United India Travel Insurance Overview

Travelling opens up our souls and the experience of travelling can’t be compared to anything in this world. Since travelling also imposes a number of complications on us, it’s very important to secure your journey with the best travel insurance plan. United India travel insurance offers a wide-ranging coverage for both your domestic and international trips. To talk about the company, United India Insurance Company Limited is the second largest general insurance company wholly owned by the government of India. United India Insurance has a number of products and services on offer. United India travel insurance policies are mainly designed to safeguard you against various travel related unfortunate circumstances such as trip delay, baggage delay or loss, flight delay, emergency medical assistance, travel allowance etc. any many more. In order to avail the benefits of United India travel insurance plans you will need to pay premium. Now you can buy United India travel insurance policy online through the company’s online portal in a hassle-free manner. You can likewise get instant travel insurance quotes from the site as well. Attractive discount on travel insurance premium is also offered by United India ontravel insurance plans online.

United India Travel Insurance Plans

United India basically has two types of travel insurance plans on offer.

Overseas Travel Insurance Plans:

Overseas Travel Insurance Plans from United India Insurance is a total package in terms of the coverage that it offers for you overseas trips. The travel insurance plan covers trip delays, trip cancelations, trip interruptions, health and medical expenses, various travel related expenses and many more. Overseas Travel Insurance plans from United India insurance are further classified as per the type of travel insurance preferences and travelling purpose you choose.

  1. Overseas Travel Insurance Plans for Business and Holiday

    • This United India travel insurance policy is available for persons going abroad for holiday & business purposes.
    • Protection against any expenses incurred due to medical treatment for disease / accident sustained in the course of your overseas trips.
    • This United India travel insurance plan provides supplementary coverage against loss of passport.
    • Availability of four different benefit plans.
  2. Overseas Travel Insurance Plans for Employment & Study

    • This United India travel insurance policy is designed for individuals travelling abroad for the purpose of higher studies or employment.
    • The travel insurance plan offers protection against any expenses incurred due to medical treatment from accident or disease sustained in the course overseas trips.
    • Availability of two benefit plan options.
  3. Overseas Travel Insurance Plans for Frequent Flyers:

    • Specifically designed for individuals travelling abroad on frequent basis.
    • Extensive medical coverage offered in case of various health complications or accidents.

Domestic Travel Insurance Plans:

As evident from the name, this travel insurance plan from United India Insurance Company offers coverage against any travel related complication while you are on a trip anywhere in India. On the basis of your requirements and travelling destinations in India, the Domestic Travel Insurance Plans from United India are further classified in the following categories.

  1. Baggage Insurance Plan:

    • This can be called the best United India travel insurance policy for all escorted baggage for the period of a journey within the country.
    • There’s a provision for additional coverage for luggage based on deceleration if you mention commencement of journey in prior.
    • Offers wide-ranging coverage against any damage or loss to the baggage in case of theft, riots, fire, terrorists, terrorist act, strike etc.
    • This United India travel insurance policy offers coverage for the contents of the baggage - damaged / lost resulting from any of the above mentioned conditions.
  2. Suhana Safar Plan:

    • This United India Travel Insurance plan is designed specifically for the family journey at any corner in India.
    • Offers personal accident cover and loss of Baggage cover to the insured spouse and dependent children.
    • Coverage available for a single round travel to any place mentioned up to the planned date of come back.
    • Can be purchased for journeys less than 60 days.
    • Benefit coverage offered for the period of outstation travel within India from the mentioned place of departure.
    • Personal accident cover offered of Rs. 1 lakh per head. Reimbursement of reasonable emergency for incidental expenses up to Rs.1000/- per head is offered.
    • This United India travel insurance plan offers protection against permanent disablement or death within 12 months resulting from bodily injury sustained from an accident.
    • Coverage against damage or loss of baggage on either real worth of the articles or Rs.500/- per article (whichever is less, If not specifically declared)
  3. Marg Bandhu Plan

    • This is a travel insurance plan by United India specifically designed for long distance journeys in India.
    • Total coverage in case of permanent/partial disablement or death in the course of a journey.
    • Covers hospitalization expenses due to an injury or ailment sustained in the course of the journey.
    • This United India travel insurance policy pays for the expenses for alternative travel arrangement in case of cancellation or diversion resulting from an accident to carrying train / vehicle.
    • Availability of superior coverage for Medical expenses and various assorted expenses on payment of extra premium.
    • 100 % of Sum Insured is offered in case of death.
    • 50% of Sum Insured is provided in the cases of loss of one eye or one limb.
    • Widespread coverage for damage or loss to baggage while on tour.
    • As per capital Sum Insured, permanent partial disablement is covered under this United India travel insurance policy.

United India Travel Insurance Renewal

The renewal of United India travel insurance policies can be completed the same way you buy United India travel insurance online. All you have to do is visit the official online website of United India Insurance Company Limited for an instant renewal of your travel insurance plan. Enter your policy number for United India travel insurance online renewal and thereafter pay the premium online. Once you have made the payment on your premium, you’ll be done with United India travel insurance renewal.

United India Travel Insurance Exclusions

  • Any claim before the actual starting of the plan due to any consequential event in past prior to the commencement of plan coverage.
  • Claim where the insured is already under medical treatment of a physician while purchasing travel insurance.
  • Claims filed against accidents or illnesses which an Insured Person has caused intentionally or by involving in a criminal offence or due to indulgence in alcoholic substances such as drugs, alcohols etc.
  • Loss / damages resulting from the insured person’s taking part in any sort of Military, Naval or Air Force operation.
  • Claims arising out of the denunciation of physician advice.
  • Cases where insured person/s has received an incurable prognosis for a medical condition.
  • HIV/AIDS, Venereal diseases etc.
  • Claims against anxiety, mental disorder / illness, stress of depression etc.
Frequently Asked Questions on Travel Insurance

1.What does Travelocity travel insurance cover?

Travelocity covers all the cancelation fees imposed by the Airline Company or hotel if you, for some reason, cancel your trip prior to the scheduled time of your trip.

2.What is airline insurance good for?

Airline insurance is good since it covers you, yourfamily, companion and business partner from various unforeseen events like medical emergencies, medical evacuation, sudden death, bad weather, travel delay,plane crash, and even situations where your travel supplier goes bankrupt etc.

3.Is travel insurance is mandatory for us?

No, travel insurance is not mandatory for us. We can travel anywhere in the world without travel insurance. Travel insurance is a form of travel precaution that one should take before flying overseas.

4.What is travel insurance good for?

Travel insurance is good for everything it offers in the form of coverage such as trip cancelations, medical expenses, lost luggage, flight accident, and many other losses incurred when you travel.

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Aggregate Rating Value on United India Travel Insurance is 4.4 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 32)

Aggregate Rating Value on United India Travel Insurance is 4.4 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 32)