About Group Life Insurance Plans

Group life insurance policy is basically offered by an employer. This type of life insurance plans are also offered by other large-scale entities like a labor organization or an association to its workers or members. Group life insurance plans are fairly reasonably priced and at some cases they are offered free of cost by the employer.

Group life insurance policies are provided by employers as an advantage for its staff. Group life insurance is quite common countrywide. The policy has a comparatively small coverage amount and is usually offered as a part of a larger membership or employer benefit package.

Bharti AXA Life Insurance Group Plans

Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company has a number of group plans on offer. These group plans has been designed to help employers/trusts with meeting their employee benefit as well as liability obligations in an efficient, simple and cost-effective way. It also helps employees to protect their family’s financial liberty in the event of premature demise or critical illness. To know more about Bharti AXA Life Insurance Group Plans, Click Here

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Group Plans

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Group Plans comes with a wide-range of benefits. To know more about ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Group Plans.

Max Life Group Insurance Plans

Max Life Insurance Company Limited has numerous useful group insurance plans on offer. To know more about the Max Life Group Insurance Plans, Click Here

Aviva Life Group Insurance Plans

Group Life insurance plans from Aviva Life Insurance Company Limited are highly sought after. To know more about Aviva Group Life Insurance Plans.