IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance Overview

Chiefly talking about the past fashions, there’s no doubt that travel has become a foreseeable part of our lives – both professional and personal. With the ever increasing urge in a man to travel, search and conquer insuperable and outlying destinations, there has been an incredible emphasize in the safety and security associated with it. To battle with the contingencies arising out of travel abroad or any international destination, having the best travel insurance is a must. IFFCO Tokio travel insurance is primarily designed to protect you against such complications arising out of various travel related issues. The company offers travel insurance policies at affordable prices with attractive discounts.

To brief about the company, IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company Limited was incorporated on 4th December 2000. IFFCO Tokio is basically a joint business enterprise between Indian Farmers Fertilizer Co-operative (IFFCO) and its associates and Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Group, the major insurance provider in Japan. The company has various insurance solutions on offer.

IFFCO Tokio travel insurance policy plays a crucial role in terms of slaying your fear at the prospect of some unforeseen incidents that might wreck your hard earned holiday or a vital business meeting. Ill-fated circumstance may occur at any given moment of your journey and to offer you protection from such worries, IFFCO Tokio Travel insurance online can be your ideal support. Travel policies from IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company Limited can now be purchased or renewed from the company’s online portal. You can as well get instant quotes on IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance policies online.

Special Features and Benefits of IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance Policy

IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance online comes packed with a plethora of benefits such as protection against lost or delayed baggage, flight cancelation, emergency medical evacuation, medical treatment in a foreign land etc. Some of the special and best benefits that you can avail by choosing to buy IFFCO Tokio travel insurance policy are discussed below.

Instant Policy: You can effortlessly buy IFFCO Tokio travel insurance online from the official portal of the company. All you will have to do is provide the necessary details, choose the policy type, get quote and pay premium online to purchase travel insurance plans from IFFCO Tokio General Insurance.

24/7 Assistance: IFFCO Tokio General Insurance provides round the clock support regarding travel insurance policies via phone calls and online.

Medical Assistance: In case of any unforeseen reason if you are required to get admitted in an overseas hospital, IFFCO Tokio travel insurance policy will reimburse the expenses, which would otherwise be so much higher than the Indian currency if you paid from your own pocket.

Lost Baggage:In the course of your journey, or even in the airport, if your baggage gets lost or stolen, IFFCO Tokio travel insurance policy will cover it.

Flight Delay or Cam elation: In case of flight delay or flight cancelation due to any possible unforeseen reason IFFCO Tokio travel insurance online offers coverage.

Extensive Coverage: With the comprehensive IFFCO Tokio travel insurance plan, you can easily steer clear of the stress linked with any financial loss due to various unforeseen travel circumstances such as Loss of Checked Baggage, Personal Accident (Common Carrier), Hospital Cash, Emergency Dental Treatment, Medical Evacuation, Emergency Financial Assistance, Contingency Travel Benefits, Repatriation and Hijack Distress Allowance etc.

Quick and Hassle-free Claim Settlement: IFFCO Tokio General insurance offers very fast and hassle free claim settlement process under their travel insurance policies.

IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance Plans

As per your requirements, IFFCO Tokio General Insurance has two types of plans on offer under travel insurance policy. They are,

Travel Insurance Plan: This is a basic comprehensive IFFCO Tokio travel insurance plan that covers all possible mishaps traveler may face in the course his/her trip. The policy comes with affordable premium option and provides maximum protection. The policy can be purchased online and customers have been given special freedom to choose their proffered amount of premium. This IFFCO Tokio travel insurance policy requires simple documentations and offers hassle free processing. In exchange of a little premium, IFFCO Tokio offers widespread coverage under their travel insurance plans.

Pravasi Bhartiya Bima Yojna: This plan is based on the instructions issued by Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. As it is imposed by the Indian Government, all the Indian emigrants travelling overseas or abroad for employment purposes with ECR (Emigration Check Required) endorsement on their passport have to compulsorily take this insurance plan. The travel insurance plan offers special defense to such Nonresident Indian who are living abroad mainly for employment purpose.

IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance Renewal

The renewal of travel insurance policies from IFFCO Tokio General Insurance is very simple, easy and fast. It is as similar as buying travel insurance online from the company’s site. For IFFCO Tokio travel Insurance online renewal you will be required to log into the official site of the company. Thereafter, choose your policy type, your travel insurance plan type and enter some necessary details to renew your travel insurance plan from IFFCO Tokio General Insurance. Once you have provided your necessary details, proceed to the next step to pay the online premium. You can choose to pay premium by selecting your preferred way of payment like credit card, debit card or net banking. After you have paid your premium online, you will receive a confirmation soft copy regarding IFFCO Tokio travel insurance renewal online in your registered mail id. You can also download and save the renewal details for future use.

IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance Exclusions

  • Any claim prior to the actual commencement of the plan coverage or due to any consequential event in past prior to the commencement of plan coverage.
  • Cases where the customer is already under medical treatment to a physician at the time of purchasing travel insurance.
  • Any health claim occurred due to the denunciation of physician advice.
  • The insured taking part in any sort of Military, Naval or Air Force operation.
  • If insured person/s has received a terminal prognosis for a medical condition.
  • Any claim raised against accidents or illnesses what an Insured Person has caused deliberately or by committing a crime or as a result of being indulged in alcoholic substances such as drugs and alcohols etc.
  • Any claims registered against anxiety, mental disorder, stress of depression etc.
  • HIV/AIDS, Venereal diseases etc.
Frequently Asked Questions on Travel Insurance

1. Why have travel insurance?

You should have travel insurance because you can’t predict what could happen when you visit overseas and getting a medical treatment overseas could cost you more than you can imagine. Besides this prime reason, you should consider travel insurance for similar benefits such as flight cancelation or delays, getting your baggage lost or stolen etc.

2.Do airlines have travel insurance?

Yes, airlines do have travel insurance policies. Airlines basically offer trip cancellation or interruption coverage and travel or baggage delay coverage.

3.Can we travel without travel insurance?

Of course you can travel without insurance. You can travel anywhere in the world without travel insurance. But travelling without insurance would be jeopardizing your life.

4.Is it mandatory to have travel insurance?

No. It is not mandatory for anyone to have travel insurance. Still you should consider travel insurance before travelling to shield your financial condition from any unforeseen incidents while you travel overseas.

5.What is covered by trip cancellation insurance?

Trip cancelation insurance covers in reimbursement the unused value of your trip and also pays the expense of one-way airfare up to the policy limit.

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Aggregate Rating Value on IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance is 4.3 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 37)

Aggregate Rating Value on IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance is 4.3 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 37)