Buy Motor Insurance Only from the Companies with Cashless Garage Network, or Else, Be Prepared to Regret It!

Buy Motor Insurance Only from the Companies with Cashless Garage Network, or Else, Be Prepared to Regret It!

Whether you are buying car insurance or renewing the policy for your two-wheeler vehicle online, it’s time you drive your focus and attention to the importance of taking vehicle insurance only from the insurers that has PAN-India network of cashless garages.

In a stronger note, you may also want to make sure that the repairing center you generally prefer to go to in case of any minor or major issues of your motor vehicle is associated with the network of garages offered by your car or bike insurance provider.

And in case you fail to meet this vital requirement in terms of purchasing vehicle insurance, chances are you are likely to regret it later.

Vehicle insurance comes in handy when you have an accident with someone else's vehicle. In this situation, the front party goes to the court claims for the compensation against the damages done to their vehicle or property. Any of us can get stuck in this situation. 

It is necessary for all vehicles in India to have insurance, at least the third-party policy in order to become legally eligible to drive your vehicle on road. In this regard, you must take vehicle insurance from a company with PAN-India network or else you may have to regret it. 

As per to the Motor Vehicle Act, if someone drives a vehicle without insuring it, it is a legal offense. Vehicle insurance is the most useful in this situation. Now, it is mandatory to take 3 or 5 years long-term third-party insurance only when buying a car or two-wheelers. 

A motor insurance policy basically covers your loss in case of accident, natural disaster, bike, scooter or car theft. Insurance companies are responsible for the loss due to accidents caused by your bike or car (in case of third-party only or comprehensive motor insurance plan) as well as the loss or damage your own vehicle suffers (in case of comprehensive motor insurance), depending on the coverage or plan you choose to buy as long as the vehicle is covered.

In this aspect, the most important thing to keep in mind while taking vehicle insurance is that you opt for a motor insurance policy only from a company that has a strong PAN-India network of cashless garages.

Another advantage of buying vehicle insurance from a company that offers PAN-India network of garage  is that in the event of wear and tear after the accident, you will get better service and that too cashless. It is known that the government has been working on new schemes to curb the vehicles running on roads without insurance in the country.

Therefore, you should never underestimate the significance of having a good vehicle insurance policy from the insurance company that has a countrywide large network of cashless garages. 

“But how do I find the motor insurers with the largest network of cashless garages in India?” must be the question that coming up in your mind right now after reading this article.

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