Let Motor Insurance Be Your ‘Nazar ka Tika’

We can’t predict an accident but what we can do is skillfully deal with the aftermath, and when it comes to risk-free driving let a Car Insurance be your ‘Nazar ka Tika’. It provides coverage that saves you during any such unforeseen situation.

Be it accidents or car breakdowns let your insurer take the trouble of making it easy. Money cannot possibly buy everything but it can surely get you the Car Insurance quote of your choice. And with GIBL you get it all with additional discounts and offers to make the policy worth the bargain. So along with that ‘Nimbu-Mirchi’, guard your vehicle as-well-as the journeys with a car cover today!

Keeping Quotes Effective

We understand the hectic life you lead which comes with the added hazel of ending with the wrong insurance. We provide the perfect amalgam of quality and quantity. The India market delivers based on trends but we do not believe in going mainstream.

In India the policy is based on customer utilities and has been customized to fit your budget. With over 21 insurers to choose from we create the momentum you need to make the ride safe. Before anything else let’s see how GIBL makes buying motor insurance safe.

The entire GIBL portal has been encrypted through SSL technology which keeps your personal details safe. So now when you enter your credentials to look for and buy a policy for your car, you’re in good hands in terms of requirements and you will have the benefit of avoiding unwanted malpractices. Thus, along with a never-ending list of options you are also introduced with technology and online accessibility obtaining car insurance quote simple and easy.

What the policy provides to make your motor insurance quote better are:

  • Covers third party
  • Compensates vehicle repairing
  • Coverage against manmade damages
  • Cashless payment
  • No Claim Bonus

Importance of Car Insurance Quotes

Coming to the types of motor insurance quote we deliver, what we aim to do is provide quotes online, this allows you to save time and at the same time compare the different policies online provided by various companies. Out of the various companies you can choose from our handpick quote in India for your benefit.

The coverage of every individual four-wheeler insurance in India has been designed to fit your budget along with providing the required level of cover. Top insurers in India are now serving commercial vehicles to secure them too.

Motor insurance is made easy to avail through online comparison. This also helps during the policy renewal. You can easily compare the options available to have better coverage and added benefits. Policy renewal for your car becomes a major part as it lets you continue with the same policy and avoid cancellation. You can get a quick and personalized car insurance quote now!

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Aggregate Rating Value on Car Insurance Quotes is 4.7 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 34)

Aggregate Rating Value on Car Insurance Quotes is 4.7 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 34)