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About New India Assurance Personal Accident Policy

new india health insurance If there any mishap may happen and sudden need of hospitalization may arise the health insurance of the New India Personal accident policy would help you out the most. Compensation for any partial damage or fatally injury up-to death due to any accident can be claimed with this insurance.

Health Insurance Policy Types

Senior Citizen

Aged people get the best benefit through investing in the health-insurance policy of it. Regular checkup as well utmost health-care management would provide to them.

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Critical Illness

People with critical illnesses would get the best help and needed medical facilties through investing in it. List of critical diseases management would be paid.

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Family Floater

Your insured money for the health insurance policy now can be shared among up-to fifteen close family members of yours.

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Total health-management all can be done with it. You can also shade your income tax return by investing in this mediclaim policy and gain tax benefits.

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Group Mediclaim Policy

Companies can cover up their employees health benefits by investing in the group mediclaim policy. Large number of people for any organization would gain it best.

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New India Assurance - Package Motor Policy

The package motor policy shields the policyholder from Third-Party Liability and protects the vehicle of the insured from a range of natural and man-made disasters as well.

New India Assurance Two Wheeler Policy

New India Assurance Two Wheeler Policy shields the policyholder from Third-Party Liability and protects the vehicle of the insured from a range of natural and man-made disasters as well.

New India Assurance Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy

New India Assurance Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy is designed for elderly people between 60 and 80 years of age and provides a maximum coverage of Rs 1.5 lakh.

Top Policies
New India Assurance Asha Kiran Policy

The New India Asha Kiran Policy covers the expenses of treatment of entire family of the policyholders within India and offers personal accident coverage to parents.

New India Assurance Janta Mediclaim Policy

New India Janata Mediclaim policy covers self, spouse. Parents can also include maximum two dependent children between the ages of 3 months and 18 years.

New India Assurance Oversees Mediclaim Policy

New India Assurance Oversees Mediclaim Policy covers medical expenses of insured persons due to sickness, injuries while travelling outside India.

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New India Personal accident policy provides compensation for the insured in the event of permanent disability of limbs or death.

Under this policy, the insured gets compensation due to accidental death or physical injury. The person can get this compensation if he has got injuries or been dead directly and entirely by external violent and visible means of accident. One can avail this policy even if the accident has happened outside the country. It is a 24 hours cover. Under this policy, one can avail any and every type of coverage type, ranging from compensation available on death only to temporary and permanent disablements. One can also go for a family package type of insurance where one can avail up to 10% of discount on premium.

This policy is quite flexible and is designed for unforeseen circumstances where your sum assured cannot meet the expenses of hospitalization and other medical expenses. In such situations, you can extend the sum assured by increasing the premium to be paid. Income from property or shares are not taken into account and the capital sum insured is restricted to 72 months of gainful employment. The sum insured is 50% for the non-earning spouse compared to the sum assured by the proposer. The maximum amount of insurance coverage provided to the non-earning spouse is rs. 100000. For dependent children, it is 25% of the sum assured of earning parents, sum assured. This can be a maximum of rs. 50,000. In case of Bhagyasree, Raj Rajeswari, Gramin Personal accident and student safety, the sum assured amount is fixed. In case of individual accident policy, facility of cumulative bonus is provided and every claim-free year the user gets additional 5% on sum assured.

The policy offers benefits for single person and for the family. Under single coverage, the insured can take various plans, like death coverage, death and personal disability coverage, temporary disablement package, and so on.

If the person opts for a family package, he gets the same benefits and gets an additional 10% discount on the premium paid.

  • New India Personal Accident Policy pays 1% of Sum Insured up to a maximum limit for up to 100 weeks for temporary total disablements like fracture of legs
  • New India Personal Accident Policy pays a percentage of Sum Insured for Temporary Total Disablements like fracture of legs
  • New India Personal Accident Policy pays a percentage of Sum Insured for Permanent Partial Disablement such as total loss of a finger
  • New India Personal Accident Policy pays 100% of Sum Insured for loss of two limbs or one limb and one eye or both eyes
  • New India Personal Accident Policy pays 50% of Sum Insured for loss of one eye or one limb
  • New India Personal Accident Policy pays 100% of Sum Insured for paralysis due to an accident
  • New India Personal Accident Policy pays 100% of Sum Insured for death
  • Flexible plans according to the budget, coverage type and number of family members
  • Education for 2 school going children in case of death and total disablement of insured person
  • Weekly payment of 1% of sum assured paid weekly (up to a maximum of 100 weeks) for temporary total disablement
  • 100% of sum assured is paid on loss of eyes and both the limbs
  • 50% of sum assured is paid to the insured person where s/he has lost one limb and single eye
  • 100% of the sum assured payable on permanent total disablement, e.g., paralysis
  • 2% of sum assured on carrying the dead body from the place of incident to residence
  • Individual and group accidental policies can be extended so that to cover the treatment expenses of any accident. An amount of 10% of sum assured to a maximum of 40% can be paid after one increase the premium amount.
  • Indian personnel working in other countries on civilian duty can get war risk coverage on payment of additional premium
  • One can include this policy in a group policy excluding death benefit to avail group policy benefits.
  • This policy can also be restricted to cover personal accidental risk during off-duty or on-duty hours and a discount in premium is also provided.
  • Indian citizen living in the country
  • Family members between the age group of 5-70 years

Fast and easy processing of claim payment can only happen if relevant documents and medical bills are provided. Different procedures are applicable in case of death claim and injury claim.

  • In case of death claim- Assignee should immediately inform the policy issuing office and submit the claim form along with post mortem report, police report, death certificate and documents of the original policy.
  • In case of injury claim- Inform the policy issuing office, submit the police report (if any), submit claim form along with disablement certificate and furnish related prescriptions and medicine bills.
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  • Tata AIG Personal Guard

Anyone who is an Indian citizen can avail the benefits of this policy.

Yes you can. Family members within the age group of 5 to 70 years can be included in this policy.

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