Religare Travel Insurance Overview

Religare travel insurance policies are offered with comprehensive travel insurance plans that certainly provide loads of unique benefits and features like automatic policy extension, coverage for all medical emergencies, attractive premium charges, no upper age limit and many more. Since travel related complications don’t come with any prior notice, it’s very much important to secure your journey and the life of yours and your family with the Religare travel insurance policy online before you set foot another country. Religare travel insurance is very much admired amongst Indians traveling the UK, USA, Australia and travelers travelling Europe since Religare travel insurance policy satisfies Schengen visa requirements. The Religare Explore Europe plan has been designed in such a way that it works both for the Schengen counties as well as the United Kingdom. The Religare travel insurance plans are more affordable for Canada as it is part of the Worldwide Excluding the USA travel insurance plan.

Different Types of Religare Travel Insurance Plans

Travel insurance policies from Religare are offered with different travel plans.

    ?Explore - Worldwide Travel insurance plan

    ?Explore - Asia Travel insurance plan

    ?Explore - Africa Travel insurance plan

    ?Explore - Europe Travel insurance plan

    ?Explore - Worldwide Excl. US Travel insurance plan

    ?Explore - WW-Excl. US / Canada Travel insurance plan

Special Features and Benefits of Religare Travel Insurance Policy

Find out the special benefits you can avail by choosing to buy Religare travel insurance online.

    ?Hospitalization Expenses:

    Hospitalization expenses are covered under all Religare travel insurance the plans.

    ?Sum Insured:

    For the Explore Asia Plan and the Explore Africa Plan, Sum Insured is US $ 25, 50 & 100. The Sum Insured is € 30 & 100 for the Explore Europe policy, US $ 50 & 100 for Explore Canada+ Plan, and Sum Insured for Explore Gold and Explore Platinum Plan is $ 50, 100, 300 & 500.

    ?Upgradation to Business Class:

    If you buy Religare travel insurance, you can upgrade yourself or your travelling companions to business class seats while traveling.

    ?Personal Accident Cover:

    The Personal Accident cover offered under the following Religare travel insurance plans Explore Asia Plan, the Explore Canada+ Plan, the Explore Africa Plan, Explore Platinum and the Explore Gold Plan is US $ 15,000. The Personal Accident cover offered under the Religare travel insurance Explore Europe Plan is € 10,000.

    ?Common Carrier Accidental Death:

    Under the Explore Platinum Travel Plan from Religare Travel Insurance, there’s a provision specifically made for the insured individual. This covers accidental death due to or while travelling in the common carrier. The provision is € 10,000.

Religare Travel Insurance Policy Coverage

Religare travel insurance policies offer extensive protection worldwide to safeguard your trip. Find out the coverage under Religare travel insurance plans below.

    ?Religare travel insurance provides coverage for In and Outpatient treatment, while you are in an abroad trip.

    ?You can get instant travel insurance quotes from Religare online

    ?The policy provides daily allowance throughout the duration of your stay at the hospital, in order to provide for a variety of expenses like meals, transportation, communication etc.

    ?Given that it is a life threatening medical condition that requires immediate attention, the Pre-Existing Diseases will also be covered under Religare travel insurance policy.

    ?Around the clock assistance and support is provided.

    ?Cover for treatment in home country is also provided.

    ?Religare travel insurance online covers costs incurred in the course of emergency transportation and evacuation of the policyholder to a medical facility within the company’s network.

    ?The travel policies offer coverage for expenses related to loss of checked-in baggage given that it was on-board on a Common Carrier. Religare travel insurance plans also cover the expenses related to delay in receipt of the checked-in baggage for more than 12 consecutive hours.

    ?The policy provides reimbursement of expenses incurred in the course of the replacement of a lost passport/ getting a fresh or duplicate passport.

    ?Covers all the expenses incurred from delay in your journey due to any precise reasons. The Religare travel insurance policy also covers the expenses incurred from cancellation or interruption of a trip.

    ?The expenses arising out from the arrangement of the transportation of an immediate family member for a compassionate visit, to the insured’s present location is also covered under Religare travel insurance plans.

    ?Religare travel insurance offers Personal Accident cover.

Religare Travel Insurance Policy Claims Process

The reason you buy Religare travel insurance online is to get the benefits that the policies offer when you file a claim. You can register a travel insurance claim with Religare though the company’s Customer Service Centre or by contacting any of the help lines given in the official website of Religare Insurance or by getting in touch with the company’s offices by phone/ email or in person.

Religare Travel Insurance Exclusions

Just like any other travel insurance policies in India, Religare travel insurance plans also have a number of exclusions which means there are some circumstance under which your Religare travel insurance policy will not provide any coverage.

    ?The policies don’t cover war or any war-like activities, and nuclear perils or consequences arising out of that.

    ?Suicide, attempted suicide or any intentional self-injury are not covered.

    ?Sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, AIDS, etc.

    ?Expenses incurred due to the misuse of alcohol or drugs.

    ?Any damage arising out of participating in risky sports or activities like paragliding, bungee jumping, rafting, etc.

    ?Breach of law or criminal activities.

    ?Contamination and other consequences of Ionising Radiation.

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Aggregate Rating Value on Religare Travel Insurance is 4.5 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 31)

Aggregate Rating Value on Religare Travel Insurance is 4.5 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 31)