About Child Plans

A child plan can be considered as a vital instrument to generate finances for the insured’s child. A child plan has been designed to accumulate funds chiefly for a child’s education and wedding. Let’s find out some of the Life Insurance Companies that offers Child Plans.

Edelweiss Tokio Life Child Plans

Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance Company at present offers only one type of child insurance plan. This plan provides with financial security to the child even in the absence of the parent. To know more about Edelweiss Tokio Life Child Plans, Click Here

HDFC Life Child Plans

Life is changeable and unpredictable. Taking this fickleness of life into contemplation, it is vital to ensure that your children are financially protected at all times. HDFC Life Child Plans make sure that you can start saving for the future expenses of your child at an extremely early stage allowing you to have sufficient fund to meet up with a range of expenses related to higher education, marriage, etc. To know more about HDFC Life Child Plans, Click Here

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Child Plans

ICICI Prudential Child Plans have been particularly designed to help your child get guaranteed educational benefits and protect his/her aspirations and dreams. To know more about ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Child Plans, Click Here

Tata AIA Child Insurance Plans

Tata AIA Life Child Insurance Plans have been designed keeping in mind your child's education, health, prosperity and protection. Tata AIA Life provides you with different Child Protection plans so that you can plan ahead for the future. To know more about Tata AIA Child Insurance Plans, Click Here

Max Life Child Plans

Max Life Insurance Company Limited has several child plans on offer. These plans have been designed to safeguard your child’s future financially. To know more about the Max Life Child Plans, Click Here

Aviva Child Plans

Child Plans from Aviva Life Insurance Company makes sure that the goals of your child’s life are fulfilled irrespective of any financial obstacles, even in your absence. To know more about the Aviva Child Plans,Click Here