Buying your first two-wheeler vehicle would definitely be exciting for you. Are you aware of the latest trending model these days? You are sure to become its fan once you set your eye on it. It is none other than HERO MOTOCORP PUCH that stands as the shows stoppers. Your eyes would surely love its slender touch and the excellent performance that it offers.


Following recommendations and going through reviews are definitely worthwhile and therefore, you should not miss buying this latest model. To experience riding model in the next level and make your bike ride a pleasant one, this is the ideal option. Some latest technology techniques are installed in this model that would simply leave the riders in complete awe the first you start riding it.


Engine Displacement 64 cc
Engine Type Air cooled, 2 stroke
Maximum Power 4.2 PS @5500 rpm
Wheelbase 1100 mm
Bore x Stroke 43.5 x 43.0 mm
Fuel Type Petrol
Final Drive (Rear Wheel) Chain
Fuel Tank Capacity (Liters) 3 litres
Transmission Type Auto
Brake System Drum
Kerb Weight 72 kg

Is it necessary tohave insurance of your HERO MOTOCORP PUCH two-wheeler?

Yes it is, as it helps to provide utmost protection to the two-wheeler. Just like the way we insure ourselves against any accidents, the case is similar when it comes to protecting our vehicles. Buying a two-wheeler is an important investment and owing to this you should get the two wheeler insurance within short notice after you purchase the vehicle.

Advantages ofHERO MOTOCORP PUCH Two Wheeler Insurance policy

  • By having the insurance policy, users would be able to have coverage from any sudden accidents caused by either natural or man-made reasons.
  • Having insurance coverage is equal to peace of mind as it would protect your vehicle from any damage or repairs.
  • You can take care of your financial losses with the help of these insurance policies.

Get HERO MOTOCORP PUCH insurance policy renewed online

Getting the insurance policy renewed via the online mode is the easiest task that you can accomplish from the comfort of your home. By renewing the insurance policy, users would be able to get several add-on covers that would help to get complete protection. The longer you can the time of the insurance policy, the more benefits and discounts you are likely to get on the same.

How to get for the best HERO MOTOCORP PUCH insurance policies?

When opting for the insurance policy online, the best option is to compare it with other websites. It would help you to know about the actual price of the renewal policy and keep away from any incidents of frauds. Make sure that you are paying the right price for the two-wheeler insurance policy renewal. With the introduction of the online, it has become easier for the users to get hands-on the same. Therefore, book your bike today before it goes out of stock.

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Aggregate Rating Value on HERO MOTOCORP PUCH Two Wheeler Insurance is 4.5 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 25)

Aggregate Rating Value on HERO MOTOCORP PUCH Two Wheeler Insurance is 4.5 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 25)