Everything you need to know about Travel Insurance Policy

Travelling is an essential part of your life. You travel for work or for a break the best guard you can expect to take along with you is your Travel insurance plan. GIBL provide you with an array of Travel Insurances to choose from. A reasonable premium avails you with a cover from any unexpected expenses you may face while on travel.
Catalogue: Travel Insurance Policies GIBL dispenses

  • Corporate Travel Insurance policy
  • Student Travel Insurance policy
  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance policy
  • Family Travel Insurance policy
  • Individual Travel Insurance policy

Corporate Travel Insurance policy

A Corporate Travel Insurance policy or Business Travel Insurance policy is a Travel Insurance Policy provides for the employees of a company by the company. A Corporate Travel Insurance policy is provided to the employee who is travelling from one location to another on behalf of the company for work relayed purpose. The Corporate Travel Insurance policy is purchased by the company for the employee to cover any unexpected costs that may occur during his or her travel.

Student Travel Insurance policy

As a student, unplanned expenses out-of-pocket can be stressful. Our Student Travel Insurance policy makes sure that in any case of emergency you as a student do not have to worry about the additional unplanned expense. Our Student Travel Insurance policy provides reimbursement for missed or delayed flights, cancelled flights, lost checked baggage, loss of passport along with multiple other events that may occur while you are on travel.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance policy

A Senior Citizen Travel Insurance policy can be the best available option of protection for you as a senior person or your beloved parents when they are travelling. Our Senior Citizen Travel Insurance policy has a huge range and variety covered under its premium policy. The most important characteristic of our Senior Citizen Travel Insurance policy is medical coverage. We provide coverage for any emergency evacuation, coverage as the penalty is provided for accidental death as a passenger.

Family Travel Insurance policy

Family trips are a vital part of the family life. When travelling with your family, you constantly troubled by apprehension. Our Family Travel Insurance policy is available in two plans

  • Single Trip Coverage
  • Annual Coverage

If you tend to travel more than once or twice a year, a single trip coverage plan can cost you a higher premium compared to an annual coverage plan.

Individual Travel Insurance policy

An Individual Travel Insurance policy assists you through any emergency financial requirements while you are on your trip. The premiums are affordable and cover for the age group of 3months to 60 years.

Traits of GIBL docketed Travel Insurance policy

  • Claimed Travel Insurance policy in just 2 minutes.

  • Coverage for flight cancellations, delayed flight and unanticipated change in plans.

  • Antecedent medical issues covered at no extra cost.

  • Coverage available for loss of Checked Baggage and Passport at any time.

  • A personal Accident while on the trip and Personal Liability resulted due to such accidents is also covered.

  • Quick and easy claim settlement available with cashless options.

GIBL compares more than 25 insurers to provide you with the best policies available. You can choose your options judiciously from GIBL’s online portal to grab the best deal. GIBL’s online policies make your work easy and in a jiffy you can purchase your plan. You can download the GIBL app and buy your policy from your smartphone. Payment through online mode is also available for you at GIBL portal to seal the deal in a snick.

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Aggregate Rating Value on Travel Insurance Policy is 4.5 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 31)

Aggregate Rating Value on Travel Insurance Policy is 4.5 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 31)