Benefits of health insurance in India

Do you know about the benefits of health insurance plans? There are ample of reasons why buying a health insurance plan is not just a good idea, but it is a necessary. Most of the people of the country may assume that the health insurance policy covers only for the hospitalization charges, but there is a hidden scenario about the health insurance plans in India. Apart from the hospitalization charge, it will pay for the other medical expenses as well. The benefits are like,

  • At first, you can avail the cashless health insurance at network hospitals of insurance companies. It means that you do not have to pay the medical expenses, the insurance company settles them.
  • You can also avail convalescence benefit, if you opt for proper health insurance plan. This policy offers a daily amount for each day of hospitalization. You do not need to worry about keeping records of the amount actually spent.

If you buy comprehensive health insurance policy with a sufficient sum assured, it can help to meet unplanned health care expenses and also avail tax benefits by paying health insurance premiums.

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