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Subir Mukherjee, managing director, GIBL is an eminent serial entrepreneur with more than 14 years of experience all over the world. He specializes in company build up that is based on internet, software, mobile technology. Subir Mukherjee possesses a bachelor degree in Mathematics and post-graduate degree in in Computer Application from Shibpur BE College. He has been a part of leading companies in Europe and Asia in the likes of PWC, America Online (AOL) and many other Frotune 500 companies designated as software development consultant.

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Miscellaneous Insurance | General Insurance Related News

Kolkata based start –up GIBL.IN totally overwhelmed its customers when it arrived at their door step with a complete office. March is a financial year-end and everyone has their own work to do, everyone is very busy. So it is quite hard to find the time to manage personal insurance renewal, ta […]

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Miscellaneous Insurance | Get Informed about General Insurance

In an interview with BW Businessworld, Subir Mukherjee, Founder & Director, GIBL, shares goals for the next five years in terms of premium mobilization, renewal rates, top line and bottom line. Tell us a bit about GIBL’s business model. Are you mainly B2C or do you have a B2B play a […]

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Whether to Buy Cancer-specific Health Plan or Critical Illness Policy?

We are all well-aware of those critical illness covers that encompasses a myriad of diseases. In addition to those already existing plans, a new set of health plans have come up to offer protection from deadly ailments. Since these plans cover the insured from a particular disease, we now can stay s […]

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Millennials Possibly to Buy Health Insurance Policy Online

The average millennial may not think twice to spend money on designer shoes and wearables, but that does not mean they are not saving for a rainy day either. And several studies show their proclivity to insurance products. The Indian millennial consumer base is a force to be reckoned with, compri […]

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5 sure-fire ways to bring down premium of your comprehensive car plan

Mr. Nikhil Singh, a Delhite, has lately bought a new car. Mr.Singh has been contemplating buying a car for a long time. Now he is on the verge of retirement and his sons are well-settled. So, he thought this is the best time to purchase a car to enjoy his life after retirement in style. He bought a […]

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Consider 5 key aspects while buying a family floater plan

Mr. Rohit Sharma is a 35 years old well-settled healthy person. He works in a reputable bank and his wife Priya is 30 years old and also a teacher in a private school. This couple has two children; a 10 years old son and a daughter who is 5 years old. Mr. Sharma has been in search for a health plan […]

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Compare & Buy Individual Health Insurance Policy Online

Finding an individual health insurance policy is far from being difficult in India. The tough part is the selection of the right health policy. There is a myriad of insurance establishments available in India and many of these firms offer multiple insurance products. In addition to that, an increasi […]

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Cyber Insurance Is Gaining Prominence In India

In the aftermath of demonetization, India saw a whopping growth in online financial transaction. The ground-breaking move well and truly gave impetus to digital transactions in India. Rise in Digital Payment Transaction India saw a staggering 105% rise in digital payment solution post-demoneti […]

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Quick Guideline For Cyber Security & Cyber Insurance In India

Internet is growing rapidly all across the globe. Simultaneously there are continues research is going all across to find out various innovative ways to attack your existing computing environment. In a scenario where internet and computing environment has become a common place in cyber world, Ill […]

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