Protect Your Family Against Omicron variant

Hospitalization cover upto 100% & Quarantine cover upto 50% of Sum insured

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  • Covers Screening, Hospitalization,Quarantine & Treatment Costs
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All You Need to Know About
Omicron variant (COVID-19) Outbreak

The Omicron variant of COVID-19 has been called a variant of concern by WHO (World Health Organisation). The first case of Omicron was reported on November 24 in South Africa and the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared it as a variant of concern within a couple of days.

The Omicron variant comes into existence through several mutations by circulating widely and causing numerous infections, the likelihood of the virus mutating increases.

Omicron spread to 108 countries and over 1.5 lakh patients in a month. Presently the new variant of the virus is spreading wings in India also. India has reported 213 Omicron cases as of 22 December 2021 last year.

Where India has reported 3,57,07,727 new cases as on 10 january 2022 with a report of 4,83,936 total deaths, currently Maharashtra has reported the highest number of 69,20,044 cases followed by Kerala , Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Bengal reports highest single-day spike, Delhi logs over 22,000 Covid cases in recent days. Worldwide 30,71,41,630 cases are reported as of 10 January 2022.

The Omicron variant is more contagious and spreads more quickly than other variants. Based on the data and information WHO has provided, it is believed that it will outbreak the delta variant where there is COVID-19 transmission in the community.

The fact is that in just one month 108 countries have reported 151,368 cases and there have been 26 deaths and many more will be as predicted. Many of the country's organisations, health departments and government are planning to start a full or partial lockdown to control the outbreak.