How to choose best Travel Insurance Plan

Travelling has come to become a part of our regime. Every now and then you travel, sometimes for a vacation, sometimes for business, sometimes education and sometimes even for medical causes. You may travel alone or with a partner, sometimes even a group. But every single time you travel, a happy journey and a safe journey is what is on your mind. Yet, you always fear the loss of a baggage or an unforeseen critical accident that may cause a lot of injury to you or your dear one. It is undeniable that we do not possess such fears. If in case such an incident or accident occurs you are left to face a heavy emotional and economic loss. Any economic loss that you incur can be covered up by a Travel Insurance Plan. Let us guide you to the haven of Travel Insurance Plans and Policies.

Types of travel you make:

  • When you travel by yourself
  • When you travel with a partner
  • When you travel with your family
  • When you travel with friends
  • When you travel as a student/ group of students

Outright Travel Insurance Plans

You as a travelling person may belong to the student bracket or to the senior citizen cluster, no hesitations. We are here to provide for you the perfect Travel Insurance Plan. Our company has a list of insurance providers who provide coverage policies for 7 to 70 years of age. The array of plans that are available before you helps you to compare and sort out the best plan that suits your purpose.

Types of plans we provide:

  • Individual Travel Insurance policy- When you are travelling alone, even the loss of a luggage can be a stressful incident. Our Individual Travel Insurance plan provides you with coverage for not only lost luggage but also for any unforeseen medical emergency.
  • Corporate Travel Insurance policy- While travelling for your company, your safety is no less of an issue compared to any other reason for your travel. A delayed trip or a cancelled flight can cause havoc on your business schedule. Our Corporate Travel Insurance plan covers for any and every possible unforeseen event that might occur when you are on your proceedings.
  • Student Travel Insurance policy- When on the pursuit of a bright career, any other worries must be put out of the way. Our Student Travel Insurance plan ensures you with a calm and composed journey so that you are not panic-stricken when you arrive at your destination. No need to worry about lost baggage or passports if you are insured with our Student Travel Insurance plan.
  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance policy- Let your age be no botheration to your travel. Our Senior Citizen Travel Insurance plan covers for emergency medical situations. As we tie up with the top hospitals of your travel destination, all worries of any extra medical expenses are taken care of.
  • Family Travel Insurance policy- The topnotch priority in your life is held by your family. When you are travelling with them, you are at a constant worry for their safety and well being. Family Travel Insurance plan provides you with full coverage for all the members of any age travelling with you.
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Aggregate Rating Value on Travel Insurance Plan is 4.5 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 31)

Aggregate Rating Value on Travel Insurance Plan is 4.5 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 31)