Cyclone "Yaas" to Hit West Bengal by May-end. Are You  Insured?

Cyclone "Yaas" to Hit West Bengal by May-end. Are You Insured?

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) warned of another cyclone with a low-pressure
area forming over the east-central Bay of Bengal around May 23 after Cyclone Tauktae wreaked
havoc in several states including Gujarat and Maharashtra.

It was as if yesterday that West Bengal witnessed the destruction of Cyclone Amphan last year.
Now again, a low-pressure trough likely to form over the east-central Bay of Bengal and its
adjoining area. If it intensifies, cyclone "Yaas", a name given by Oman, is expected to hit the east
coast of India by May end.

According to a report in the Hindustan Times, IMD said it would officially mention the possible
development of a low-pressure area over the Bay of Bengal next week once it enters the
forecast skill range.

The West Bengal government estimated the total damage caused by the extremely severe
cyclone Amphan at more than Rs 1 lakh crore. According to state statistics on property losses,
10 lakh houses were destroyed, 10.5 lakh hectares of farmland and 58,000 hectares of fisheries
were impacted, and 98 people died.

Many people believe that "Yaas" would be as ferocious as Amphan if it intensifies. According to
news reports, a low depression formed in the East Central Bay is expected to become a "super
" that will make landfall in the Sundarbans. The news of a super cyclone in Bengal
spread like wildfire.

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