Honda CR-V Car Insurance Overview

Honda CR-V is a popular crossover sturdy looks sports utility vehicle. Versatility, capability, and consistency are the tenets on which the CR-V hangs its hat. The interior of this car is quite roomy and handsome. This crossover SUV is packed with a host of high-tech equipment, inspiring fuel economy, and abundant cargo space. If you own this comfy car, you must opt for Honda CR-V car insurance policies. With the best Honda CR-V car insurance comprehensive policy, you can provide complete protection towards your vehicle. You can also save your car from any unpredicted accidents. You can now buy Honda CR-V car insurance online instantly from any car insurance broking portal. But before purchasing, you should compare Honda CR-V car insurance quotes and renewal quotes available online. Cause, if you are looking for the cheapest priced insurance policies for your Honda CR-V car, you must consider compare car insurance online.

Honda CR-V Car Review

Honda CR-V is a bold and beautiful crossover SUV from the renowned automobile manufacturer Honda. The company has given a lot of exclusives SUVs in the Indian market and Honda CR-V is one of them. This car possesses contemporary styling and engaging driving dynamics. This premium SUV is powered by a base 184-hp inline-four or a more responsive 190-hp turbocharged 1.5-liter inline-four. Honda CR-V is now looking sharper and there are a lot of cuts and pleats to give it that futuristic look. Inside the CR-V oozes its brilliance. It has the high-quality steering wheel and multiple screens that enhance a modern feel. The instrument panel of this car is just wow and it is well finished. This panel also incorporates a digital display at the centre along with a layered 3D effect. This car will be perfect for those who don’t want to compromise with the luxury. So if you are one of them, you can select this car without any second thought.

Specification and Features of Honda CR-V

Engine Displacement
2354 cc
Engine Description
Maximum Power
1190 PS @ 7000 rpm
Maximum Torque
226 Nm @ 4400 rpm
Boot Space
589.00 litres
Turning Radius
5.90 metres
Fuel Type
Mileage (ARAI)
12 Kmpl
Seating Capacity
Body Type
Fuel Tank Capacity (Liters)
58.00 litres
Ground Clearance
170.00 mm
MacPherson Strut, Coil Spring
Brake System
Official Tagline
One Life. Many Lives

Why You Need to Choose Honda CR-V Car Insurance Policy?

If you are considering getting a new Honda CR-V, you will need to buy Honda CR-V car insurance. You cannot avoid the necessity of having a motor insurance policy from any renowned motor insurance company or any insurance broking portal. It is essential if you want to enjoy a stress-free ride. A proper motor insurance plan can help you to avail all the coverage for any accidental damages. Apart from those, as per motor vehicle act 1988, a third party motor insurance policy is mandatory if you own a car and driving on Indian road. Following are the details of Honda CR-V car insurance coverage by which you will get to know about the necessity of Honda CR-V car insurance policies.

  • Third Party Insurance Coverage

    As per this Honda CR-V car insurance policy, you will get financial security in case of third party death or injury and property damage of third party due to an accident and your car has been responsible for the same. Third party vehicle insurance plan helps to reduce the liability.

  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

    It provides a complete protection towards your car. Honda CR-V car insurance comprehensive coverage offers protection for total loss or damage caused by Natural calamities and Man-made disasters. Personal accident coverage and own-damage cover as well as third-party liability coverage are also provided by comprehensive insurance plan.

  • Cashless Garages

    It is one of the most significant features of Honda CR-V car insurance policies. This feature provides cashless repair facility in all the network garages of your concerned insurer. You do not have to pay any charge for your repairing. Your insurance company will settle all the bills once the repairs related to your car are done.

  • Roadside Assistance

    While you are on the road, your car might get broken-down due to a flat tyre or any mechanical issues, then you will get Roadside Assistance by giving a call to the concerned insurance company. The company will fix all the mechanical issues on emergency basis.

  • Engine Protection

    If you are staying one of those areas that are more prone to heavy rain falls, then you have to opt for this add on feature of Honda CR-V car insurance policy. This policy provides coverage against damages or leakages caused to car’s engine due to the submersion in the water.

  • Zero Depreciation Cover

    A Zero Depreciation Cover is commonly known as Nil Depreciation Policy. If you add this add-ons cover with your Honda CR-V car insurance coverage, you will get a full claim for plastic, rubber, glass or fiber parts of your car.

  • Passenger Cover

    Under this Honda CR-V car insurance coverage, you will get protection for the passengers traveling in the car financially against death or disability due to an accident or mishap.

  • Honda In-House Car Insurance Coverage

    Under this plan, you will get brand new replacement of car in case your vehicle is stolen in the first three years. This policy offers genuine parts for all the repairs of your Honda car even if the warranty period is expired. It also offers extra discount for the safe drivers. Hence, in other words, it can be said that Honda in-house car insurance policy provides all-inclusive range of insurance coverage.

Honda CR-V Car Insurance Renewal Online

Honda CR-V car insurance renewal is equally important as purchasing the policies. To keep the continuation in policy coverage, you have to complete Honda CR-V car insurance renewal before its expiration. Honda CR-V car insurance renewal online is simple and hassle-free. It requires minimal paperwork. You just have to provide some personal details and existing policy details to complete Honda CR-V car insurance renewal online. You can enjoy some added benefits if you do Honda CR-V car insurance online renewal. Like extra discount on premiums, various online secured payment options etc. Hence without any delay, you have to go for Honda CR-V car insurance renewal.

How to Find Out the Best Honda CR-V Car Insurance Online Policies?

While purchasing Honda CR-V car insurance policies, you may think how to find out the best coverage. Well, it that case, it can be said that comparison is the best way to choose the right insurance plan for your Honda CR-V car. This step is applicable while purchasing any top Honda car models. Comparison is the perfect method to select the best insurance plan. In such case, you can take the help from GIBL.IN, a trusted online insurance broking portal. This portal will help you to find out the lowest priced best insurance policies for your Honda CR-V car as it is associated with 29+ top-level insurers. You can also get Honda CR-V car insurance quotes and renewal quotes online from this portal. So your perfect car insurance purchasing destination can be GIBL.IN.

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Aggregate Rating Value on Honda CR-V Car Insurance is 4.4 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 35)

Aggregate Rating Value on Honda CR-V Car Insurance is 4.4 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 35)