Do’s & Don’ts for Car Insurance If You are a College Student

Do’s & Don’ts for Car Insurance If You are a College Student

As per law, if you have a car and driving on Indian roads, you have to opt for at least a third party car insurance policy. Armed with an effective car insurance policy, you can enjoy your drive in a worry-free way even if you are the most experienced drivers. In case you are a college student and new in driving and you’re in complete perplexity on how to go about purchasing a car insurance policy. This article is especially dedicated for young, energetic and new age drivers about what they should do or don’t while purchasing a car insurance policy.

Do’s While Buying a Car Insurance Policy

  • First you have to draw a comparison with regards to plans, features, benefits, premiums offered by different car insurers and then purchase online.
  • While choosing any car insurance policy, you have to evaluate the add-on covers. Additional covers of motor insurance comprehensive policy enhance the policy coverage - means it gives your plan a double protection. If you have a brand new car, you must opt for covers like Road Side Assistance, Zero Depreciation and Engine Protection.  
  • The most important aspect should consider of a new age driver while buying a motor insurance policy is that verify the authenticity and reliability of the insurer.
  • It is always suggested to check for the claim settlement ratio and customer services of the concerned insurer.
  • At the time of renewal process, you should have to mention the NCB (No Claim Bonus), personal and vehicle details correctly.

Don’ts While Buying Car Insurance

  • The cheapest or low-cost coverage doesn’t ensure the full protection of your car that you need. While purchasing for your car insurance, you should avoid looking for the low-cost coverage.
  • If you are a car insurance policyholder, you should not make claim for a fender bender mishaps where the amount of damages to your car is little. In such a way, you will lose your accumulated NCB.

Policyholders should avoid lapsing car insurance policy and renewing the policy on time to keep continuation on coverage.

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