Overview of HONDA GIORNO

Nothing can be better than getting the bike of your choice within your estimated budget. You must be thinking of the latest techniques that would come within your budget. But to tell you the truth, HONDA GIORNO is one such affordable model that has been launched by HONDA. It is sure to grab the attention of the young generation and prove to be a tough competition for most of its competitors.


Touted as one of the best and rugged models from HONDA, it is much better in its fuel efficiency compared to its previous model. In addition to this, the plastic panels and the aluminum framing of the bike is the best and gives an excellent finish. With a lightweight body, it is superb to ride on the same and taking your riding experience to the next level.

Key features of HONDA GIORNO

Engine Displacement 49 cc
Bore & Stroke 37.8 mm x 44 mm
Maximum Power 4.8ps(3.5kw)/8000rpm
Maximum Torque 0.46kg·m(4.5N·m)/7000rpm
Engine type Water-cooled/4-stroke/OHC/Single Cylinder
Fuel Tank Capacity 5 litres
Fuel Supply Carburetor
Fuel Efficiency by Catalog 71.3 km/L
Vehicle Weight (Dry Weight) 78 kg
Curb weight 83 kg

Necessity of having insurance for your HONDA GIORNO two wheeler

Buying a two-wheeler is not all; rather you should try to get its insurance as soon as possible. The protection of the bike should be your top priority along with its maintenance. Having an insurance means it is completely safe to drive the two-wheeler. In addition, it also helps to increase the longevity of the two-wheeler. Therefore, without any further get hands-on the best insurance coverage offer available to get your bike protected at the earliest.

How users are helped from HONDA GIORNO Two Wheeler Insurance policy?

  • The insurance policy helps to get coverage from any kind of sudden or unfortunate accidents that might result in great financial loss of the user.
  • It helps to protect the two-wheeler from any unrecoverable damage that might incur in great loss.
  • It also provides third party coverage according to which the insurance policy would cover up for any damage caused by any third party.
  • It also helps to maintain the longevity of the vehicle and make it safe riding the two-wheeler on the road.

HONDA GIORNO two-wheeler policy renewal via online mode

In these days of the increased influence of advanced technology in all spheres of life, it has become easier to opt for the renewal of the insurance policy via the online mode. It becomes easier for the users and task can be accomplished within less time from the comfort of the home.

How to apply for the best HONDA GIORNO insurance policy?

The prerequisite while applying for insurance policy online is that you should know to compare between different websites that would readily help in the insurance renewal policy. In his way, you would also be able to distinguish between any cases of fraudulence while opting for the best insurance policy.

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Aggregate Rating Value on Honda Giorno Two Wheeler Insurance is 4.8 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 27)

Aggregate Rating Value on Honda Giorno Two Wheeler Insurance is 4.8 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 27)