SBI Travel Insurance Overview

It doesn’t matter if you are travelling with your family, friends, business associates, you would absolutely want to make sure that your trip overseas is secure and safe. Given that ill-fated circumstance can show up from nowhere in the course of your journey, it’s prudent to shield your trip with the best travel insurance plan. Any obstacle in the middle of your trip can ruin your peace of mind and SBI travel insurance policies are specifically designed keep that peace of mind of yours totally intact throughout your abroad trip. SBI travel insurance offers comprehensive coverage for both business and holiday trips. The travel polices from SBI General Insurance covers medical expenses and various other financial emergencies in the course of your travel overseas. It’s advisable to buy SBI travel insurance policy to travel in any corner of the world without a worry. You can avail additional discount on travel insurance plans when you purchase from SBI General.

To concise about the company, SBI General Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between State Bank of India that holds 74% shares of the company and Insurance Australia Group (IAG) holding 26% stakes of the company. SBI General Insurance began its operations in 2010. The company offers a number of general insurance services.


Special Features and Benefits of SBI Travel Insurance Policy

  • Travel insurance plans from SBI General Insurance are marked by the special and unique benefits they offer. Here are some of the best benefits you can avail under SBI travel insurance policies.
  • The company offers Medical cover upto USD 0.5 million with their travel insurance plans.
  • No medical examination is required to buy SBI travel insurance policies.
  • Comprehensive coverage at affordable prices is offered under the travel insurance plans by SBI General Insurance.
  • SBI travel insurance provides worldwide protection. You can travel anywhere in the world without having to worry about certain complications related to travelling.
  • SBI General Insurance Company provides round the clock assistance under their travel insurance policies.
  • Totally transparent, fair and quick cashless claim settlement is offered under SBI travel insurance plans.
  • You can effortlessly buy travel polices online from SBI General Insurance from the company’s website. You can easily and instantly get travel insurance quotes from the portal as well.

SBI Travel Insurance Coverage

The cover that is available under the travel insurance policies from SBI General Insurance are the following.

  • SBI travel insurance policy covers Medical Expenses including Evacuation & Repatriation.
  • Coverage against Personal Accident in foreign country is also offered under the travel polices by SBI General Insurance.
  • Loss of Passport is covered under SBI travel insurance.
  • Golfer’s Hole-In-One.
  • Home Burglary Insurance.
  • Loss of Checked Baggage.
  • Trip Cancellation.
  • Trip Curtailment.
  • Missed Connection.
  • Delay of Checked Baggage.
  • Offers Hijack Cover at the rate of US $200 per 24 hrs.
  • Trip Delay compensation is paid at the rate of US $200 per 12 hrs under SBI Travel Insurance online.
  • SBI travel insurance policy provides Hospitalization Daily Allowance cash at the rate of US $50 per day.
  • Bail Bond.
  • Emergency Cash.
  • Personal Liability.

SBI Travel Insurance Renewal

The renewal of travel insurance policies by SBI General Insurance is a lot easier when it is done online. The way you buy SBI travel insurance, you can renew the same way. You have to log into the official online portal of SBI General Insurance Company Limited for your travel policy renewal online. Click on ‘Renew Now’ for your SBI Travel Insurance online renewal. Thereafter enter your travel insurance policy number and your date of birth and click on ‘Show Renewal Premium’. You will have to pay the premium online. You can choose to pay as per your chosen mode of payment. Once your premium payment has been paid online, you will be done with your SBI travel insurance renewal.

SBI Travel Insurance Exclusions

SBI General Insurance Company shall not be legally responsible to cover under the Policy for the followings:

  • No claim will be paid for instances where the Insured person is already receiving or on a waiting list for any specified medical treatment affirmed in the Physician's certificate or report, is travelling in opposition to the advice of a Physician, is travelling with the purpose of receiving medical treatment abroad or has received a fatal prognosis for a medical condition.
  • SBI travel insurance claim will not be paid if it is arising from suicide, attempted suicide or deliberately self inflicted illness or injury, anxiety, mental disorder, depression or stress, alcoholism, drunkenness or the abuse of the drugs, or any loss arising directly or indirectly from any illness, injury, death, expenses, loss, or other legal responsibility attributable to HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and/or any HIV related infirmity including AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) and/or any distorted derivative or difference, venereal disease etc.
  • No claim arising out of the Insured person’s taking part in Military, Naval, or Air force operations will be paid under the policy.
  • No claim will be paid if it arises out of invasion, war, insurrection, acts of foreign enemy, civil war, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), revolution, rebellion, seized or armed power or nationalization or confiscation or requisition of or destruction of or damage to possessions under or by the order of any local authority or government.
  • The travel insurance offers no coverage against any claim arising out of the destruction or loss or damage to any property whatsoever or any expenses or loss whatsoever arising or resulting from that or any momentous loss directly or indirectly contributed to or caused by or arising from contamination by radioactivity or ionising radiation from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel; or toxic, the radioactive, explosive or other hazardous properties of any explosive nuclear component or nuclear assembly thereof.
  • No claim will be paid arising out of the Insured person being engaged in Air Travel unless he or she flies as a passenger on an aircraft that has proper license to carry passengers. For the reason of this exclusion, Air Travel means being in or on, or boarding an aircraft for the purpose of flying in that or alighting there from following a flight.
  • No claim will be paid if it arises out of the Insured person’s participation in winter sports, mountaineering (where guides or ropes are usually used), driving or riding in rallies or races, potholing or caving, equestrian or hunting, skew diving or other underwater activity, canoeing or rafting involving white water rapids, boating or yachting exterior to the coastal waters (2 miles). Additionally no claim will be compensated if the Insured person takes participation in professional sports or any other hazardous sports, unless specifically covered as an extension of the Policy.
  • No claim will be paid for losses that arise out of accidents on two-wheeled motorized vehicles unless at the time of the accident the driver is duly fit, has the ownership of an existing full International driving license and the Insured individual is wearing a safety crash helmet.
  • No claim will be paid in case of losses arising directly or indirectly from physical work or risky occupation, or if engaging in any illegal or criminal act.
  • Will not cover any Pre-existing Disease: The Policy is not designed to offer protection in respect of medical services, the need for which is due to any pre-existing disease.
Frequently Asked Questions on Travel Insurance

1. What are the benefits of travel insurance?

The benefits of travel insurance include overseas emergency medical assistance, overseas emergency medical and hospital costs, accommodation and travel expenses, family emergency, cover for your travelling companion, accidental death, hospital cash allowance, luggage lost and delays, cancelation fees and long deposits, theft of cash or travel cheques and travel documents, personal liability, rental vehicle excess etc.

2.How do I claim on travel insurance?

You can claim on your travel insurance by simply calling your travel insurance provider but you must remember your travel insurance policy number when you make claim.

3.What are the different kinds of travel insurance?

Some of the different kinds of travel insurance include Corporate Travel Insurance policy, Student Travel Insurance policy, Family, Travel Insurance policy, Individual Travel Insurance policy etc.

4.Can you claim travel insurance if you miss your flight?

The travel insurance company will only accept your claim and cover your missed flight if you missed your flight for an insured reason.

5. What is travel insurance in flight?

Travel insurance in flight stands for covering any expenses associated with flight such as flight delay or flight cancelation etc.

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Aggregate Rating Value on SBI Travel Insurance is 4.5 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 31)

Aggregate Rating Value on SBI Travel Insurance is 4.5 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 31)