Car Insurance | Know Terms & Conditions In Case Car Catches Fire

Car fire incidents have become a regular affair due to the increasing number of vehicles on Indian roads. It is also leading to pollution and traffic jams. Though most of the carmakers refuse to take the liability, what about insurance claims in these cases? Well, there is a good news for the car owners, as auto fires are covered under full coverage auto insurance plan. However, the claims process may differ depending on the situation. If your car catches fire due to the internal or external means, then the insurer will definitely honor the claim. But, if you set the fire to the car intentionally, then you will not be able to file a claim for this car. Such cases may happen if there is short-circuit or a wiring defect. And if you have insurance coverage on your vehicle that’s caught fire, you should be able to recover the cost of repairs or replacement. All the damages or loss due to the fire is covered under the comprehensive car insurance plan. If any parts of your vehicle or the wiring are damaged and there is no fire, the insurer will not provide the coverage for damage. If any troublemaker set fire to your car in a riot and it gets burnt completely, the insurer will settle the claim under comprehensive car insurance policy.

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