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Boat Insurance

Boat insurance policies are designed to offer protection against a number of risks of owning and operating your boat, its motor, and the trailer. Moreover, boat insurance policy also offers protection against medical payments and liability lawsuits. There are a number of boat insurance companies in India to buy boat or yacht insurance from. You can instantly get boat insurance quotes online. Boat insurance policy basically provides replacement cost coverage on repairs. Under boat insurance policy, total loss claims are settled on an agreed value basis, which means you will be reimbursed on the basis of your policy coverage limits.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Boat insurance policy in India covers physical damages. It is a must to buy boat insurance to secure your boat against damage and loss caused by common risks, such as sinking, storms, fire, collision and theft. Physic damage under boat insurance policy generally covers the boat motor(s), boat hull, the boat trailer if requested and described boat equipment. You can easily purchase boat insurance online by simply availing quotes.

Examples of Physical Damage Covered under Boat Insurance

Following are the list of damaged property of boats that are covered under this policy. • Boat, motor, trailer
• Equipment permanently attached to the boat
• Anchors
• Oars
• Electric trolling motors
• Extra fuel tanks
• Tools
• Detachable canopies
• Life preserves
• Ski and their tow ropes
• Seat cushions
• Dinghies

Various Types of Boats That Can Be Insured

• Runabout/Sport Boats
• Cruiser/Yachts
• Sailboats
• Kayak/Canoes
• Bass Boats
• Jet Skis
• Houseboats

Types of Perils Covered Under Boat Insurance Policy

• Fire
• Theft
• Stranding
• Sinking
• Explosion
• Capsizing
• Storms
• Collision

Boat Liability Insurance Coverage

Boat liability insurance policies are designed to offer coverage in case your boat causes injury to others or damage to other boats, structures or docks. Such damage or injuries can be due to situations caused by your vessel or direct contact with your vessel. Boat liability coverage can provide protection against lawsuits, including the payment of legal fees and settlements.

Additional Coverage

You can however go for some additional coverage with your basic boat insurance plan in exchange of added premium. Boat insurance companies offer a number of additional and optional coverage from which you can easily choose from.

How Can GIBL Help You With Boat Insurance in India?

GIBL has been proving all its nationwide customers with the best insurance plans in India. When it comes to purchasing a specific kind of policy online, we only offer the best in terms of coverage, protection and premium. GIBL is associated with a number of top boat insurance companies. So when you get boat insurance quotes from GIBL, you can be assured of availing the best boat insurance policy and that too within a premium that’s tailor made.

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