Amid the Nationwide Heated Scenarios Circling NRC & CAA, Do You Feel Safe and Protected?

Amid the Nationwide Heated Scenarios Circling NRC & CAA, Do You Feel Safe and Protected?

Being a citizen of India, it is our democratic right to stage protest against something which we do not agree with. We all have this right since our constitution gives us this right. But, here the question is, is it rational to protest against the government by vandalizing the government properties?

We need to think about it. We all call ourselves civilized; however, the so called civilized reactions and behavior of some of the hooligans is to be seen to be believed.

Now let’s come back to the heated topic that the entire nation alongside the foreign media is keeping their eye-balls fixed on - the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

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There have been hateful demonstrations in cities all over India concerning NRC and CAA. Oppositions are citing that the Citizenship Amendment Act is exclusionary since it violates the secular principles enshrine in the Indian constitution. They are citing that faith should not be made a condition of citizenship.

The law offers citizenship to non-Muslims from 3 nearby countries namely Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government has already made it clear that the CAA will protect people from persecution. However, the critics say it is basically a part of a "Hindu nationalist" agenda to marginalize India's more than 200 million Muslims.

Adding to the fears is a government announcement that it plans to perform an extensive exercise to weed out "infiltrators" from neighboring countries. Given that the exercise relies on widespread documentation to prove that their ancestors lived in India, many Muslim citizens fear that they could be made stateless. 

However, PM Modi has said that the law "will have no effect on citizens of India, including Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Christians and Buddhists".

The protests against CAA and NRC have gone so bitter that government property worth Rs. 5000/- crores have been destroyed. So we are asking you a simple question, are you safe and protected among these violent shows that are being staged in most of the states and cities?

A danger does not come with a prior notice; neither can you plan something beforehand to escape an unfortunate circumstance. This is the reason why we, being a concerned citizen of India want to make sure that everyone is safe from any sort of damage. We want to make sure that the common people of India are insured. 

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