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Travelling is fun. You can compare nothing in this world with the joy travelling. But, whether you are travelling overseas or any part of the country, you can’t really predict what could go wrong while you are on vacation. The cost of medical expenses in a foreign country is so much higher than what it is India. Therefore, securing your journey with the best travel insurance plan should be your first and foremost job before going on a trip. New India travel insurance policy, in this context, plays a considerable role. The New India Assurance travel insurance offers a wide-ranging coverage.

To brief about the company, New India Assurance Company Limited is a wholly owned general insurance company by the government of India. Having its headquarters in Mumbai, the company operates in around 28 countries worldwide. New India Assurance Company Limited has been rated ‘A’ by AM Best and AAA/STABLE by CRISIL.

New India travel insurance offers coverage against lost or stolen luggage, flight delay, flight cancellation, emergency medical evacuation etc while you are in a trip. You can have a total peace of mind with New India Travel Insurance plan given that there will be some support on which you can always rely on in the darkest hour in the course of your journey.


New India Travel Insurance Plans

If you buy New India travel insurance, you can gain various travel and related services for both international and domestic trips. The company mainly provides two types of travel insurance policies:

Suhana Safar Policy: This New India Assurance travel insurance plan is specifically designed for domestic trips. Any Indian citizen living in India is eligible for buying this policy. This travel policy can be purchased for short-term duration as well as for long-term duration upto 60 days. This New India Assurance travel insurance policy covers all types of transportation modes like by train, by bus, by water, by air, or by own vehicle.

Policy Benefits

  • This New India travel insurance policy covers all the journeys within the country.
  • The travel insurance plan covers even if you are travelling by your own vehicle.
  • The cover for this New India travel insurance starts from the date of departure and ends at the schedule date of arrival.
  • This travel insurance policy also provides coverage for the expenses incurred from bodily damage in case of any personal accident.
  • Luggage or baggage loss of the insured or the travelling companions are covered under this travel insurance plan.
  • Provides Accidental risk cover for upto Rs. 1/- lakh per head.

Overseas Mediclaim Policy: This New India travel insurance plan is particularly designed to protect the journey of overseas travelers. The policy provides coverage against the expenses incurred outside the country in case of accidents or physical injuries, sickness or any disease contracted in the course of your journey. The premium is to be paid in Indian currency and the coverage will be provided in the foreign currency.

Policy Benefits:

  • Provided date of departure will be the start date of your policy and will be valid till the scheduled date of arrival under this travel insurance plan.
  • This New India travel insurance online policy provides initial coverage of 180 days Holidays and Business Plans. However, this can be extended with the submitted proof of a good health.
  • If your trip gets extended because of public transport delay which is not in your control, this travel insurance plan will be automatically extended for not more than 7 days without charging any extra money.

Why Should You Buy New India Travel Insurance?

No other experience or feeling in the world can be compared to the experience and joy of travelling. In spite of having a good travel planning, you could face something unfortunate in the course of your journey. For this reason, securing your journey with the best travel insurance plan should be the first priority. Needless to say, New India Travel Insurance policies play this role very effectively.

  • You can opt for a basic travel insurance plan from New India Insurance or choose a travel insurance cover with an extended coverage option.
  • The travel insurance plans offered by the company cover medical expenses (as per Sum Insured) in case of any medical emergency in a foreign country.
  • New India travel insurance policy provides you support against any financial setback by keeping you and your loved ones safe from all types of worries while on a trip.
  • The company provides 24/7 assistance and special discounts on the premium for their travel insurance plans.
  • With the comprehensive travel insurance plan from the company, you are totally protected from the stress out of any financial loss in case of a medical emergency while on a trip abroad.
  • Instant travel insurance quotes can be availed online through the company’s website. You can easily purchase or renew New India travel insurance online through the company’s website instantly as well.

New India Travel Insurance Policy Renewal

The travel insurance policies can be effortlessly renewed online from New India Insurance without. You will need to visit the portal of the company for New India travel insurance renewal. After that, select your plan and go for New India Travel Insurance online renewal. Enter your previous travel insurance plan details to renew your travel plan from New India. Pay the premium online to complete your New India Travel insurance renewal process. You will receive a confirmation mail receipt in your registered mail id regarding your travel policy renewal from New India or may as well download and save the renewal details for future use.

Take Note

The services offered by New India travel insurance policies are highly sought after in India. No one can predict their future, therefore you can’t tell if, god forbid, you fall victim to some unfortunate events while on holidays; you will be nothing to rely on in a new land. Therefore, it’s advisable to go for a travel policy from New India. The travel plans from New India comes with broad coverage options and provides easy and transparent claim settlement. In the modern era of technology, you can instantly buy New India travel insurance online a few hours before you set foot in a foreign land.

Frequently Asked Questions on Travel Insurance

1. Why do you need travel insurance?

You need travel insurance because you can’t really predict any sort of misfortune that you may get into while travelling to an entirely unknown destination. Travel insurance will protect you against various unfortunate events such as medical emergencies, transportation expenses, trip cancelation, lost luggage, flight accident etc.

2. How does the travel insurance work?

Travel insurance works in the same way like other insurance policies does. All you have to do is purchase travel insurance to skip any disruptions as you travel a foreign country. Travel insurance works in reimbursement process. The travel insurance company will reimburse you expense if your travel insurance claim is accepted.

3. What does the travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance covers you, your family or your companions from many unforeseen events such as medical emergencies including unfortunate death on any person, flight cancelation, lost or delayed baggage etc.

4. What does Expedia travel insurance cover?

Expedia travel insurance covers very little for domestic travel, and covers medical emergencies for international trips but at a relatively higher price than most other travel insurance companies.

5. What is a covered reason for trip cancellation?

The usual covered reasons for trip cancelation may include illness or injury of the insured person, family member, companion, business partner. In case of natural disaster such as hurricane and in case of financial default of bankruptcy of the travel insurance company.

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Aggregate Rating Value on New India Travel Insurance is 4.5 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 31)

Aggregate Rating Value on New India Travel Insurance is 4.5 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 31)