Overview of Maruti Car Insurance:

Maruti Insurance Broking Private Limited is most commonly known as Maruti Insurance and it is one of the major motor insurance providers that offer Maruti Car Insurance in India. The company basically provides Maruti car insurance solutions for Maruti Suzuki car owners in general. The vehicle insurance policies are provided by 11 insurance companies, which include all public sector general insurance companies in India. Maruti Car Insurance is offered by these companies while Maruti Insurance acts as the broker for them. Maruti Insurance provides unique car insurance policies that no other vehicle insurer can offer. As a matter of fact, even the 11 insurance companies do not provide the same policies to car owners who are willing to purchase car insurance for their Maruti cars outside the Maruti Insurance. For over years Maruti Suzuki has been dominating the Indian automobile market.Maruti Insurance Broking Private Limited was set up in 2002. That company has over 52 lakh customers presently and they have served customers of over 3 crores until March 31, 2016. The company has accumulated a total premium of over Rs. 5,139 crores and settled over 12.7 lakh claims over the years. The car insurance company has a Pan-India presence over more than 450 cities and has acquired a reputation for providing services to all Maruti car insurance policy owners whether the plan is for private car owners or commercial vehicle owners. The goal of Maruti Insurance is to provide complete peace of mind for their policyholders. The vehicle insurance company has also designed step-based procedures for the handling of claims to give its customers a worry free, easy and transparent claim settlement experience.

Why Should I Insure Maruti Suzuki Car?

Maruti car insurance covers up to 100% of the cost incurred for repairing your car that was damaged due to an accident. The company has authorized service centers all over India and they are fully equipped with advanced infrastructure, modern tools, and well skilled mechanics. In addition to all these, high-quality equipments, authentic spare parts, and versatile technicians come as a bonus to the service guarantee on your car.Top-notch motor insurance plans are provided by Maruti car insurance and you can buy Maruti car insurance online for the best price. Since, 8 out of 10 Indian prefer to purchase Maruti cars, and therefore, you should opt for Maruti car insurance online. You can renew Maruti car insurance online as well.

Benefits of Maruti Car Insurance

Plenty of benefits can be acquired if you choose to buy Maruti car Insurance policy. It is no secret that the top Maruti Suzuki car models enjoy a high value in the secondary car market. Well, here some of the benefits that can be stashed when you have Maruti car insurance coverage.

  • Cashless Garages all over India

    Maruti Suzuki offers the broadest cashless garage facility all over India. Be assured to get hassle free cashless repairs when you purchase Maruti car insurance online.

  • Insurance is Available for All Maruti Suzuki Cars

    Maruti car insurance policy is available for all Maruti cars – given that the car is not older than 10 years while purchasing the first insurance policy. You can renew Maruti car insurance online for the all Maruti cars that are older than 10 years since you purchased the first insurance within 10 years of your vehicle. In this context, it’s wise to purchase comprehensive Maruti car insurance coverage rather than opting for only third party Maruti car insurance coverage for lower premium.

  • Freedom to Choose Car Insurance Policies from 11 Insurance Companies

    Maruti car Insurance policies are offered by 11 different insurance companies from which you can freely choose to purchase the best Maruti car insurance plan within the best price after considering the car insurance premium.

  • Free Towing Facility

    Maruti Car Insurance offers free towing facility with dealer assistance up to Rs.1500.

  • Quick and Transparent Claim Settlement Process

    Be assured to get quick and transparent car insurance claim settlement when you purchase Maruti car insurance online.

  • Fast & Easy Transfer of No Claim Bonus

    Your No Claim Bonus (NCB) on your car is transferred quiet instantly when you have Maruti car insurance policy.

  • Buy Instant Maruti Car Insurance Policy

    Maruti car insurance policy can be purchased instantly online. You can procure the best Maruti car insurance coverage for your vehicle. You can get the best Maruti car insurance quotes online. Maruti car insurance renewal can also be done instantly online.

Maruti Car Insurance Renewal:

The renewal of Maruti car insurance online is equally important to purchasing Maruti Suzuki car insurance online. Be without worry about Maruti car insurance renewal since you can renew anytime online. You should renew your motor insurance before the expiration of your Maruti car Insurance policy. You can opt for better coverage when you renew Maruti Suzuki car insurance. Your motor insurance policy number and other details must be provided for online Maruti car insurance renewal. Renewal is easy and fast when you consider Maruti car insurance renewal online.

How Can You Buy Maruti Car Insurance?

At GIBL.IN, you can buy comprehensive and third party Maruti car insurance online and get best Maruti car insurance quotes in your purchase of car insurance policies online. You can avail the best plan in terms of your motor insurance coverage and purchase the suitable motor insurance policy online. GIBL.IN can help you find the best Maruti car insurance policy among the 11 Maruti Suzuki policy providers in India. GIBL.IN provides you various auto insurance plans from diverse renowned general insurance companies in India. You can compare all auto insurance policies on the basis of such multiple features like IDV, No Claim Bonus, Roadside assistance, Premium etc. and get the affordable car insurance quotes. On the basis of comparison and Maruti Car insurance quotes, you can opt for the best Maruti car insurance coverage. Renewal of auto insurance policies too can be done on our website.

In Short

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