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I am a team leader of Health Insurance Team in GIBL. I am a self motivated and enthusiastic person. GIBL turned out to be a great platform for a turnover of my career.I feel proud to see a great response from customer towards GIBL.

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The Secret of Premium Calculation Factors of Car Insurance in India

You must have wondered that why there is a different premium for every person when it comes to having car insurance. The reason is pretty simple. The premium amount that is charged to you is calculated on the basis of a statistical evaluation that calculates the level of risk you are exposed to. Thi […]

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Health insurance- Things you should know before buying

Health security is a major priority for all individuals. At some point, you are bound to fall sick and undergo intensive medical care. The burgeoning hospitalization costs, however, cannot be met without a health insurance. A health insurance policy is exclusively designed to fulfill all your health […]

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