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What is Inland Transit Insurance?

Inland transit insurance policy in India is specifically designed to provide extensive cover to the insured’s personal belongings or business goods while those are being transported by land. Inland transit insurance comes under marine insurance policy. You should keep in mind that the inland transit insurance in India only covers the goods that are being transported by land transport like transportation of goods via train or trucks etc. This marine transit insurance policy doesn’t provide any cover for the transportation modes like sea or aerial.
Marine transit insurance policy online certainly plays a very significant role by covering the damage or loss to the policyholder’s goods like different machineries, raw materials etc. during the transit as per the contract. Inland transit insurance policy basically offers coverage for goods which are being transported domestically in general. There are a number of things that must be kept in mind in terms of inland transit insurance policy online.
• Transit insurance coverage is only offered for goods that are being transported domestically.
• The premium on transit insurance in India is generally calculated on the basis of the types of goods that are being carried. The policy is mostly included in the price of cover.
• Goods in transit insurance plans are appropriate for small-scale or medium-sized businesses that do not have the necessities to import and export their goods internationally. Inland transit insurance coverage can be availed even by the farmers to protect damage to goods in their own vehicle.
• Inland transit insurance policies are categorized under marine insurance.

Benefits of Inland Transit Insurance Plans in India

• Marine transit insurance plans come with wide-ranging risks coverage.
• Inland transit insurance policies can also cover the non-delivery of consignment in case of hijacking or mysterious disappearance of the vehicle.
• Any loss resulting from any lost package overboard or dropped whilst loading or unloading from vessel could be covered under marine transit insurance policy.
• Purchases transits and domestic sales are covered for damage or loss resulting from various risks like fire, sinking of vessel, lightning strike, and derailment of the carrying vehicle are covered under marine transit insurance policies.
• The policy covers any damage or loss resulting from a third party like any accident of the cargo carrying vehicle resulting from a third party leading to either partial or total loss of the consignment is covered under transit insurance online.
• Damages caused by surrounding cargo due to heat, leakage or explosion are covered under inland transit insurance in India. This may happen due to inadequate space or indecent handling of the cargo.
• Transit insurance covers various losses or damages caused due to the carelessness of the transporter like wrong allocation, overloading, and untrained driver.
• Transit insurance is offered with flexible plans by a number of transit insurance companies. Inland transit insurance policies can be issued to any individual or business organization directly from the portal of all transit insurance policy providers in India.
• Transit insurance policies can cover transits from anywhere to anywhere in India, across multiple dispatch locations of the client.
• Multiple transits such as inter-warehouse transfers, purchases, sales, sales returns, and job work could be covered under a single marine open insurance policy.

Different Types of Inland Transit Insurance Coverage Available in India

There are various types of covers available with inland transit insurance policies in India. Depending on the type of your business and other requirements, you can choose from the following transit insurance coverage online.
• Overnight Vehicles’ Cover: This inland transit insurance policy is specifically important for those businesses that have a need of goods to be stored somewhere at night, mostly in the vehicles. Some transit insurance provides in India offer this protection on the basis of the policy while some provide you this transit insurance plan at an extra premium.
• Goods in Transit (Carrier’s) Cover: A third party may not take the responsibility of the damages or losses to the goods when he is employed to carry the goods. In various circumstances, carriers don’t even know what they are carrying. Such liability can be covered through this inland transit insurance policy online in India.
• Comprehensive Policy for Multiple Vehicles: Some transit insurance online providers offer insurance for multiple vehicles under a single policy. It is advantageous to avail this cover particularly if you use multiple vehicles to transport your merchandise from one place to another, in a domestic location.
• Goods in Transit Cover for Own Vehicles: This transit insurance coverage is for the protection of goods from damage or theft while being transferred in any vehicle owned or operated by the insured.
You can go for one or multiple marine transit insurance plans online that you find the best as per your own requirements.

How Can We Help You With Goods in Transit Insurance in India?

GIBL, as one of the leading online insurance broking portals in India, is registered with 29+ top insurance providers all over the country. When it comes to providing our customers with the best marine transit insurance solutions, we’re ready to do anything and everything. We let our customers’ easily compare various inland transit insurance quotes online instantly to bring to them the best transit insurance plans and that too at a premium that’s lower than anyone can offer.

In Conclusion:

Marine transit insurance online policies can be designed on the basis of the types of goods, per location limit required, sending limit for each transaction, type of mode used, transit frequency and typical normal losses. The Inland Transit Clause A could be purchased to cover all the risks. In order to cover incidental expenses due to loss, the Sum Insured on your insurance policy could be enhanced by additional 10%. Various add-on covers such as ‘Loading Risks’ can also be opted for with your transit insurance online.

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