How to purchase online Motor Insurance?

In every aspect of life motors or vehicles are mandatory. Now in every house either there is a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler. We utilize these vehicles on a daily basis, whether we are going to a party or office. Because of the immense traffic, often accidents can happen and for that, your car may get damage. So it is favourable for you to have an online motor insurance by which you can smoothly face any damages to your car and get back your car as it was before. GIBL portal is where you come to know all possible motor insurance by plentiful companies, details of their motor insurance plans and policies, compare a motor insurance with a handful of other motor insurance online and lastly select the safe, suitable, and the best motor insurance policy for yourself and enjoy it. Download the GIBL app from the play store on your phone and enjoy the services. GIBL is protected, responsible, dependable and available 24x7.

Benefits of motor insurance

  • vMotor insurance provides the full amount to repair your car that has got damaged due to an accident or natural calamities like fire, explosion, storm, flood and many others.

  • vThird-party motor insurance is obligatory. In case you are checked by any police and you do not have a licence, PUC, and car insurance that might land you in trouble. So it is better to possess a motor insurance.

What is covered by online motor insurance?

  • vLoss or damage caused by natural or man-made disasters (theft, riot, explosion, lightning, earthquake and so on)

  • vProtection against third party legal liability

What is not covered by online motor insurance?

Motor insurance will not recompense the amount in certain cases like

  • vThe driver does not contain valid license

  • vA driving person is alcohol or drug addicted

Types of online motor insurance

  • vPrivate car insurance

  • vTwo wheeler insurance

  • vCommercial vehicle insurance

  • vThird party insurance policy

  • vComprehensive insurance

  • vLiability only policy

How to apply online motor insurance policy

You can apply both online and offline to purchase motor insurance and the benefit of minimal paperwork. It would be a much wiser decision to opt for an online motor insurance. You can go through the premiums and find out right and best online motor insurance according to your requirement. Once you are sure about a motor insurance you can contact this company via GIBL.IN online or if you want to contact directly with them you can call their private number and consult with them in detail. In the time of online purchase, there are specific things you need to take care of

  • v? No claim bonus

  • vInsured declared value

  • vRoadside assistance

  • vVoluntary deductible

  • vTotal loss

  • vPartial loss

Renewal of online motor insurance

GIBL has tied up with mobile payment vendors hence you can easily make a payment over the phone from your home to renew your motor insurance policy online. You can also renew through the GIBLmobile app.

  • v• Log in to the app then

  • vSelect the renew option

  • vFill in your details ( your vehicle registration number, name, mobile number, email address as per their instruction)

  • vGet your price, pay and receive policy instantly via email.

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Aggregate Rating Value on Online Motor Insurance is 4.7 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 32)

Aggregate Rating Value on Online Motor Insurance is 4.7 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 32)