Group Personal Accident (GPA) Policy

Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy:
Just imagine if one of your employees get badly injured and is incapable to work for months! Such a situation could result in expensive compensation payments besides your business loss. Under such precarious situation an insurance policy can be the best solution. Group Personal Accident policy covers the Insured person in case of Accidental Death, Loss of limbs/eyes, Permanent Total Disablement/Permanent Partial Disablement and so on.

GIBL offers the detailed list of Group Personal Accident Insurance policies from top insurance companies in India. These policies are particularly planned to help business organizations reduce financial losses resulting from such situations while displaying the magnanimity of the company.

Coverage sections of the policy:
• Accidental Death
• Broken Bones due to Accident
• Permanent and Partial Disability due to Accident

Policy benefits:
• Payment is available on a weekly basis for loss of income due to accidental injury
• Lump sum payments for death and permanent disabilities for accidents
• Cover is available 24 hours worldwide, or can be limited to working hours