Different types of health insurance policies

Before buying any health insurance plan, you should know about which types of health insurance policies are available in the country. Basically there are four types of health insurance plans. Such as, critical illness heath insurance policy, individual health insurance policy, family floater health insurance policy, senior citizen health insurance policy. You will gather a clear ideas about health insurance policies if read this write up.

  • Critical illness heath insurance policy: This policy is affordable to struggle very high cost of treating diseases like cancer, heart attack and so on. This health insurance plan pays a huge amount at one time when the medical insurance policyholder is diagnosed by any of the illness.
  • Individual health insurance policy: It compensates the medical expenses only for an individual person in India.
  • Family floater health insurance policy: Family floater health insurance policy covers for an entire family with a fixed coverage which is shared for all the mentioned members.

Senior citizen health insurance policy: It is particularly designed for elderly people between the age of 65 to 80 years and it covers a wide range of medical expenses.

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