Additional coverage of motor insurance

Driving in India is quite tough even you are an expert in driving, and it also comes with its own peril. So we all know the necessity of buying an insurance policy. Most of the car-owners select a comprehensive car insurance plan, as its covers all the losses including third party damages. Everyone knows about the terms and conditions of this policy, but only a few are aware of the extent of the coverage provided by a comprehensive car policy. These are like,

  • Zero Depreciation Cover - It covers those parts of the car which comprehensive plans do not cover entirely. Although this will increase your car insurance premium, but still it is a useful feature.
  • NCB or No Claim Bonus – This policy helps to reduce the car insurance premium. You can avail this bonus benefit if you do not make any claim in a year in a motor insurance policy.
  • Engine Protector Cover – This plan pays compensation in case of engine damage due to water logging as it is a regular affair in monsoon.
  • Hydrostatic Lock Cover – It specifically covers losses due to hydrostatic lock.

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