About National Travel Insurance Policy

National travel insurance plans are designed to offer widespread protection while you are travelling overseas for purposes such as a business trip, holiday trip or an education trip. Various unforeseen and unpredictable circumstances like passport or baggage loss, flight delay, flight cancelation etc are covered under the travel insurance plans by National Insurance. To steer clear of any such scenarios while travelling overseas, the best suggestion is to resort to National travel insurance policy.

To concise about the company, National Insurance Company Limited (NICL) is the largest non-life general insurance company in India. The company has a number of effective insurance services on offer of which travel insurance policies are one. NIC was established in the year 1906 and the company has its headquarters in Kolkata.

So if you are looking for hassle-free travel insurance with quick and transparent claim settlement process, National travel policy can offer you the best. Go as per your coverage choice and requirements and buy national travel insurance online to secure your journey with wide-ranging protection.

Travel Insurance Plans Offered by National Insurance Company

Catering to non-life sector, National travel insurance comes with two types of plans from which you can choose.

Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday:This National Travel Insurance policy takes care of the medical expenses incurred by an insured person while travelling overseas/abroad for business or leisure purpose. Apart from this, you can buy this travel insurance plan from National Insurance for the protection against passport loss, loss of checked baggage, personal liability etc.

Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies:This travel insurance plan from National Insurance Company covers expenses incurred by an insured person while travelling overseas/abroad for employment and study pursuing purposes. The travel insurance plan also offers coverage against dental cover, medical expenses, personal accident, checked in baggage, compassionate visits, death or injuries due to accident etc.

Why National Travel Insurance?

Travelling is indeed a beautiful experience. But travelling also brings a host of risks that could affect our mental, physical and financial state. Despite having a good travel planning, anything out of the box of unfortunate incidents can pop up. Therefore, it’s important to secure your with the best travel insurance plan. And this job is incredibly performed by National travel insurance policies. Here are some of the reasons why you should go for National travel policy.

  • Travel policies from National Insurance Company Limited are mainly designed to protect you against any unforeseen circumstance that you could face while travelling an international or overseas destination.
  • You can choose a basic travel insurance plan from National Insurance or you can as well opt for a travel insurance policy with extended coverage option.
  • The travel policy covers all the medical expenses (as per coverage areas & Sum Insured) in case of an emergency in a foreign country.
  • National travel insurance policy prepares you well for any financial setback and keeps you and your loved ones or travelling companions away from all types of worries while travelling overseas.
  • With the comprehensive travel insurance plan from National Insurance Company Limited, you can easily brush off the stress related to any financial loss due to a medical emergency while travelling abroad.
  • You can easily get instant quotes, renew, purchase or buy National travel insurance online in India through the company’s website instantly right before setting your foot abroad.
  • The company provides 24/7 assistance. Discounts on premium can also be availed.

How to Buy Travel Insurance Plans from National Insurance Company Limited?

Once your overseas trip gets finalized and you get your visa approved you can easily buy National travel insurance online. You have to fill a proposal form and submit it online by visiting the official website of National Insurance Company Limited in order to avail travel insurance policies from the company. You will have to pay the premium as per your chosen package, and thereafter the insurer will issue you a travel policy.

National Travel Insurance Policy Renewal

You can easily renew your travel policy online from National insurance without any hassle. In order to renew your travel plan, you will have to visit the portal of NICL. Thereafter, choose your policy type and choose renew option for National Travel Insurance online renewal. Thereafter, enter your previous policy details and you can also choose to add some additional features with your National travel insurance policy. You’ll have to pay the premium online for the completion of National Travel Insurance Renewal and in the end you will get confirmation receipt in your registered mail id or you can also download and save the renewal details as well in case of future use.

What Is the Claim Process for National Travel Insurance?

The one and only reason people buy insurance policies in India is to avail the most benefits when they file a claim. For National travel policy, the claim process is easy and simple. Firstly, you will need to fill up a claim form with necessary and accurate information. Thereafter, submit or send the form to the insurer. If the company is satisfied with your National travel insurance claim, you will get your claim approved within the shortest period of time without any hassle.

Take Note

National Insurance is a renowned insurance company in India; in fact it’s the oldest general insurance company in India. You can’t really predict or foretell what unfortunate situation you may have to witness while travelling overseas. So it’s always a good idea to travel with a travel insurance plan. That way you will feel more secure as you are on your trip. You can buy National travel insurance online without any hassle. Likewise, you can also compare National travel insurance premiums with other companies.

Frequently Asked Questions on Travel Insurance

1. Why do you have travel insurance?

One of the main situations where you should have travel insurance is whenever you are travelling overseas.

2. When should you get travel insurance?

You should get travel insurance before you are travelling overseas. Many travel insurance provides require you to buy travel insurance within a specific time period or specified number of days that is usually 10-14days from your initial travel insurance deposit.

3. Do you need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is specifically designed to give you protection against any unforeseen travel misfortunes such as flight cancelation, baggage getting lost or stolen, medical emergencies etc. Therefore you certainly need travel insurance before you are travelling to an international or domestic destination.

4. How late is too late to buy travel insurance?

You can wait until the day of your departure to buy travel insurance, but once you have begun your trip, it will be too late to buy travel insurance for you.

5. How does Airline travel insurance work?

Airline travel insurance is offered by Airline agencies that give you coverage for trip interruption or trip cancelation when you travel.

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Aggregate Rating Value on National Travel Insurance is 4.5 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 31)