Mahindra Axe Car Insurance Overview

The Indian multinational carmaker Mahindra has introduced a new plant, the Special Military Vehicles Ltd and has focused in only in the Military Vehicles. This new plant of Mahindra supplies defense vehicles like the Axe and any future military specific models. Mahindra Axe is the first Indian multipurpose army vehicle and also available for the civilians. Such type of vehicle also requires road safety. And an effective motor insurance plan plays a key role in this aspect. A proper Mahindra Axe car insurance policy not only offers financial support but also provides a sense of security. As there are lot of car insurance online providers, choosing the right car insurance policy will be a daunting task. So while choosing the policy you should compare Mahindra Axe car insurance quotes available online and choose the policy as per requirements.

Mahindra Axe Car Review

Mahindra & Mahindra has a long and unbeaten record designing Jeeps and SUVs for military and civilian use. There is a lot of noticeable commonality between the Axe and several of Mahindra’s own SUVs. Therefore not alone the Indian army is gifted; we too are gifted by none other than Mahindra. Yes, Mahindra has also produced the civilian version of the Axe. The civilian version of Axe is available with an automatic transmission. Axe’s civilian is available with styling and other changes. But the car used the same Mahindra drive line. The basic characteristic performance of this car is same but the look is different like the Humvee and Hummer. For the civilian version of this car’s engine displacement is lower and there is cosmetic changes on the dashboard.

Key Specification of Mahindra Axe Car

Engine Displacement 2696 CC
Engine Description 2696cc, 5 cylinder
Maximum Power 173 Bhp @ 4000 rpm
Maximum Torque 346 Nm @ 1800 rpm
Overall Length 4400 mm
Kerb Weight 2500.00 kg
Fuel Type Diesel
Seating Capacity 4
Body Type SUV
Clutch Type Automatic
No. of Cylinders 5
Brakes Front Disk, Rear Drum
Driver Seat Adjustment Manual
Tyre Size 305/70 R16
Minimum Turning Radius 14.0 metres

Why Should You Insure Mahindra Axe Car?

If you have a Mahindra Axe car, it is important to get it insured. With Mahindra Axe car insurance policy, you can stay stress-free from any future emergency. Mahindra Axe car insurance policy offers financial protection in case of damages or theft pertaining to your car. Apart from this, if you own a car you should opt for a third party motor insurance plan as it is mandate by Motor Vehicle Act 1988 of India.

Mahindra Axe Car Insurance Coverage

Typically, two types of coverage are on offer for Mahindra Axe car insurance policies. Such as,

  • Third Party Liability Coverage:
    This plan is mandate by motor vehicle act of India. This type of Mahindra Axe car insurance coverage provides protection against third party death and property damages of third party. If your car has been responsible for the same, you can get all coverage. This plan helps to reduce your liability.
  • Comprehensive Coverage:
    As per Mahindra Axe car insurance comprehensive coverage, you will get complete protection for your car against damages caused to man-made and natural perils. Own damage, personal accident and third party liability coverage is also incorporated with this policy.

Mahindra Axe Car Insurance Add-on Covers

If you want to increase the protection for your car, you ought to add this add-on covers to your Mahindra Axe car insurance comprehensive coverage. Although you should pay some higher premium apart from your basic comprehensive coverage, still it will be a good decision if you to opt for such add-on covers.

  • Zero Depreciation:
    The cost of the insured vehicle gets depreciated over the years and comprehensive car insurance policy does not offer the full value of the car if you file a car insurance claim. But if you add this add-on cover, you will get full coverage in case your car gets damaged due to any accident. Full coverage for plastic, rubbers, fibers are also included under zero depreciation add-on cover which basic comprehensive insurance policy does not cover.
  • Engine Protection:
    This Mahindra Axe car insurance policy provides protection for your car’s engine if it gets damaged due to the submersion of water.
  • No Claim Bonus Protection:
    You can avail discount on your Mahindra Axe car insurance premium on every claim-free year. Even if you are a cautious driver, then also you can earn at least 20%-50% No Claim Bonus discount on your motor insurance premium.

Mahindra Axe Car Insurance Renewal Onlin

To maintain the continuation in policy coverage, you should consider Mahindra Axe car insurance renewal. Mahindra Axe car insurance renewal is equally important as purchasing the policy. You can now renew your Mahindra Axe car insurance policy online because of the flourishing appearance of Internet. Mahindra car insurance renewal online is hassle-free and easy. And to complete the renewal process, you need to follow some minimal steps as this process requires some paper work. You have to submit some documents regarding your personal self and your existing policy details. Then you have to select the correct payment options and it can be credit card, debit card or internet banking. Once you have completed the payment you are done with Mahindra Axe car insurance renewal process.

Finding the Best Mahindra Axe Car Insurance Online Policies

While choosing any top Mahindra car models, you should compare with other companies car prices and then choose the best one. Similarly, while choosing Mahindra Axe car insurance policies you need to compare Mahindra Axe car insurance quotes. Since there are lots of car insurance companies, so whenever you choose Mahindra Axe car insurance policies you should compare car insurance quotes. Comparison is the right way of choosing the best motor insurance policy. GIBL.IN, an IRDAI certified online insurance broking portal can help you in this regard as 33+ renowned insurers are associated with this GIBL.IN online portal. This insurer also offers free online insurance quotes which will be beneficial for choosing the best Mahindra Axe car insurance policy.

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Aggregate Rating Value on Mahindra Axe Car Insurance is 4.3 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 55)

Aggregate Rating Value on Mahindra Axe Car Insurance is 4.3 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 55)