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Travelling is a great experience. In fact, no great joy in this world can be compared to the joy of travelling. Since travelling gives us a sense of freedom and a brand new opportunity to get familiar with the geographies of an unknown destination, travelling has become an essential part of our lives. But no matter how much seriousness or caution we apply on us before we go on a trip, sometimes we can’t seem to escape the destiny of ours. We may become the victim of some unforeseen and unexpected circumstance while travelling abroad. Therefore it’s vital to secure the lives and journey of yours and your loves one or travelling companions with the best travel insurance plan. Bharti AXA travel insurance policy plays this role with utmost integrity and effectiveness. The travel insurance policies from Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Limited offer extensive comprehensive coverage against various travel risks while you travel overseas. Bharti AXA travel insurance policies are mainly designed to safeguard you from any possible ill-fated circumstance in the course of your travel, hence provide you a stress-free travelling experience. You can now buy Bharti AXA travel insurance online in a hassle-free way. You can as well get instant quotes and special discounts on travel insurance plans online from Bharti AXA.


Why Should You Buy Bharti AXA Travel Insurance Policy?

You can avail a plethora of benefits and features if you purchase travel insurance plan from Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Limited. Some of the best benefits and features of Bharti AXA travel policy are below.

Trip Cancellation/Delay: Travel policy from Bharti AXA offers reimbursement towards the non-refundable prior payments or the extra expenses incurred that is subject to the limit of Sum Insured, on the cancelled trip or interrupted trip because of medical problems of insured/Insured person’s family member, personal service problems or any natural disasters.

Emergency Accommodation: On account of any natural disaster, if you’re unable to stay in your original accommodation, Bharti AXA travel insurance policy will compensate against the additional costs of emergency accommodation.

Hijack Distress: Distress allowance is compensated by Bharti AXA travel insurance policies if you get stuck in a hijack situation on a common carrier for a certain number of hours.

Daily Cash Allowance: The Bharti AXA travel insurance policy offers a payment of daily cash if the number of days an insured person is hospitalized is further than the specific number of days specified as per the policy document.

Loss of essentials: Loss/theft of documents, passport, and loss or of checked-in baggage is compensated under the policy.

Legal Expenses: Bharti AXA travel insurance plans cover all the legal expenses and costs in case of claims against third-party liabilities arising out of bodily injuries or death.

Affordable Premiums: Travel policies form Bharti AXA General Insurance Company chiefly focuses on securing your trip at an affordable price so you can have the best time of your life while in a abroad vacation.

Enjoy Family Floater Plan: This Bharti AXA travel insurance plan is mainly designed to protect your journey when you’re flying with your family. The plan will cover you, your spouse and 2 dependent children who are below 23yeras of age. However, this travel insurance plan can be as well purchased on individual basis.

Wide Age Group Covered: Different Bharti AXA travel insurance policy provides coverage to different age groups. The coverage period is 3 months to 85 years for non-Schengen, 3 months to 60 years for Schengen and the coverage is 3 months to 70 years for multi-trip.

Home Fire/Theft Insurance: In case you suffer any type of losses/damages due to theft, fire or housebreaking to your home in India in the course of your trip abroad – Bharti AXA travel insurance will compensate that too.

Additional Benefits: Apart from travel, medical and baggage benefits, the travel policies from Bharti AXA General Insurance also offer a number of additional benefits such as compensation against loss of passport, third-party liability, and emergency cash advances etc.

Emergency Financial Assistance: Bharti AXA travel insurance policies offer emergency financial assistance in case of an accidental loss of cash due to robbery, theft, mugging, or any such reasons.

How to Renew Travel Insurance Policies from Bharti AXA General Insurance?

Bharti AXA travel insurance renewal in India takes a very little time when it is done online. You will be required to log into the official online portal of the company for Bharti AXA travel insurance online renewal. Choose the plan you want to renew and thereafter enter your policy details and pay online via credit card, debit card or net banking. Once your premium is paid successfully online, you will be done with Bharti AXA travel insurance renewal.

Exclusions of Bharti AXA Travel Insurance Policy

If you buy Bharti AXA travel insurance plan, it doesn’t mean that it will provide coverage under every circumstance. There are some exclusions that are not covered under the travel insurance plans. Below is the list of conditions that Bharti AXA travel insurance does not cover.

Cosmetic Surgery: Bharti AXA travel insurance will not cover any cosmetic surgery that is done to improve your beauty unless the surgery is an indispensable part of treatments due to accidents when in abroad.

Self-inflicted Injury/Harm: Alcoholism, Suicide, Anxiety, Depression, or any other direct/indirect loss due to illness, death, etc. is not covered under the travel insurance plans from Bharti AXA Insurance.

Performing Professional and Risky Sports: Any sort of injuries resulting from participating in hazardous sports such as mountaineering etc. isn’t covered unless it’s particularly mentioned and agreed in the policy document.

Non-Allopathic Treatment: Bharti AXA travel insurance online doesn’t cover any homeopathic, yogic, unani or ayurvedic treatments in the course of your trip abroad.

Treatment That Could Be Delayed Until Return: Travel insurance policies from Bharti AXA General Insurance Company offer no coverage if the treating medical practitioner or the provider of emergency services decide that the treatment could be delayed until the return to India.

Participation in Warfare: No coverage is provided by Bharti AXA General Insurance for those involved in military, naval, or air force operations.

Medical Expenses Due To Unproven Treatment: You won’t be given any coverage under travel insurance plans from Bharti AXA for the expenses with respect to experimental or unproven treatments.

Illegal Activity: No coverage is offered under the travel insurance policy by Bharti AXA if the insured person indulges in a hazardous occupation or engages in criminal activities while on an abroad trip.

Limitations in Medical Expenditure: The travel policy from Bharti AXA provides no daily cash allowance in case of hospitalization against specific pre-existing conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions on Travel Insurance

1. Why would you buy travel insurance?

You should buy travel insurance because it can help you cover the costs of any harm such as trip or ticket cancellations, flight or baggage delays, emergency medical conditions etc. while you are travelling to an international to domestic destination.

2. What is not covered under travel insurance?

Travel insurance will not cover any injuries that you may suffer resulting from any sport or activity that is not covered within your travel insurance plan.

3. Which is the best travel insurance company?

Some of the best travel insurance companies in India are; TATA AIG Travel Insurance, Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance, HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance, Bharti AXA Travel Insurance etc.

4. How much does it cost for travel health insurance?

Since travel health insurance does not provide trip cancellation and other similar benefits, travel health insurance is quiet affordable. It will cost you around $40 to $80 for a relatively short overseas trip.

5. Can you buy travel insurance after booking your trip?

Yes, you can buy travel insurance after booking your trip. In most of the cases you can book travel insurance until the day before you actually begin your trip.

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Aggregate Rating Value on Bharti AXA Travel Insurance is 4.5 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 31)