Buying Health Insurance? Don't Forget to Keep These Things in Mind

Buying Health Insurance? Don't Forget to Keep These Things in Mind

With the passing of each day, the importance of having a good health insurance plan is finally understood by many. It’s quite understandable that the modern lifestyle has exposed us to various health risks that were not a big concern if we go a couple of decades back. On the other hand, the cost of medical treatment nowadays is sky-high. And maintaining a household and a good lifestyle plus medical costs within a limited budget is the 21st-century challenge which we all are more or less facing.

Could you imagine what would happen if all your hard-earned lifelong savings is vanished within a blink of an eye owing to some sort of medical emergency? And also note that there’s no guarantee that your savings would be sufficient to settle the medical costs. You may run into debt which could take a few years to get out of. This is the reason why it’s vital to have a health insurance plan where you can secure the health of yours or your family members by paying a small amount of premium annually or on a monthly basis. Doesn’t it sound cool?

Although many consider buying health insurance these days, they generally don’t concern themselves with the inside matters of a mediclaim policy. There are some people who buy a health insurance policy without making proper research since they buy it just for the sake of buying it. And all of them tend to repent when they file a health insurance claim and it gets rejected by the company, most probably because they claimed for something which was not covered by their plan and the buyer had no idea about the exclusions of the plan.

Due to all these reasons and to avoid such scenarios in future, if you are buying health insurance, it’s important to keep a number of things on mind.

  • => If you are buying health insurance, don’t forget to consider a good health insurance company. You must make sure that the Insurance Company you are choosing to buy health insurance from has a fine record in terms of offering good claim settlement, 24x7 customer service, a broad range of network hospitals, cashless treatment, etc.
  • => Don’t forget to check with the pre-existing disease coverage. Make sure that the health insurance company offers coverage for maximum pre-existing conditions. And also choose the health insurance plan that imposes the shortest waiting period in terms of covering pre-existing diseases.
  • => If you are looking for the best health insurance plan then don’t forget to compare health insurance plans online. When you compare different health plans from different companies, you will be able to shortlist the best mediclaim plan as per your unique requirements. This way you can save on your premium and also avail other benefits.
  • => Always buy health insurance online and don’t put any faith on your insurance agent’s picks of a handful of health insurance plans which are only presented to you so that they can make more commission. So make sure that whenever you are buying or renewing health insurance, you are choosing a reliable online platform like GIBL.IN where you can easily unearth and instantly buy the best mediclaim policy from the top-notch health insurance companies in India and save big on premium.
  • => Make sure that the health insurance policy you are buying offers domiciliary treatment.
  • => In addition to the aforementioned, check whether the health insurance plan offers coverage for Day Care Treatments, which cover the costs for treatments that are done under a local or general anesthesia in a day care center or in a hospital, and take less than 24 hours. And also, only go for the medical policy that offers coverage for maximum day care procedures.


Abovementioned are the points that you must not forget while investing in a health insurance plan for it will be beneficial for you and your family. Buying a health insurance policy is not a big deal since it doesn’t cost that much, depending on the age and other criteria you are buying the policy with. So what you should concern yourself with is that the health insurance plan you are buying today serves and fulfills all the purpose in case of an unforeseen health issue should occur. 

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