Car Insurance | Know Claim Settlement through Video Streaming

This all new video-based car insurance claim settlement procedure aims to decrease the time for claim settlements. This system helps to make the procedure of car settlement in just one day. This innovative plan is introduced by Future Generali in India. The method named as Intelligent Video Streaming and Settlement which allows the insurance officials to inspect vehicles through their live video streaming and pass immediate verdicts on the approval of cost. With this system, the policyholders of motor insurance claims upto Rs 50,000 and can be approved in just a day. This claim approval procedure is simple and customers need to follow some simple stages. Firstly Car owners need to intimate about the claim process of Future Generali via call center. Then the company forwards i-ViSS link to the customer through a text message. When the customer opens it, the insurer at the other end measures the damage through live streaming and directs the customer accordingly. Further, the policyholder is required to upload photographs of the renovated vehicle to avail future claims on that vehicle.

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