for your pre-paid travel arrangements, in case you cannot make your flights or planned accommodation because of circumstances that goes out of your control like injuries, sickness, natural disasters or strikes etc.

  • Alternative Transport:Your alternative transport expenses will be reimbursed under your travel insurance policy if you face delay and cannot make a pre-planned event such as a funeral, wedding, conference or any pre-paid tour.

  • Personal Liability:Travel insurance online also offers coverage for legal liability including damage to property of other persons or legal expenses for bodily injuries as a result of a claim raised against you.

  • Disruption of Your Journey:In such cases where your flight gets delayed for more than 6 hours, your travel insurance online will reimburse the expenses for your food and any unforeseen accommodation you might need to pay for.

How to Compare Travel Insurance Online?

To compare travel insurance online, you will be required to visit an insurance broking portal such as GIBL.IN. Thereafter you will need to shop around a little in order to spot the cheapest travel insurance policy that comes with maximum coverage at an affordable premium. Choose various types of travel insurance policies, and then you should be able to compare them online through the insurance broking portal you choose to buy trip insurance from. After you compare travel insurance policies online, you will be able to see for yourself the differences in terms of the features and benefits offered under each plan. In the end, choose the right travel insurance that suits and fulfils all your needs and preferences and make the purchase.

Travel Insurance Exclusions

If you buy travel insurance online it doesn’t mean you will be covered under all circumstances. Just like various other insurance policies in India, travel insurance online do have a number of exclusions such as:

  • Injuries resulting out of war or war like operations, civil war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, rebellion revolution, public defense, insurrection, terrorism, military or usurped acts, riot, chemical, nuclear or radioactive contamination etc are not covered.

  • Suicide, attempt to suicide or any self-inflicted injury is not covered under travel insurance policy.

  • HIV/AIDS or any other sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Sickness or injuries caused due to participation in Military or Armed forces, Hill climbing, Paragliding, Parasailing, Parachuting, Rafting or any other sport that are excluded as per the policy documents unless travel insurance is bought for them specifically with added premium.

  • Any violation of law that involves criminal intent.

  • The insurance policy will offer no coverage in such cases where the insured person is traveling abroad to avail medical treatment in a foreign country.

  • Any pre-existing condition & their complications.

  • Childbirth, pregnancy and similar complications arising out of the same.

  • Injuries due to the usages of any hallucinogens or intoxicants like alcohol and drugs etc.

How to Buy Travel Insurance Online?

Since the entire world is being encapsulated within the internet, it isn’t hard to buy travel insurance policy online. As a special advantage of purchasing travel policy online, you can avail the lowest priced travel insurance policy. All you need to do is log into an online insurance broking portal such as GIBL.IN or the website of a travel insurance company to avail the maximum coverage on the cheapest travel insurance online. Thereafter, select the kind of travel plan you would like to buy, compare & get quotes, make the payment on travel insurance premium online and that’s it, you will be done with purchasing travel insurance online in India. You can renew your travel insurance online by following the same method as well. You can get instant quotes on travel insurance online at GIBL. Travel insurance renewal can also be done from our site instantly without any hassle.

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