United India Commercial Vehicle Insurance Overview

A vehicle that is used for commercial purpose other than own private use, falls under the commercial vehicle category. However, commercial vehicle such as bus, truck, auto, taxi, van, lorry etc all have just as much importance as any other private vehicle in terms of insurance coverage. Such commercial vehicle are either a medium of goods transport from one city to another city or are engaged for the transferring passenger from one destination to another on fare basis.

Commercial vehicles undoubtedly put on a lot of hard work on a day to day basis. It doesn’t matter if you own a truck that carries goods from one place to another or a touring vehicle that transfers passengers all day long, commercial vehicle insurance policies of all types contribute in the development of business and help in a faster transportation. The incessant functioning and performance of these vehicles makes them much prone to a number of risks and various natural and manmade calamities. And these unpredicted damages can lead to exorbitant repairing costs.

Taking into consideration of the fact that the repairing costs of commercial vehicles have soared higher, it could give you a financial setback. For this reason, to steer clear out of any such circumstance, you must make sure that the commercial vehicle of yours is protected from any possible damage that could come upon it. United India commercial vehicle insurance package policy is developed to provide you with the best solution in terms of comprehensive coverage on your commercial vehicle.

Commercial vehicle insurance policies from United India are designed in such a way that is protects you against any situations where your vehicle is damaged from an accident. You can easily buy or renew United India commercial vehicle insurance online by simply visiting the company’s official website. You can get commercial vehicle insurant quote from the company website. However, it’s always advisable to compare United India commercial vehicle insurance policy online before purchasing or renewing one.

Highlights of United India Commercial Vehicle Insurance

The main purpose of the commercial vehicle insurance policy from United India Insurance Company is to defend you against the financial crisis from repairing costs. Commercial Vehicle Package Policy from United India offers fully comprehensive insurance for your commercial vehicles. United India Commercial Vehicle insurance plans not only cover you against any third party liability claim, but it also provides coverage against any accidental damage or loss to the vehicle, as well as the policy also protects you against death or bodily injury in the event of an accident. Find out the features of United India commercial auto insurance online.

  • Cover available for damage or loss to the insured commercial vehicle
  • Offer liability third party liability cover
  • Personal Accident Cover for available for Owner and/or Driver
  • Availability of No Claim Bonus (NCB)
  • Offers cover for towing disabled vehicles
  • The company has additional covers on offer to extend protection
  • Cashless claim settlement offered at network garages

Benefits of United India Commercial Vehicle Insurance

United India commercial vehicle insurance online comes with a host of benefits in terms of the coverage that it offers. Apart from providing comprehensive coverage, the commercial vehicle insurance policy makes sure you are safe and stay worry free from any trouble that you could come across. Find out the benefits of United India commercial vehicle insurance online below.

Third Party Liability:Third partly liability policy covers against third party legal liability arising out of the use of the vehicle with regard to bodily injury or death to occupants carried in a vehicle different than the insured’s vehicle. United India third party commercial vehicle insurance also covers damage to property belonging to a third party in the event of an accident.

Own Damage CoverUnited India commercial vehicle insurance online covers damage or loss to the insured vehicle against various perils such as self ignition, burglary, fire explosion, lightning, theft or housebreaking, strike, riot, flood, vandalism, earthquake, hurricane, typhoon, malicious acts, terrorist activity, accidental external means, damage to the vehicle whilst in transit via elevator, rail, inland-waterway, lift, road, air, rockslide or landslide etc. Own damage cover is available on the purchase of ‘Package Policy’ from United India

Personal Accident Cover for Owner / Driver

A compensation is payable by United India depending on the nature of injury sustained in case of death/bodily injury caused to the owner and/or driver of the vehicle.

  • Covers up to 100% of the in case of death and Loss of two limbs / sight of two eyes / one limb & sight of one eye.
  • Covers up to 50% in the event of loss of one limb or sight of one eye.
  • Covers up to 100% in case of permanent total disablement from injuries except for the ones specified ones in the policy.
  • This compensation is only payable by the company, when the injury or death caused within six calendar months of accidental external and visible means. Under personal accident cover, a maximum sum of Rs. 1 lakh is payable during any one period of insurance.

    No Claim Bonus (NCB)At the time of motor insurance renewal, the insured is entitled to receive a No Claim Bonus on the renewal premium as per the NCB percentage applicable. The NCB percentage includes 20%, 25%, 35%, 45% & 50%. The No Claim Bonus (NCB) is explained as a percentage of discounts on the ‘Own Damage’ premium.

    Towing CoverThis cover is beneficial when the insured commercial vehicle is being used for towing a mechanically disabled vehicle towards third party liability with regard to such towed vehicle. However, the coverage is subject to the terms as per policy documents.

    Additional DiscountsUnited India commercial vehicle insurance online lets you enjoy attractive discounts on premium if you opt for the automobile association membership, installation of anti-theft device, specially designed vehicle for the use of blind, mentally challenged and handicapped persons.

Additional Covers Available with United India Commercial Vehicle Insurance

You can, however, extend the coverage of your United India commercial vehicle policy by including some add-on covers on offer from the company. Please note that you will have to pay additional premium to enjoy the benefits of additional covers with United India commercial vehicle insurance online. Below are the following additional covers that can be procured upon the payment of additional premium.

Bi-fuel Kit:Upon the purchase of add-on covers with United India commercial vehicle insurance policy, the CNG-LPG bi-fuel kit can be covered.

Personal Accident Cover:United India offers additional personal accident cover for named or unnamed passengers, as per the policy documentation.

Additional Legal Liabilities:UIIC has additional legal liabilities add-on cover on offer towards Paid driver employed for the operation of the commercial vehicle and other employees driving or travelling in the vehicle other than paid driver is covered.

You can also go for add-on covers for the Extension of Geographical Area, Fuel Tanks, Fibre Glass, Electrical or Electronic Fittings etc with the United India commercial vehicle insurance policy.

United India Commercial Vehicle Insurance Policy Exclusions

Just like any other motor insurance policy in India, commercial vehicle insurance plan also has a number of exclusions. There are a number of factors that are not covered under United India commercial vehicle insurance policies.

  • Doesn’t cover any claim arising out of any contractual liability
  • Accidental damage/loss incurred on the outer surface of the specified geographical area
  • Any loss or damage arising out of intoxicated driving
  • Damage or loss to the vehicle due to invasion, war, act of foreign enemy, etc is not covered.
  • Doesn’t cover of the vehicle is used otherwise than in accordance with the policy specified limitation as per the policy documentation
  • Consequential loss is not covered
  • Damage or loss due to wear and tear, depreciation
  • Doesn’t cover mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • It is, however, important to compare commercial vehicle insurance quotes online before jumping in the conclusion about the purchase of any particular vehicle insurance from an insurer. To save money on the motor insurance premium this method is useful. Commercial vehicle insurance from the United India Insurance Company certainly is enough to keep your business running without any obstacle arising out of an accident or a third partly liability clam. The renewal or purchase of these policies can be completed in just few minutes online. Whichever you go, you need to make sure that you have ample coverage available.

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Aggregate Rating Value on United India Commercial Vehicle insurance is 4.7 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 30)

Aggregate Rating Value on United India Commercial Vehicle insurance is 4.7 out of 5 (Total Rating Count: 30)