Car Insurance Add-on Covers: Essentials for Monsoon Seasons

Car Insurance Add-on Covers: Essentials for Monsoon Seasons

For many, monsoon is a romantic season. However, car-owners in India don't quite feel that way and there are reasons behind loathing monsoon in India. Indian monsoons are nightmares for car-owners in India. The infamous Mumbai rain in 2005 took toll of 698 lives and damaged 20,000 cars. Very recently, Chennai rain also wreaked havoc with car-owners by battering around a whopping 10,000 cars. Apart from heavy rains and floods, poor or lack of planning also contribute to the dreadful experience of driving in Indian monsoon.

Get Car Insurance and Keep Your Car Protected in Monsoon

Natural disasters like cloudbursts are beyond the control of human beings. Neither you can forecast nor control such perils; all you can do is take precautions and take evasive action when a calamity befalls. To stay financially protected during monsoon, the best a car-owner in India can do is buy car insurance online. Once your car is insured, you can claim total compensation in case of total damage and a part of the total insured value in case your insured car is partially damaged. In two catastrophic events mentioned above, car insurance companies in India received a flurry of claims and paid a staggering Rs. 3000 crore in car insurance claim alone.

However, not all claims made on car insurance is approved. Usually, car-owners make claims when their cars break down, engines gets locked. Sometimes, car-owners also make claims for cleaning of their submerged vehicles. While the claim for cleaning insured vehicle is permissible under the purview of motor insurance coverage, rest are excluded from the ambit of coverage of a regular car insurance policy in India. Here is an example for you;

If you drive your insured car in a water-logged street and water enters inside the engine and damages it, your car insurer won't pay you a penny as it is considered as gross negligence. To repair or replace a damaged engine can burn a huge whole in your pocket as you have to shell out in the range of Rs 50,000 to Rs 5 lakh. In case you have a high-end car, you will have to fritter away as much as Rs 10-15 lakh for high-end cars. So, what should you do to cover up such unwanted waste of your hard-earned money? Simple, you can avail car insurance add-on covers along with a standard motor insurance policy online.

Why do You Need Car Insurance Add-On Covers?

Since, damages due to negligent driving are not covered by standard motor insurance online plans, you need to avail relevant add-on covers that provide protection in this type of damages. Armed with the right set of car insurance add-on covers, you can easily avoid denials of claims made on your motor insurance. So, what are the most essential add-on cover that you should opt for to ensure worry-free drives during monsoon. Here is a list of motor insurance add-on cover that you should avail this monsoon.

Engine Protector Cover

Since engine is the most costly component of any vehicle, your first and foremost focus should be on keeping it covered. An engine-protector add-on cover pays out monetary compensation in case of engine damage. Engine damage due to water ingression is a regular affair in monsoon and this add-on cover provides much-needed coverage against it. Apart from covering engine, oil leakage and damage of gearbox are also covered under the engine-protector add-on cover. Depending on the price of the insured car, the cost of engine-protector cover is in the range of Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3000. Just imagine! You can save a hefty amount of replacing or repairing damaged engine, if you choose to invest a tiny amount in buying this add-on cover.

Roadside Assistance Cover

While driving through water-logged streets, more often than not, cars get stalled. If you come across such a situation you need towing assistance to remove your immobile vehicle. A roadside assistance cover can provide you this facility along with many other benefits. If you get this add-on cover, you no longer have to call your insurer and ask for help. Moreover, this car insurance add-on cover also provides many other important services such as arranging alternative vehicle, accommodation, fixing flat tyres, battery jumpstart and many more. All these services would have cost you a few thousands rupees but for a roadside assistance cover, you have to spend just a few hundred rupees. Hence, it is anohter must-buy motor insurance in monsoon.

Hydrostatic Lock Cover

Similar to engine-protector cover, this car insurance add-on cover also covers damages of car-engine and electronic circuits due to hydrostatic lock and water ingression. However, unlike an engine-protector cover, this add-on cover specifically covers losses due to hydrostatic lock, as the name suggests. The cost of adding this cover to your regular car insurance cover is between Rs. 500 – Rs. 2000, depending on the price of the insured vehicle. Again, you can save yourself from a massive loss, if you spend a negligible amount in buying hydrostatic lock cover.

NCB Protector

Suppose, you have accumulated a hefty amount in NCB which helps you reduce your car insurance premium every year. And, during monsoon your car might face some setbacks for which you need to make claims to minimize your financial burden. In that case, you might get caught in two minds. Whether to make claims and spoil the NCB or take the burden on yourself. With NCB protector cover, you don't have to be confused and can make claims without having to lose your NCB.

By availing this car insurance add-on cover, you can make a maximum of two claims in a policy year without losing your NCB. If you have 40% or 50% NCB, it is worthwhile to spend some hundred rupees in availing NCB protector cover. During monsoon, this car insurance add-on cover can be handy as well.

Consumables Cover

During monsoon, several different parts of an insured vehicle can be damaged while driving in water-logged streets. Some of the parts like nuts and bolts, screws, engine oil, grease, brake oil, lubricants and ball bearings are called consumables as they either wear out or being used up in course of time. Car insurance plans available in India don't cover car-owners' economic losses due to the damage of these items as well. If you invest a modest amount of money in buying consumables cover, you can get the expense of replacing these items covered. If you live in a flood-prone area this type of car insurance add-on cover is a must for your car.

Zero Depreciation Cover

This add-on cover is highly sought-after among Indian car-owners. If your car part like bumper gets damaged in monsoon your car insurer will pay a reduced amount deducting the depreciation specified for that part as per the age of the vehicle. Armed with a zero depreciation cover, you are entitled to receive full amount of all damaged parts of your insured car and avoid a huge financial setback.

Now that you know which car insurance add-on covers are quintessential in monsoon you should also be aware of some basic rules of driving safe, especially in water-logged streets.

Keep a Soft Copy of Your Car Insurance Policy

God forbid, if your car gets damaged while driving in water-logged streets, you might also lose important documents that you carry in your insured vehicle such as your driving license. Car insurance policy document is also a very important document which needs to be in tact no matter what happens. A hard copy of car insurance plan can get wet and damaged in your car gets submerged in water. Without a motor insurance policy copy, you might have to face difficulty in getting your claims approved. This is the reason why you should not only buy car insurance online in India but also you should keep an e-copy of your motor insurance policy.

If you have bought your car insurance plan from GIBL.IN, you can access and manage your car insurance plan effortlessly through your account with GIBL.IN.

How can GIBL.IN help you?

In case, your insured car gets technically impaired due to water ingression in engine, you would have to make claims to get your losses covered. If you buy car insurance online from GIBL.IN, you will receive complete assistance in not only making your claims but also in getting your claims approved. All you need to do is give a call or drop a mail mentioning the details.

A representative on behalf of GIBL.IN will call you back and ask for some necessary information such as your car insurance policy number. If you have already made the claim, you also have to provide the claim number.

Claim settlement process for engine damage due to water usually starts right after checking the documents. Cashless motor insurance claims are generally settled in 7-10 working days; and claims for reimbursement are settled in 15-20 working days.


Natural calamities don't come with a warning. Don’t let it dent your savings. Cars don't find monsoon romantic, on the contrary, rains prove rather an irritant to them. So if you are one of the million car-owners in India, you need to ensure that you won't lose a penny for driving your insured vehicle in monsoon. A comprehensive motor insurance plan indispensable for all and monsoon triggers the need for some enhanced protection in the form of add-on covers.

GIBL.IN, the premiere online insurance marketplace in India facilitates car-owners with the opportunity to buy car insurance online along with all the add-on covers that are available in market. You can compare, select and buy the cover you need by making payment online. Now that monsoon is knocking at the door, what are you waiting for? Visit GIBL.IN today and ensure complete safety of your vehicle this monsoon.

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